Thursday, 2020-05-07

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openstackgerritjacky06 proposed openstack/cyborg master: Remove all usage of six library
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SundarHi Yumeng03:01
SundarAnybody else here?03:01
YumengHi Sundar03:02
SundarI'll start the meeting but may be we can wait for a few minutes for folks to join03:02
Sundar#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:02
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chenkeHi yumeng, sundar.03:03
Yumengyes  let's wait more seconds03:03
SundarHi chenke, how are you?03:03
Yumeng#infor Yumeng03:03
chenkeI am fine . Thanks sundar. And you?03:03
SundarGood, chenke03:03
SundarWe are waiting for a couple of minutes, so folks can join03:03
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Sundarbrinzhang01: Hi Brin03:04
YumengHi brinzhang0103:04
brinzhang01hi Sundar, Yumeng03:04
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chenkehi brin.03:05
SundarHi xinranwang. Looks like we have a quorum. Let's get started03:05
brinzhang01my network not very good, so pls understand, thanks ^^03:05
xinranwangHi all03:06
SundarYumeng has set the agenda for today:
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brinzhang01Sundar, Yuemng: pls continue :)03:07
SundarNaturally, the time slots in the Doodle poll are in China time. I don;t mind. I'll try to join.03:07
SundarYumeng and all: re. "Cross-project discussion: nova-neutron-cyborg" would you pick up from the previous proposal?03:08
Yumengthat refers to topic 13 (proposed by shaohe) in etherpad :
brinzhang01one patch from songwenping_
YumengIf we plan to do it, we should at least start to discuss at this PTG.03:10
SundarYumeng: yes. May be it is better to start before PTG, so people are prepared.03:11
SundarYumeng: in the doodle poll, why is it 1-hour slot for the Virtual PTG? It should be at least a day?03:13
YumengOk. So I will try to talk to nova and neutron PTL about this. and Sundar: can you help in contact them? I was not familiar with them, but I can prepare on present our questions and our goals03:14
YumengSundar: yes, that's because the available room on the openstack official schedule is by hour.03:15
SundarYumeng: Nova PTL is Balasz Gibizer (also called Gibi). He is in European timezone. The Neutron PTL is also in Europe, IIRC.03:15
SundarSure, I'll try to contact them. But should we first finalize the doodle poll results, so we know our own times?03:17
Yumengyes sure. I was thinking the doodle poll time is mainly for cyborg internal.  when we discuss cross project topic, we can try to discuss in their channel or book a seperate room.03:18
brinzhang01Yumeng, I think you can connect neutron and nova PTL at 16:00PM by Shanghai stand time in #openstack-nova and #openstac-neutron channel03:18
Yumengok. seems nova has weekly meeting today, right?03:19
brinzhang01As I know, know already has do the plan for nova-neutron and nova-cinder, but I am not sure in which time03:19
Yumengok. nova meeting is: Thursday 8:00 UTC slot( at #openstack-nova03:20
brinzhang01Yumeng: nova meetting at 14:00UTC time, it's too later, but you can ping gibi at openstack-nova channel03:20
brinzhang01No, nova meetting already changed to 14:00UTC, Thursday.03:21
brinzhang01at least recently days that is the meetting time03:22
Yumengbrinzhang01: ok. I will try.03:22
brinzhang01sorry, 16:00 UTC not 14:00 UTC03:24
YumengSundar: Thursday 8:00 UTC seems not good for you, right? Can you help to send a email or just tell Gibi that we want to discuss something. then I go directly talk to him.03:24
brinzhang01... 14:00UTC, you can search ML by " [nova] US meeting slot"03:25
SundarYumeng: I have met gibi in IRC only. I don't have his email or other contacts.03:25
Yumengbrinzhang01: got it. no worries.03:25
YumengSundar: So just ping him in IRC, right?03:26
SundarYumeng: Yes. I am not sure what time to propose to him.03:27
Yumengok. understood.03:27
SundarWe can just start a discussion on available times for Nova developers, maybe03:27
Yumengyes, agree. step by step.03:27
SundarOk, I'll ping him tomorrow morning my time, then03:29
YumengGreat! Thanks!03:29
Sundarbrinzhang01: replied to
SundarYumeng and all, we should be looking at doc changes for Ussuri, right?03:31
brinzhang01another is we should consider to merge some patach from sean mcginnis,
SundarWhy are the commits being reverted?03:33
brinzhang01that should not merged in stable/ussuri, I dont know, why these patch merged in stable/ussuri, I remembered I +2 for that in master03:33
brinzhang01Sundar: do you know this patch is necessary?
brinzhang01Do we shuold keep the name for each release in the releasenotes/source/index.rst´╝č03:35
Sundarbrinzhang01: Sorry, IDK. I need to catch up on the ML. May be they have to cut a new RC.03:35
Sundarfrom : [May 7] is the deadline for03:36
brinzhang01IMO, I think we should keep these in, but some expert in docs, that sure that needed.03:36
SundarYumeng: there is a deadline for PTG registration: i.e. May 1003:37
brinzhang01s/that sure that needed./that sure that not needed./03:37
SundarCyborg is not yet signed up.03:37
SundarDo you want me to do that?03:37
Sundarbrinzhang01: Agreed on docs. One of us should talk to Sean M. I can find him on IRC in my early morning hours. If one of you cannot talk to him, I'll ping him.03:40
YumengSundar: I can sign up today. since I have emailed kendall to double check about the registration yeterday. I can reply her directly today.03:40
SundarYumeng: Excellent. Thanks :)03:40
Yumengno pb. My pleasure! ^^03:41
SundarApart from PTG and docs, I guess the other topic for Ussuri would be Cyborg packaging in containers. One of Li Liu's colleagues did that for past releases. Can we check it will happen for Ussuri too?03:42
SundarI'll ping Li Liu on WeChat03:43
xinranwangI have talk with some attendees of last summit about cyborg in container, the bottleneck  is driver dependency. We can not build an image with all driver...03:44
Sundarxinranwang: they did that in the past by packaging the source.03:45
xinranwangWe can think about it in advance and discuss in PTG03:45
xinranwangif we support more and more driver, we can not just packaging them all03:45
Sundarxinranwang: it should be possible to package Cyborg with the fake driver alone, if we remove the OPAE dependency.03:46
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xinranwangAnyway, we can think about it in advance and discuss in PTG. Just want to point it out here03:47
shaohe_fengWe want to discuss the neutron/cyborg/nova integration. I will finish a POC firstly.03:48
shaohe_fengYumeng please help to connect with nova/neutron developers. Thanks.03:49
SundarAnything else to discuss today?03:50
Yumengshaohe_feng: good if we can have POC. I will try to connect them and sync with you.03:51
shaohe_fengYumeng good, thanks.03:52
SundarGreat. Thanks a lot, everybody. Have a good day!03:54
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openstackgerritWenping Song proposed openstack/cyborg master: add ut for get arqs list
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openstackgerritWenping Song proposed openstack/cyborg master: add ut for get arqs list
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