Thursday, 2020-08-20

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Yumenghi swp20, s_shogo and brinzhang_03:04
s_shogohi Yumeng03:04
swp20Hi, Yumeng, s_shogo, bringzhang_.03:04
Yumengcool. let's start. a quick meeting today. I wanna discuss several microversion questions.03:06
Yumeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:07
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Yumeng#topic Roll call03:07
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Yumeng#info Yumeng03:07
s_shogo#info s_shogo03:07
swp20#info swp2003:07
YumengI didn't find time to update agenda for today.03:08
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chenke#info chenke03:09
swp20hi chenke03:09
chenkehi wenping.03:10
Yumengswp20:  is this microversion patch what sean wants (we've discussed in a nova patch)?03:10
swp20we need complete in cyborg side first.03:11
Yumengdoes programme API need to use this?03:12
swp20program API?03:13
Yumengyes, I mean this patch
s_shogomicroversion tasks in Programming API is discussed in the comment of programming patch , by brin and swp20, and I'm working on it.03:14
swp20 this patch is to init microversion.03:14
Yumengswp20: correct me if I'm wrong, I was just thinking if we need merge your microversion patch first03:15
s_shogoThe effect of the patch[1] is not checked yet, I'll check that.  [1]
Yumengok. I not yet look into the details.03:16
swp20s_shogo: do u have another method to complete microversion?03:16
Yumengonce you guys have discussed, that make sense.03:16
s_shogoswp20 No, I don't have another method. Your patch is right.03:16
swp20ok, ths.03:17
swp20so maybe we should merge the init03:17
swp20patch first and add microversion for programing API and project_id.03:18
swp20 this patch is the example for project_id03:18
Yumengonce s_shogo have checked effect of the init microversion patch, we can do that.03:19
Yumengwe can merge.03:19
s_shogoOK,I check that03:20
s_shogo( as a review03:20
Yumengthanks s_shogo!03:20
swp20thanks s_shogo.03:20
Yumenghi  chenke03:20
Yumenglong time no see.03:21
chenkealways see your guys talking. just listening.03:21
Yumenghaha, don't just listen,join us.03:22
Yumengwe were discussing microversion03:22
chenkeAgree Wenping's microversion patch merged03:22
swp20chenke:any works for cyborg recently?03:22
Yumenggood. once you have time, pls help to review
chenkeHi wenping.  recently I am study network knowledge.03:24
chenkecyborg is good engogh .hha.03:25
swp20pls help review cyborg patchs if you have spare time.:)03:26
Yumengoh no. we still need your help.:)03:26
swp20cyborg is also need big improve.03:26
YumengYes, still on the rising03:27
chenkeoh.. I will be here... will review it. @swp20. thanks.03:28
YumengI know, all you guys have lots of internal work to do.03:28
swp20thanks chenke.03:28
Yumengand me too. I was buried with internal works during the past two weeks.03:29
YumengI will have some time from this week to continue policy patch.03:29
Yumenganyway, thank you all for the contribution.03:29
Yumengthat's all from my side for today.~ do you have anything else to bring up?03:30
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swp20nothing from my side03:30
chenkeme too.03:31
shaohe_fenghi alll03:31
shaohe_fengsorry for late03:31
s_shogome too03:31
Yumenghi shaohe_feng03:31
swp20hi shaohe_feng03:31
chenkeshaohe. we are ready to end the meeting.03:32
shaohe_fengchenke, got it. thanks.03:32
chenkebut you come here. let's give your the microphone :)03:32
Yumengshaohe_feng: we've just finished discussing the patch review and check things.03:32
Yumengshaohe_feng: do you have any things to bring up?03:33
shaohe_fengNo from me.03:33
shaohe_fenghow does the program API process?03:34
Yumengshogo is working on it. now he is developing microversion based on this
Yumengsean suggested we should add microversion03:35
s_shogoProgram API is now mainly working on microversion tasks , comments from brin and swp20.03:35
s_shogoAre there progress in the checking with real machine, in Intel? (by haibin?)03:36
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Yumengs_shogo:  xinranwang__ synced with me yesterday, she asked haibin to help review. but I didn't know the progress details.  maybe xinranwang__  can help to sync?03:39
Yumenghi xinranwang__03:39
s_shogoHi xinranwang__03:40
xinranwang__Hi all, sorry for late. I had some network issues.03:41
Yumengno worries.pls go ahead~ what issues03:41
s_shogoxinranwang__ we discussed about the review for program patch.03:43
xinranwang__Yes, I have asked Haibin and Shaohe to review it.03:44
s_shogoI would be happy if Intel folks reply that patch's comment, from  point of view in OPAE spec knowledge and future.03:45
s_shogogreat, thanks xinranwang__03:45
xinranwang__They are working on N3000 PoC, so they know more details of what upstream code need do to match their requirement.03:45
xinranwang__s_shogo:  OK, I will ask them again to help review.03:46
s_shogo I got it, Thanks! . Umm, that needs big implementation as we discussed before. > program patch in N3000 environment03:47
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Yumengxinranwang__, can we invite haibin to IRC meeting next week?03:51
Yumengso that s_shogo , shaohe, and haibin can discuss03:53
s_shogothat is welcome for me.03:54
Yumengok. I will ping xinran offline.03:55
Yumenglooks like she has network issues.03:55
Yumengok. So let's wrap up this meeting and I'll see you all again next week03:56
YumengThank you. Have a good day.03:56
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