Thursday, 2020-03-26

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SundarHello all03:00
s_shogoHi all03:01
Sundar#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:02
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Sundar#topic Roll call03:02
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Sundar#info Sundar03:02
brinzhang_#info brinzhang_03:02
s_shogo#info s_shogo03:02
SundarHi all, just the 3 of us?03:03
brinzhang_I think so ^03:03
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SundarLet's wait for a couple of minutes03:04
Yumeng#info Yumeng03:04
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YumengHi Sundar, hi all03:04
chenke#info chenke03:04
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SundarHi Yumeng, chenke and all03:04
SundarLet's get started03:04
brinzhang_On thing, for Sundar, can you update this patch, for project-ptl-and-contrib-docs, I think we can fast merge this.03:04
chenkehi Sundar. hi all03:05
Sundarbrinzhang_ ok03:05
SundarFirst, Alex Xu has given an update.03:05
brinzhang_Sundar: thanks03:05
SundarThere is no need to do anything special, because the instance will go to error state. The user/admin need to delete it, and that will clean up the ARQs03:06
Sundarbrinzhang_ and all: do you agree?03:07
brinzhang_Sundar: I dnot thinks so, maybe we will have a schedule, right?03:07
brinzhang_Sundar: at it for cycle03:09
brinzhang_Sundar: Unless we can be sure that is the last scheduled03:09
SundarYea, that seems right too. So, we need to ignore Alex's comments.03:10
brinzhang_Sundar: I will reply inline03:10
Sundar#topic Victoria release planning03:11
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SundarSome people have signed up for V release planning at
SundarSince this is virtual, it would be good to sign up, if you can.03:12
Yumengyes! already signed up there03:13
SundarTwo of you have. Not the others :)03:14
brinzhang_Yumeng: me too.03:14
chenkeMe too..03:14
SundarOk good. Also, V release golas are getting set: Cyborg has already achieved some of those.03:14
shaohe_fengwhat does the sign up means?03:15
SundarAdd your name as a participant03:15
brinzhang_shaohe_feng: add you name in03:15
Sundar#topic Patches03:16
*** openstack changes topic to "Patches (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"03:16
shaohe_fengplan for the whole Openstack project ?03:16
Sundarshaohe_feng, these goals are for all of OpenStack. Cyborg will be asked to implement those that are not already done.03:17
brinzhang_ my base patch of the add 'description' to device profiles, need to +1 W03:17
SundarIn the virtual PTG --- which you can attend finally :)  -- we need to set Cyborg goals for V03:18
Sundarshaohe_feng ^03:18
Sundarbrinzhang_: ok. You already mentioned
Sundar -- I uodated the commit message. This is applicable for the future, when CYborg allows unbind and delete to be async.03:20
SundarQuestion: should we prioritize it now?03:20
brinzhang_Sundar: If you have time to do this, I would like to see prioritize it now03:21
SundarI have mostly done it :)  so I don;t mind completing it03:22
SundarOK, any other patch to highlight03:23
brinzhang_base on, there are another two, one is +1 W03:24
brinzhang_nothing for me.03:24
Sundar#topic AoB03:25
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SundarAnything else for today?03:25
shaohe_fengdynamic program03:26
brinzhang_Yumeng: thanks ^^03:26
Sundarshaohe_feng: what is the question?03:27
shaohe_fengthe current cyborg dynamic program mechanism is limited, right?03:27
Yumengbrinzhang_: my pleasure.^^03:27
shaohe_fengfor example, an FPGA is empty for for some function programmed(such as compress)03:28
shaohe_fengand it is available.03:29
shaohe_fengSo a user want to apply it for other functions. Maybe need to program a new image. but the new image add more VFs than before03:30
shaohe_fengso the current cyborg dynamic program mechanism does not works.03:30
shaohe_feng^ Sundar03:32
SundarThis can be handled by doing the programming outside of VM bringup: use PATCH /v2/deployable to program an image first, recognize the new VFs, update the db, and then allow VM create requests03:32
s_shogoFYI: PATCH /v2/deployable(programming) is under developing in my env. ( porting program_v1 to v2 and so on ).03:32
shaohe_fengyes, so we still need a extra programming options.03:33
shaohe_fengs_shogo good works,03:33
shaohe_fengthis is really need in production.03:33
Sundarshaohe_feng: Yes, s_shogo is driving those new options.03:33
shaohe_fengs_shogo when will it be ready?03:34
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: Improve the accuracy of device profile API responses in docs
s_shogoIf there no problem were happend, in two weeks.03:35
SundarThanks, s_shogo03:35
shaohe_fenggreat, thanks very much.03:35
s_shogoI'll report the progress in IRC meeting.03:36
SundarGreat. Anything else?03:37
shaohe_fengOK,  that's really a product need. I can update the process to some  openstack users03:38
SundarAll right. Sounds good. Have a good day, and stay safe, everybody!03:39
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openstackMinutes (text):
shaohe_fengthen they can plan the whole accelerator flow in their upper orchestration project.03:39
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s_shogoOK, shaohe_feng. ( I'm interested in the orchestration project:) , if there were some special requirements, I would like to discuss that)03:45
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: Add description column to device_profiles db
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: Add 'description' field to the device profile object
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