Thursday, 2020-11-19

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openstackgerritWenping Song proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add project_id description in api_ref
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swp20hi Yumeng03:05
Yumenghi wenping03:05
brinzhang_hi Yumeng, swp2003:06
Yumenghi Brin03:06
swp20i see the nova cores review, we have to modify a lot.:(03:06
YumengSeems cyborg is expected to create mdev to the sys by itself03:07
swp20we can create mdev when binding arq by patch api.03:08
YumengYes, or even we can create when we report attach_handle03:08
Yumengbut seems this may do redundant creation03:09
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Yumengbecause everytime  we change the vgpu_type eg.change from nvidia-223(num=8) to nvidia-226(num=4), we need to delete redundant attach_handles03:13
swp20hi xinranwang03:13
Yumengwhen we report, we need to create again.03:13
xinranwangHi all, sorry for late03:13
Yumenghi xinranwang:no pl.03:14
brinzhang_is there any others?03:16
Yumengyes? still here03:17
xinranwangI am trying to catch up with you guys.03:17
brinzhang_Yumeng, xinranwang, swp20:I mean, we can start ^^03:17
Yumeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:18
openstackYumeng: Error: Can't start another meeting, one is in progress.  Use #endmeeting first.03:18
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Yumeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:18
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brinzhang_This endmeeting is privos meeting, xinwanwang send endmeeting, but it's not useful03:19
Yumeng#topic Roll call03:19
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brinzhang_#info brinzhang_03:19
xinranwangOps, it did not work..03:19
xinranwang#info xinranwang03:19
swp20#info swp2003:19
brinzhang_yes, it's must run by the meeting start owner03:20
Yumengmaybe it needs the same host..03:20
Yumengyes, the same person to do the operations03:20
xinranwanglol nice emoji03:20
swp20Yumeng: what do you means by report attach_handle, to Placement or Nova?03:24
YumengI mean when agent generates the attach_handle03:27
swp20if we change vgpu type, we ensure to delete the old attach handle.03:29
Yumengyes, that's what I mean.03:30
Yumengold and unused attach_handle03:30
Yumengso probably create mdev during arq bind is a better choice03:31
swp20if the attach handle have bound with instance, can we delete it?03:31
Yumenganyway, I will update nova spec and fix their comments.03:31
Yumengwe cannot delete a single attach_handle. but we can delete a mdev_UUID when unbound arq03:33
swp20ok got it.03:33
Yumeng# topic smartnic03:34
Yumengcyborg side spec needs review :
Yumengand program API improvement feature. is anyone intrested in this topic>?03:37
xinranwangyes, please review it.  hope we can get this merged first.03:38
Yumengthat's one of our wallaby goal:
xinranwangswp20:  thanks03:39
Yumengxinranwang: will review. :)03:40
xinranwangYumeng:  thanks!03:40
Yumengannd also cyborg-side vGPU driver
brinzhang_smartnic spec I will review today ^03:41
Yumengannd also cyborg-side vGPU driver pls review it.03:41
brinzhang_Yumeng: vGPU driver spec, you seems not completed the comments from me, I left comment03:41
brinzhang_completed that, I am ok03:41
Yumengha? which one ?I think I've fixed all the comments.03:42
brinzhang_left comment in the spec03:42
xinranwangI will review vgpu today03:43
brinzhang_Yumeng, xinranwang, swp20: we have many open status patch need to review, if you have time please review
YumengI am confused by the comment"Where is the NOTE?"03:44
brinzhang_I would like you can explain the nova side, just have a simple is ok, IMO03:45
brinzhang_.. note: that why I want to say03:46
Yumengdo you mean "needs to mention OWNER_NOVA " here?03:47
brinzhang_when we back review this spec after several releases, we can know that change will be contained nova and cyborg03:48
Yumengbrinzhang_: sure. that's not a problem. Will add it.03:48
YumengI actually already mentioned that in nova side spec and we've already included the nova spec in this one.03:49
brinzhang_Yumeng: I think it's useful to point out some key information03:51
Yumenganyway, will update03:51
YumengDo you guys have any other things to bring up for today?03:52
xinranwangnothing from me03:52
Yumengok~ then see you guys.03:53
YumengLunch time03:53
YumengHave a good day~ Bye03:53
xinranwangbye bye03:54
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openstackMinutes (text):
openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add project_id description in api_ref
openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg-specs master: Cyborg Intel X710 Ethernet Adapter Driver
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: Add project_id description in api_ref
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg-tempest-plugin master: add create accelerator request api test
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg-tempest-plugin master: move device profile data to cyborg_data file
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: improve pep8 check logic
openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/cyborg master: Change the dependency with the testenv:docs
openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add db migrations test
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openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add db migrations test

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