Thursday, 2020-10-15

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Yumenghi songwenping__, brinzhang03:01
songwenping__hi Yumeng03:01
Yumenglet's wait a few seconds for others to join.03:04
Yumengsongwenping__: how was your national holidays? :-03:04
songwenping__work four days :)03:06
Yumengsongwenping__: oh~03:06
songwenping__where did u go?03:07
Yumengsounds cruel but must be well paied haha03:07
songwenping__haha not well03:08
YumengI travelled to Yunnan  Lijiang and Dali for 6 days.03:08
songwenping__with your husband?03:09
Yumenghaha  not yet husband, my boyfriend.03:09
songwenping__i haven't married yet.03:10
Yumenghaha so does Brin?03:10
songwenping__when do you plan to marry?03:10
songwenping__brin has married for many years03:11
Yumenghe looks young,03:12
Yumengwe are not yet decided the detail plan about marriage. maybe next year. haha03:13
songwenping__seems born in 199003:13
Yumengaha me too.03:14
Yumengwhat about you?03:14
brinzhangnot many years, 3years, I am young~03:14
songwenping__like u, maybe next year, next next year haha03:14
brinzhangYuemng: you can introduce a beautiful girl for wenpingsong, he will be excited03:15
Yumenghaha,  emmm, songwenping__ is still a single dog?03:15
brinzhangDriving without a license :<-03:15
Yumenghaha cool.03:16
Yumengok. let's go back to today's meeting.03:16
YumengXinran saied she will be absent from today's meeting.03:17
Yumengso let's just get started!03:17
brinzhangme too, I am still in one meetting03:17
songwenping__anybody else?03:17
Yumengnops. so we will quickly finished the announcement. ^^03:18
Yumeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:18
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Yumeng#topic Roll call03:18
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Yumeng#info Yumeng03:18
songwenping__#info songwenping__03:18
brinzhang#info brinzhang03:18
Yumeng#topic Agenda03:19
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YumengVictoria Release has been officially released!,
YumengThanks wenping and Brin for all the efforts you've done for Cyborg!03:20
brinzhangand you03:20
songwenping__Thanks Yumeng03:20
YumengWe've achieved a lot. and cyborg improved its quality.03:20
YumengThe foundation chosed our Program API feature as one of their  PR features.03:21
brinzhangI saw said Inspur FPGA, and Intel QAT driver info too03:22
brinzhangThis release we have completed more important features, and get others attention03:23
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Yumengyes. We need improve program API features in W release.03:24
songwenping__policy is also a big feature.03:24
Yumenghi haibin-huang03:24
haibin-huanghi yumeng03:24
Yumengjust talking about the program API03:24
YumengThanks for your help in reviewing the big patch!03:24
haibin-huangyou are welcome03:25
haibin-huangso, do you have plan for improve program API?03:26
Yumengyes, that's what my second topic is going to talk about.03:26
Yumeng(Oct 26-30)Wallaby PTG topics:
Yumengand (Oct 23-25)Changsha Hackathon for Chinese contributors and vendors:
Yumenghaibin-huang: pls feel free to add any improvement ideas about program API to the etherpad.03:28
haibin-huangok, my pleasure03:28
Yumengwe will discuss it, and hope you can join us at that time. ^^03:28
songwenping__will full of time from Oct 23.03:28
haibin-huangok, I will join online03:29
Yumengok. that's all that I want to mention for today.03:30
YumengDo you guys have any other things to bring up?03:30
haibin-huangshaohe transfer to other team, so about fpga work, please send to me, thank you03:30
YumengNo problem. Got it.03:31
Yumengif nothing else. So let's wrap up this meeting and I'll see you all again next week.03:31
Yumengyes wenping03:32
songwenping__we haven't discuss with nova team about manage vGPU by cyborg right?03:32
Yumengin last PTG, we discussed some.03:32
brinzhangsongwenping__: That will be in nova PTG, after submit03:32
songwenping__got it03:33
songwenping__nothing from myside03:33
YumengI noticed your vgpu spec in nova.03:33
YumengI will add my comments there.03:33
songwenping__thanks a lot03:34
YumengThank you guys. have a good day.03:34
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