Thursday, 2020-07-02

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Yumenghi s_shogo,s_shogo,brinzhang_03:01
s_shogoHi Yumeng03:01
Yumenghi songwenping__03:02
brinzhang_hi Yumeng03:02
Yumengs_shogo: how are you doing?03:02
songwenping__Hi Yumeng03:02
Yumenglet's wait a few minutes for others to join.^^03:03
s_shogoYumeng Good, thank you.03:04
songwenping__Yumeng: should we add the specification to the storyboard from now on?03:04
Yumengxinran and chenker have meeting conflicts, let's get started!03:05
Yumeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:05
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Yumengsongwenping__: that's can be done automatically by gerrit. you just need to add story:story-id, task:task-id to commit message of your patch.03:05
Yumenghere is a reference:
songwenping__So what's the meaning of doing this? I donot think we should record it in the storyboard again.03:08
Yumengyou can track either in cyborg-spec storyboard or the feature storyboard, but need somewhere to track.03:10
Yumengwe had a storyboard cyborg-spec, which I personally agree if we don't need, we can remove.03:10
brinzhang_Any topic need to discuss? today03:11
Yumengbut for the specification, I think need a place to record together with the feature code.03:12
brinzhang_In QAT, SSD, FPGA, and add device attribute API, I had left some comment, I have nothing to say before get the respone.03:12
YumengI have a question, what do you think of third-party CI about the driver that your are going to submit?03:13
brinzhang_In the specs of QAT, SSD, FPGA, and add device attribute API,...03:13
songwenping__Thanks Yumeng.03:13
brinzhang_Yuemng: We have not the hard device to support the 3rd CI, would you like to provide?03:13
Yumengshaohe and I had a discussion with sean about mdev, he suggested a good way of mdev first-party CI:
brinzhang_I had seen this ML, I have not looked into, will see later03:15
YumengI mean, the Inspur FPGA driver and Inspur NVME SSD which you are plannig to submit. If you don't have ,I'm more impossible to have. :(03:16
brinzhang_just saw you response in the ML03:16
Yumenghere is more.03:16
brinzhang_yeah, we dont have server to support the CI evn in project planning, hope you can understand.03:17
Yumengmaybe that will inspirs you any new ideas.03:17
brinzhang_Yumeng: but we can show the test results on the implements patch, should not limit the spec go03:18
YumengI understand. We need thinking the third-party CI or any other workarounds, since that's a topic asked by other projects several times.03:20
brinzhang_Yumeng: I can understand this, but I feel helpless to provide 3rd-party CI.03:20
brinzhang_Yes, this requires hardware support. I think this is not just a problem we encountered at Cyborg.03:20
Yumengdon't have to be a very serious 3rd-party CI. I think the main concern from others should be if that driver really works? or things like that03:21
brinzhang_If the contributor can provide a complete test report, I think it is acceptable, what do you think?03:22
brinzhang_maybe we shuold mark the driver lack of it's CI to run03:23
Yumengbrinzhang_: makes sense to me!03:23
brinzhang_Yuemng: thanks, this is a better way I can think of.03:24
Yumengwe publish these kind of report to potential customers (either in documentation or other ways)03:24
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shaohe_fengHi all03:25
brinzhang_we publish these kind of report to potential customers (either in documentation or other ways)03:26
songwenping__His shaohe.03:26
Yumeng hi shaohe_feng03:26
shaohe_fengconflict with another meeting, sorry for late03:26
brinzhang_we can left comment under the under the code to implement SPEC.03:26
brinzhang_Two ways: one is provide the 3rd-party CI; another is proivder the complete test report for the target driver.03:27
songwenping__brinzhang_: What is the complete test report like?03:28
Yumengshaohe_feng: no worries. we were discussing if we need third-party CI for new drivers in this release.03:29
shaohe_fenggot it, thanks.03:29
brinzhang_The report should show the driver can run successfully, may contain each api requst/response test result03:30
Yumengagree. That makes sense to me now. I cannot think of any better idea for now.03:31
songwenping__Can u provide a template?03:32
brinzhang_or others result you can provide, should let the reviewer can know it's a better driver03:32
brinzhang_Each driver is implemented differently and cannot provide templates. Provide a test list yourself if possible.03:32
