Thursday, 2020-04-02

gmannbrinzhang_: done00:04
gmannthat is needed for flag ignore_basepython_conflict00:04
brinzhang_ignore_basepython_conflict add in python 3.1.1 version?00:05
brinzhang_gmann: ok, I know, +2 for that patch.00:06
gmannbrinzhang_: thanks00:06
gmannbrinzhang_: this one also -
gmannupdated the tox env00:07
brinzhang_gmann: done too.00:07
brinzhang_I think I should upgrade cyborg project too, will do00:08
openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/cyborg master: Upgrade minversion to match python3
brinzhang_gmann: pls review this patch, I upgrade minversion in tox00:11
gmann+1. i hope py37 timeout things are solved.00:14
brinzhang_I think that's the py37 failed reason previous00:15
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Sundar#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:00
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SundarHi all03:00
Sundar#topic Roll call03:01
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Sundaro/ Sundar03:01
s_shogoHi all03:01
xinranwangHi all03:01
SundarJust the 3 of us? May be we'll wait a couple of min.03:01
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chenkeHi all03:02
Yumenghi chenke, hi all03:02
SundarHi all03:02
SundarGood, let's get started03:02
SundarFirst the good news!03:02
SundarThe Nova integration is essentially done!
s_shogoCongrats !!!03:03
SundarI am just finsihing up on the release notes and a patch for a corner case.03:03
Yumengbravo!! such a great effort!03:03
brinzhang_nice job03:04
xinranwangThanks for your efforts03:04
SundarIt has been a long journey -- we started in Rocky release, then we had the cyborg-nova pilot code, got the spec merged, and this patch series has been going for  about a year.03:04
SundarThanks :)  I am relieved.03:05
SundarI am also happy that many companies plan to use Cyborg and, in fact, have already been using it.03:06
chenkea big step.03:06
SundarSome telco companies in China also look forward to Cyborg with some networking support.03:06
YumengYes, it's not easy. Great news for us!03:07
SundarThe best part is, all of you are developers and also users. That is the ideal situation: users guide the development of the project.03:07
brinzhang_We are using now03:07
Yumengbrinzhang_: great! so does ZTE.03:09
SundarThe part that is not so good for me is that I have moved onto another role. So, I can spend only my spare time outside of work on Cyborg. I will continue to review patches and conduct the meetings (unless somebody else wants to take that over). But I may not have time to write  lots of new patches.03:10
SundarIt is a bit tough for me to step aside from Cyborg, but that is the way forward.03:10
brinzhang_Sundar: That's enough, I know that will take your free time03:11
SundarI will complete the 4 open patches here:
SundarRe., I think xinranwang and I agree that it is not necessary now.03:12
SundarIs there any other important piece left for me, apart from completing the PTL duties for U?03:13
s_shogo>  I approve that, to install OPAE in other way is ok, IMO.03:15
Sundars_shogo: Good, thanks.03:15
SundarIf any of you think of something I have missed, you can LMK later too.03:16
SundarFor the rest of this meeting, we should probably prioritize the patches that need to merge before Apr 9.03:16
Sundar#topic Patches before Apr 903:16
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Yumeng Thank you Sundar! You've contributed many to Cyborg. It's hard to say en end,but you've done a good begining and good end.03:16
SundarThanks, Yumeng03:17
chenkeI will review your patches as soon as possble.03:18
SundarThe most important patches are the ones I am working on. Umm, no, just kidding :)03:18
YumengI will also review them.03:18
SundarIt is the microversion patch:
xinranwangYes, please review it when you got time.03:19
Yumengwill do.03:19
SundarWhat else would we consider highest priority?03:19
xinranwangI also submit a patch completing v2 api doc03:20
xinranwang  please review this too :)03:21
chenkeHi sundar. I found a bug when deleing device profile before a vm(with fake-device) was deleted.03:21
Sundarxinranwang: I agree it is important but we can also do it after Apr 9, if we need to.03:22
Sundarchenke: Interesting, what's the bug?03:22
chenkeThat's because the foriegn key constraint.03:22
SundarThe original idea was to allow the device profile deletion when the VM is running, but we don't allow it today03:22
Sundarchenke: Yes, the ARQs refer to the device profile entry03:23
SundarBut they don't need to -- we copy the device profile groups into the ARQs, so we can remove that link03:23
chenkeSo, is it reasonable to throw this error?03:23
chenkeNo. Just copy the device profile groups is not enough.03:23
chenkethe error like this: `cyborg`.`extended_accelerator_requests`, CONSTRAINT `extended_accelerator_requests_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`device_profile_id`)03:24
Sundarchenke: For now, the shortest improvement would be to block it at the API level rather than throw an error03:25
SundarFor the future, we may need more changes to use the device profile groups copied into the ARQ03:26
SundarHowever, there is a fundamental problem.03:26
SundarOn the Nova side, the operator may do a hard reboot or other ops for the VM anytime, and those ops will delete the old ARQs, and create new ones from the device profile name.03:26
SundarSo, if the devic eprofile has been deleted, that is a problem.03:26
SundarAny thoughts?03:29
chenkeSo we should keep the device profile.03:30
SundarSo, let us block the deletion at the device profile API level rather than throw an error03:30
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SundarBTW, I will be proposing a patch shortly for CYborg's highlights for the U release. I'll share that link.03:31
Yumengyes ,agree now we just blocl the API level. but later maybe we can do like nova flavor. create a copy in nova for ops like reboot03:31
Yumengbut that needs nova approval..   :-03:32
SundarYumeng: The instance object has a copy of the flavor inside it, but does not have the ARQs. It has to call Cyborg with the device profile name to create the ARQ for some instance ops.03:33
SundarYes, it needs more changes in Nova03:33
SundarWe may need to make ARQs into an OVO, so it can be stored in the instance object.03:33
SundarPlus, db changes in Nova03:34
chenkeactually that's hard.03:35
SundarThat's why I didn;t do it :)03:36
chenkeOk.  I have no other needed to be discussed.03:37
SundarAnything else, folks?03:38
brinzhang_one patch03:38
brinzhang_Sundar, chenke, s_shogo: I think this is why py37 timeout previous
brinzhang_the ignore_basepython_conflict flag introduced in 3.1.1, before we are in 2.003:39
brinzhang_that I upgrade this to 3.1.1 to adopt python303:40
chenkegood catch.03:41
SundarYea, makes sense to me.03:41
Sundar#topic AoB03:42
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SundarAnything else?03:42
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brinzhang_Nothing else, many thing talked in wechat, and have done of mine ^^03:43
SundarThanks a lot, folks. Have a good day, and stay safe away from the virus!03:43
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openstackMinutes (text):
s_shogoMe too. I'll update the deployable programming patch, please review it. > folks03:44
chenkeThanks all. Bye. will do it.03:44
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: Upgrade minversion to match python3
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: Add Cyborg API Reference to Cyborg index page
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openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/cyborg master: Optimize device profiles APIs
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openstackgerritShaoHe Feng proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add hostname to FakeDevice name to support multi-host deployment
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: Add comments for deletion of ARQs by instance or ARQ UUIDs.
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: Optimize device profiles APIs
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openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/cyborg master: Remove future imports
openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/cyborg master: Use unittest.mock instead of third party mock
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openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/cyborg master: hacking: force explicit import of python's mock
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg-tempest-plugin master: Remove py27 from tox env list
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