Thursday, 2019-12-05

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chenkeseems many friends still doesn't arrive.03:04
Li_Liulol, ya03:05
chenkehi li shu and s_shogo.03:06
chenkeIf you have free time, pls help review my patches.03:08
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Sundar#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:10
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SundarSorry for joining late03:10
SundarAnybody here?03:11
chenke#info chenke03:11
chenkehi sundar.03:11
Li_Liu#info Li_Liu03:11
Yumeng#info Yumeng03:11
Li_LiuHi Sundar03:11
YumengHi Li_Liu and Sundar03:11
SundarHi all03:11
s_shogo#info s_shogo03:12
SundarSorry, I haven't posted the agenda for today03:12
SundarCould we start with functional testing, Li_Liu?03:12
Li_Liuok, as I discussed last week03:13
Li_Liuthe test plan is posted here. and prob needs more inputs03:13
Li_Liuit's welcome to provide comments and inputs in the etherpad03:13
SundarGreat. Are there any considerations to mock the db interface?03:14
Li_LiuI think we will need that03:14
Li_LiuLet me do some research for it03:15
SundarYea, cool03:15
Li_LiuI think we are doing similar mocking in unit tests03:15
SundarYea. The db mocking could be a fixture.03:16
SundarIs Shaohe here?03:17
SundarMultinode is another important area.03:18
SundarHi s_shogo, I know the client patch is waiting for review.03:18
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SundarDid you get any comments from outside Cyborg?03:19
SundarOn openstacksdk, etc.?03:19
s_shogoHi Sundar, Thanks for your adding reviewers.03:19
s_shogoNo comments,yet.03:20
SundarOk. Is it better to ask for outside reviews now, or after we add /v2/devices etc. in the client?03:21
Sundars_shogo: ^03:23
s_shogoIMO, adding of Device doesn't effect openstack sdk ,significantly. Thus, I would like to ask review now.03:24
SundarOk, I'll try to find somebody.03:24
SundarHi shaohe_feng03:24
SundarThanks for the patch on fake driver03:24
s_shogoThank you Sundar ! I also try to send e-mail and notify someone, after that.03:24
SundarWelcome, s_shogo03:25
Sundarshaohe_feng: What else do you need for the multinode? Are you getting reviews for the config table?03:26
SundarNot sure if he is here -- I saw his join message.03:28
chenkes_shogo I have put some comments in your client patch.03:28
s_shogoThank you cheke ! I'll check it.03:29
Sundarchenke: Do you mean ?03:29
SundarCool. chenke, what is the next step for ?03:30
chenkehis job should be done in Phase-2: milestone-1 -> milestone-203:31
SundarAh I see. Sure.03:31
SundarNext week, we should go through Storyboard, cyborg client patches and tempest plugin patches. We don't look much at those.03:32
SundarAnything else for today?03:32
chenkeseems lot of cyborg patch need to be review.03:34
SundarYea. I've been focusing on the Nova patches, because we have the reviewer attention now and will lose it in week, as people head for holidays.03:34
Sundar*in 1 week03:34
chenkeoh. that should be high priority.03:35
SundarPlease review the patches we have, and I'll catch up in the last 2 weeks of Dec03:35
chenkewill do it.03:36
SundarThanks. Anything else for today?03:36
YumengAbout RBAC policy.03:36
YumengI've read most of the materials provided on this page:
shaohe_fengSundar  config table is create by me03:36
YumengWe need to reassess each operation and associate which scope, or scopes, are appropriate.  Mybe just like this:
shaohe_fengI need all of you review it03:37
Yumengthen it will need all your comments.03:37
SundarYumeng: Sounds good. Would you be creating that wiki? Do you need any help?03:38
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Yumengyep. wiki is good. I will do that.03:38
YumengI will try first.03:38
SundarGreat. I'll add this to the agenda for next week.03:38
shaohe_fengnow any others have comment on the config table?03:39
shaohe_fengAny suggestion on how to improve the program enable on agent?03:41
Sundarshaohe_feng: Please post the etherpad link again here, to ask for review03:42
Sundarshaohe_feng and all, let's wait 1 more week for review. We'll take that as as the final table. Ok?03:45
shaohe_fengso let's focus on agent program03:46
shaohe_fengany comments?03:46
SundarYou mean the patch?03:46
SundarIf so, we should get the comments there03:47
shaohe_fengSundar s_shogo yikun, Yumeng, wangzhh, chenke03:47
shaohe_fengyes, we have discussed them yesterday.03:47
shaohe_fengon wechat03:47
shaohe_fengno agent just support fpga program03:48
shaohe_fenghow should agent support fake driver program?03:48
SundarBTW, in terms of holiday planning, we should probably cancel the meetings on Dec 25/26 and Jan 1/2. Probably keep the meeting on Dec 18/19?03:48
Sundars_shogo Yumeng chenke Li_Liu: ^03:51
s_shogoNP > schedule03:51
shaohe_fenglet's load all drivers in agant manager init?03:51
shaohe_fengif it is configure in setup.cfg03:51
Sundarshaohe_feng: Are we not doing that today?03:52
shaohe_fengand choose the right one03:52
shaohe_fengyes, I have paste a picture in wechat03:52
shaohe_fengfor program we just support fpga03:52
shaohe_fenglet me show you the code.03:53
Sundarshaohe_feng: agent manager init calls into resource tracker and loads drivers:
shaohe_fengno this code03:53
SundarWe call program API only on fpga driver today03:54
SundarWe should expand that to fake driver also03:54
shaohe_fengyou show the resource tracker code03:54
Sundarshaohe_feng: We get the driver name in fpga_program_v2 API:
shaohe_fenghere we init the self.fpga_driver03:56
SundarWe can use that to call the right driver. No need to hardcode self.fpga_driver.03:56
shaohe_fengso here we just let fpga do program03:56
Sundarshaohe_feng: ^03:57
shaohe_fengOK, let's cancel the self.fpga_driver init03:57
shaohe_fengadd  self.drivers in AgentManager03:57
shaohe_fengall drivers if implement program method03:58
shaohe_fenglet's do it.03:58
shaohe_fengno matter it is fpga03:58
SundarWe already have the list of drivers in self._rt.acc_drivers03:59
SundarThe program_v2 shold check if the driver implements the program() API and then call it.03:59
SundarDo others have any thoughts, comments, objections, .... ?04:00
SundarOK, let's review it in patch changes.04:01
SundarAnything else, folks?04:01
Sundar#topic AoB04:02
*** openstack changes topic to "AoB (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"04:02
SundarIf nothing else, we can call it a day.04:02
SundarTanks, everybody. Have a good day!04:03
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shaohe_fengsorry something wrong with irc04:13
shaohe_fengSundar are here?04:13
shaohe_fengso everyone agree all the drivers can support program?04:14
Sundarshaohe_feng: I am fine with that. As I said, program_v2 should check if the driver implements the program() API and then call it. That way, it can be generic and Pythonic04:20
shaohe_fengAdd an abstract class for all acc drivers?04:22
shaohe_fengit just define the interfaces?04:22
Sundarshaohe_feng: The generic driver is the ABC for drivers today04:23
shaohe_fengSundar but you can seeļ¼Œ not every drivers inherit  it.04:25
shaohe_fenghere is the example?04:26
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openstackgerritzhurong proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add 5 placeholder db migration scripts for Train
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openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg-specs master: Re-propose specification for Cyborg APIs Version 2
openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add cyborg quickstart reference in devstack
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