YumengI think nova operations like creation, deletion are very important03:33
brinzhang_nova-cyborg interaction is not a mandatory requirement, and may not be called through nova.03:34
brinzhang_But if used, it is best to provide.03:35
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Yumengif we have  third-party CI, that's a mandatory I suppose03:36
Yumengcurrent tempest only test fake driver. third-party CI test real driver.03:37
brinzhang_yeah, can as soon as possiable to provider the nova operaction03:37
Yumengso from my understanding, test report will be a make up for third-party CI.03:37
YumengI can bring up a ML thread to discuss this.03:38
brinzhang_Yuemng: You can03:39
YumengIs there any other things want to bring up for today?03:39
YumengI was testing rbac policy API, will soon submit the patches.03:40
brinzhang_Yuemng: cool, ths03:40
brinzhang_Yumeng, songwenping_, shaohe_feng: I have to go now, bye~03:40
Yumengif nothing else, let's wrap up today's meeting03:41
shaohe_fengbrinzhang_ bye, have a good day03:41
shaohe_fengYumeng, I'd like to talk about program03:41
Yumengok. sure.03:41
Yumengplease go ahead.03:41
shaohe_fengNow it will take about one hour for us to program FPGA.03:41
shaohe_fengand I find the program API will report timeout03:42
Yumengsounds like a long time.03:42
shaohe_fengyes, a long time03:42
s_shogoshaohe_feng : I would like to know the FPGA spec , e.g. Arria10 GX03:43
shaohe_fengthe client wait for the API response and receive the timeout03:43
shaohe_fengs_shogo: yes it is A1003:43
shaohe_fengs_shogo: but we do not program the PR03:43
shaohe_fengwe program the whole flash.03:44
s_shogook, I got it. It seems to be similar to N3000 case.03:44
shaohe_fengfor PR takes so many logic units03:44
shaohe_fengs_shogo: yes, it is N300003:44
shaohe_fengIt really take too long time:')03:45
shaohe_fengcan we support async program?03:45
s_shogoI know, that takes 25-40min :)03:46
s_shogoIMO, supporting for async program needs modification for driver, agent, and so on . That is big task.03:46
Yumengshaohe_feng: havewe already supported async program ?
shaohe_fengthe program API start to program and return immediately03:47
shaohe_fengs_shogo: yes, I know03:47
shaohe_fengwe need a new API to show the program status03:47
shaohe_fengthen user know the program process03:47
shaohe_fengand notify mechanical03:47
shaohe_fengfor driver, agent.03:48
shaohe_fengreally big task03:48
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shaohe_fenglike async bind, it is also a big task03:48
Yumengaha. sorry. that's async bing.03:49
shaohe_fengs_shogo, Yumeng, any ideas on it?03:49
s_shogoshaohe_feng I approve your idea. IMO, the async architecture should be same to async bind, for uniformity.03:52
shaohe_fengyes, agree03:52
YumengI'm not quite familar with programing. sounds like waiting such a long time is horrible.03:53
Yumengfrom this point, I would support async program03:53
Yumenghow will that affect agent?03:54
Yumengagent workflow?03:55
shaohe_fengthat may be a complex case03:56
Yumenghaha. no worries. too big question.03:56
shaohe_fengsuch as during this program time03:56
shaohe_fenga new program API is issued, the cyborg-API should know there's already one is in progress, and should reject the request03:57
shaohe_fengand as s_shogo in his patch say: the driver should report the program info to agent, and at last, to tell the end user03:59
shaohe_fengsuch as it is successful, or failed with some reason04:00
Yumengalright. thanks shaohe.04:01
shaohe_fengYumeng, and maybe a new field in DB(or other ways) to show the program status to user.04:01
shaohe_fengYumeng: we should think about it.04:01
Yumengsounds like a huge task.04:02
shaohe_fengyes, async means complex.04:02
Yumengemmm do you think  we start next releaseļ¼Ÿ04:03
shaohe_fengwe are waiting for this program API04:03
shaohe_fenghopeful it can work as soon as possible.04:03
Yumengaha, is it part of this ?
s_shogoIMO, that is too huge task for the first program patch. That should be better to implement in another one.04:04
Yumengyes, agree. I will find some time to review this.04:05
shaohe_fengOK, we can split it into some small patch sets04:05
s_shogoagree, thanks04:06
Yumengthanks shaohe and shogo. we've run out of time.04:06
Yumenglet's continue discussion in wechat.04:06
shaohe_fengsorry, that's all04:06
YumengI will wrap up today's meeting. see you next time!04:06
Yumengbye guys. Thank you.04:07
shaohe_fengbye, thanks everyone04:07
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