Thursday, 2020-07-30

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Yumenghi xinranwang__,swp20,brinzhang_,and s_shogo03:01
s_shogoHi Yumeng03:02
swp20Hi Yumeng03:02
Yumenghihi how are you?03:03
brinzhang_what's wrong?03:04
Yumengnothing wrong. :-03:04
brinzhang_shine girl ^03:05
Yumenglol :)03:05
Yumengxinran is having another meeting, let's start first.03:06
Yumeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:07
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Yumengtomorrow is the end of milestone2, so we need to merge or delay patches for m2,03:08
Yumeng#topic merge-spec03:08
*** openstack changes topic to "merge-spec (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"03:09
YumengI think Intel QAT driver and Inspur FPGA driver are ready to  merge: and
Yumengso pls +2 or W+1, I will merge all at the end of today.03:10
xinranwang__Hi all, sorry for late03:11
brinzhang_hi xinranwang__03:12
Yumenghi xinranwang__03:12
Yumeng#topic review features and reset to milestone303:12
*** openstack changes topic to "review features and reset to milestone3 (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"03:12
Yumengreview policy refresh and API Programming support: and
Yumengpolicy and program api are big features for victoria release03:13
Yumengbut we didn't got enough review for these two patches03:14
brinzhang_Yuemng: what's the scope of PROJECT_ADMIN_OR_OWNER = 'rule:project_admin_or_owner'?03:14
brinzhang_why not it is system_admin_or_owner?03:14
xinranwang__I have asked Haibin to review program API patch.03:15
Yumengproject_admin_or_owner is project admin(role:admin with a specific project_id) or project member(role:member with a specific project_id)03:16
s_shogoYes, please review the programming patch > all03:16
s_shogogood! thanks > xinran and haibin03:16
Yumenga project_admin cannot access resources in another projects03:16
Yumenga system_admin can access resources in all the projects, domains,and systems03:17
brinzhang_I release the system_admin_or_owner also need the project_id to verfy03:18
swp20Yumeng: Inspur FPGA driver has merged. ^03:19
Yumengswp20, ok good.03:19
Yumengbrinzhang_: nope. no need to verfy project_id03:20
Yumengwill verify by like 'scope':'system'03:20
Yumengand for project_admin that's like 'scope':'project'03:21
brinzhang_In nova there are PROJECT_MEMBER_OR_SYSTEM_ADMIN = 'rule:system_admin_or_owner'03:21
brinzhang_PROJECT_READER_OR_SYSTEM_READER = 'rule:system_or_project_reader'03:21
Yumengwith a project_id I think.03:21
brinzhang_do we need to keep the same?03:21
Yumenguntil now, we don't need system_or_project_reader03:22
swp20Yumeng: project_admin can access more than one project, right?03:23
brinzhang_of course, we can remove this03:23
Yumengpls check what we've decided here:
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Yumengswp20:no. project_admin can only access his own project03:24
Yumenghi shaohe_feng03:24
swp20IMHO, project admin can create project.03:24
brinzhang_I mean the rule:system_admin_or_owner in nova as the same as rule:project_admin_or_owner in cyborg03:24
brinzhang_do we need to keep consistent?03:25
shaohe_fenghi Yumeng, sorry for late, a conflict meeting03:25
Yumengbrinzhang_: do you mean the old rule:project_admin_or_owner?03:25
brinzhang_Yumeng: the new in your patch
Yumengas for the definition, project_admin by keystone should only access its own project.03:28
Yumengbrinzhang_: not sure what you mean here? "the rule:system_admin_or_owner in nova as the same as rule:project_admin_or_owner in cyborg"  I remember nova requires system_admin to create a flavor03:30
swp20can project_admin create project?03:30
Yumengwhile cyborg also requires system_admin to create a device_profile03:30
brinzhang_Yuemng: Let's talk later, please continue next anenda, next meetting sync the AGGREMENT03:31
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brinzhang_s/ anenda/agenda03:32
Yumengswp20: pls check here, at least in the new keystone policy, a domain or system admin is required to create project
swp20Oh, it's domain admin. i may make mistake.03:34
swp20thanks, Yumeng.03:34
Yumengyes, that's different with old rules.03:34
Yumengno swp2003:35
brinzhang_Yumeng, and all: Let me synchronize the progress of the following nova-cyborg interaction.03:36
brinzhang_some patches updated by songwenping, and I synchronize the progress for these features03:37
Yumengyes pls.03:37
brinzhang_Completed the legacy patch of nova-cyborg-interaction;
brinzhang_Update the patch of cyborg evcaute support (conflict resolution, gibi -1 to be updated)
brinzhang_cyborg shelve/unshelve patch need to resolve merge conflict too03:37
brinzhang_Yumeng, xinranwang__, s_shogo, swp20 and all: that's all03:38
swp20tks, brinzhang_.03:39
Yumengthanks brinzhang_ and swp20 for all these work03:39
Yumengas from what sean said here seems we don't have enough review from our own in nova.03:40
YumengI will also review from now own. pls add me to the reviewers once you have cyborg-related patches03:41
Yumengonce speaking of this irc log, I also  wanna mention microversion api(which is mentioned in this log)03:42
swp20Yumeng: yeah. as sean mooney comment in we should add microversion api.03:43
Yumengsean think we need microversion api support for cyborg program api and project_id in api(, otherwise nova don't think the need support project_id in arq binding api03:44
Yumengbut this is not in a hurry, just mention.03:45
Yumengour next topic in agenda is (nova-neutron-cyborg integration) SmartNic Support spec:
swp20ok, got it.03:45
xinranwang__Have talked to Brin. We need to add decorator to API to check it. If there's any api changes.03:46
Yumengbrinzhang_, xinranwang__: do you mean check the json type and fields, or check policy?03:48
xinranwang__check api microversion03:48
Yumengok. got it.03:48
Yumengyes, agree.03:48
xinranwang__the schema check can be done seperately or together. Both are ok03:49
Yumengyes, that's necessary. do we still have enough time to implement in this release?03:50
Yumengfrom policy check's spective, we can implement project_id later.  not in a hurry.03:52
xinranwang__IMO, if we do not have enough time, we can do microversion check decorator first. Cause some api changes depends on it. The microverison framework is done, so I think it will not take too much efforts.03:53
xinranwang__Yumeng: brinzhang_  swp2003:53
xinranwang__What do you think?03:53
swp20does device_profile need add project_id?03:53
Yumengagree, microversion check decorator frist03:55
swp20xinranwang__:so do you add the decorator back?03:55
Yumengdevice_profile need check project_id03:55
swp20i see u commit before and delete after merge in one patch.03:56
swp20Yumeng: ok.03:56
xinranwang__swp20:  I probablely have no time to do it recently. If anyone else can take it, it will be nice.03:57
Yumengarq project_id depends on microversion check decorator, we can continue add arq project_id after that03:57
swp20ok, i will try it.03:58
Yumengthanks swp20 and xinran03:59
Yumengok. that's all from my side.03:59
xinranwang__swp20: thanks, please feel free to ping me if any problems.03:59
YumengIs there anything else for today?03:59
swp20nop, Yumeng. ^03:59
xinranwang__please reveiw sriov nic support when you got time.04:00
swp20nop, xinranwang__. ^04:00
Yumengok. thank you all for coming.04:00
Yumenghave a nice lunch. and see you next week.04:00
swp20nothing from my side, too.04:00
*** openstack changes topic to "Pending patches (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"04:00
openstackMeeting ended Thu Jul 30 04:00:52 2020 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)04:00
swp20see u.04:00
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