Friday, 2020-05-15

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gmannbrinzhang: replied on this
gmannwe need that01:28
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brinzhang_gmann: yeah, got it01:31
brinzhang_gmann: do you havie time to check a patch for functional test01:31
brinzhang_gmann:I cannot find which cased that issue, I left in comment01:32
brinzhang_gmann: sorry for disconnect01:32
gmannfunctional test ?01:33
brinzhang_mainly for configure, not real functional test01:34
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gmannyou mean this one/ -
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg-tempest-plugin master: Fix hacking min version to 3.0.1
brinzhang_gmann: yes, if you have free time, pls help me have a check ^02:07
gmannbrinzhang_: sure, let this hacking this fixed and sometime next week i will check.02:07
gmannhacking things02:08
brinzhang_gmann: cool, thanks02:08
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* brinzhang will have a holiday09:43
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