Thursday, 2019-11-21

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Sundar#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:01
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SundarHello all03:01
Li_Liu#info Li_LIu03:01
Li_LiuHi Sundar03:01
SundarHi Li, how are you?03:01
s_shogo#info s_shogo03:01
s_shogoHi all03:01
chenke#info chenke03:01
Yumenghi all03:01
chenkehi all~03:01
xinranwangHi all03:02
SundarGood to have a quorum.03:02
xinranwang#info xinranwang03:02
Sundar#topic Status update03:02
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SundarGlad to see lots of movement and progress in Cyborg03:03
SundarOn the Nova side, we got another +1 on the spec:
SundarWe re trying to get this over the edge03:04
SundarI updated the patch series:
SundarAdded API versioning for the notification event (, which turned out out be a bit tough, because lots of the requirements are not documented anywhere03:05
SundarWe just have to read previous code and history03:06
SundarAdded functional tests for Cyborg in Nova --- this was another recent requirement03:06
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SundarI am not aware of any blocker now, but we are still working on getting reviews03:06
SundarPlease do review this patch series and offer comments or +103:07
Li_Liusure, will do03:07
SundarOne prerequisite for tis patch series is this Cyborg patch:
SundarPlease review and help to merge it03:08
shaohe_fengshould microversion be  configurable?03:09
SundarI just made it 'latest'. Is there a reason why we would want an older microversion?03:09
chenkeI want to know, we need to always set the version to latest?03:09
SundarNot sure if we need to do it, but it is convenient, because it will work with the Nova patches or without03:10
SundarOtherwise, tempest tests with the Nova patches will fail03:11
shaohe_fengnot know why nove need a microversion science there is no reason to request an older microversion03:11
SundarThe Nova patches move the microversion to '2.82' because we defined the Cyborg ARQ notification event03:11
SundarAny objections to using 'latest' microversion?03:13
chenkeI think maybe some production environment needs to use the old api.03:13
chenkeFor the current state, agree.03:13
Yumengthere maybe some compatible problems in a real env.03:13
SundarIf the operator is deploying older Nova, he will not get Cyborg functionality -- that needs '2.82'03:14
shaohe_fengno objections for using 'latest'. Just wonder should it be configurable.03:15
SundarOK. We can enhance this if there is a need.03:16
Yumengyes ,aggree with shaohe, it should be configurable03:16
SundarOn another note: the devstack patch for using Python 3 has merged: (
SundarThe Zuul gate was broken because Nova expected Py3 by devstack was using Py2. Now that should work.03:17
SundarFYI: The Cyborg meeting info was out of date: I am updating it --
SundarEsp. as we expect more interaction with neutron03:18
Sundar#topic Programming APIs03:19
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SundarWe have been talking about the programming requirements. I created this etherpad to continue the discussion from the PTG:
SundarPlease review it offline when you can03:21
SundarWe can take this up next week.03:22
Sundar#topic Who's doing what03:23
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SundarAll of us have been busy with various things. Plus, many of us signed up for various areas (last part of
SundarJust trying to get a sense of what folks are busy with.03:24
SundarSundar: Continuing to work on Nova patches, Cyborg tempest plugin, 3rd party CI for FPGAs (with another colleague), starting on support for networked devices (with other colleagues in Intel)03:25
SundarPlus assorted patches as needed03:25
shaohe_fengwill we support SmartNic?03:25
SundarShaohe: Yes, different types03:26
Li_LiuI currently got nothing on my plate03:26
SundarLi_Liu: please feel free to look at the etherpad and take something of interest. For example, the entire area of functional tests for Cyborg is open.03:26
SundarThat is absilutely needed to make Cyborg into a production-quality project03:27
Li_Liusure, I will take a look03:27
SundarThanks, Li_Liu03:27
Li_LiuDo I need any hardware to do the functional test?03:27
SundarNo, it can all be with the fake driver for now03:27
shaohe_fengSundar if you have a smartnic env, please let me try. Thanks.03:27
Sundarshaohe_feng: Let's talk offline03:28
SundarBTW, I may get another colleague to support on openstacksdk, so chenke can focus on other things too :)03:29
chenkeWhen I have free time. I will help to review it.03:31
Sundars_shogo: I think you have up the Pythn client plus some APIs. Please let us know if you need help, or if you'd like to spread the work more03:32
xinranwangmaybe we can put the tasks on the storyboard03:33
Sundarxinranwang: Similarly, you have the Intel driver plus /v2/devices GET, including microversion support, I think. Do you need help?03:33
s_shogoSundar: That's right.03:33
s_shogo( And I intend to send reminder to openstacksdk folks to review the patch >
Sundarxinranwang: Yes, Storyboard is a  good place. We already have many entries:!/project/openstack/cyborg03:34
xinranwangI am ok, s_shogo will work with me device API03:34
SundarBut it is useful only if all of us use it regularly -- otherwise we'll still not know what tasks are remaining, and who is doing what03:35
xinranwangwe'd better to list the tasks we discussed during ptg ther03:35
SundarCool. I know Yumeng has been active with the docs update. Can others please LMK what they are working on?03:36
xinranwangSundar: yes, I agree03:36
SundarDo we all vote to use Storyboard regularly for tasks?03:36
Yumeng+1. and I would start UT improvement in the next.03:37
xinranwangYumeng:  nice, thanks :)03:37
Yumengor tempest03:37
SundarLi_Liu: ^03:38
Sundarshaohe_feng: ^03:38
chenketempest and UT will be the next thing I will do.03:38
xinranwangSundar:  just notice you mentioned intel driver, which one you mean?03:38
SundarIntel FPGA driver03:39
YumengSundar: BTW, do we have plan about shelve and unshelve in this cycle? I'm intrested.03:39
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SundarGot disconnected :(03:42
SundarThanks, all03:43
Sundar#agreed We'll use storyboard regularly for tasks going fwd03:43
SundarYumeng: Can you say more about the use case for un/shelve?03:43
YumengSundar: not very specific use case for now. we can discuss more maybe next time.03:45
SundarOk. I don't mind adding it. But hope to get the basic cases merged first.03:45
Sundar#topic Patches03:46
*** openstack changes topic to "Patches (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"03:46
SundarSpecial :+1: to Yumeng for the thorough doc patcches03:46
YumengI will update today. I saw your comments. thanks for review.03:47
SundarCool. I think it will be nice to have some introductory doc on the object model and Cyborg-Nova workflow03:47
SundarI'll add it03:47
SundarWe have a story for this:!/story/200638403:48
SundarAll: please add any missing doc improvements here03:48
xinranwangYumeng:  you used sql benchwork for cyborg doc ?? ;)03:49
Yumengxinranwang: haha not for doc03:49
Yumengjust generated a ER diagram of cyborg-db automatically03:50
Yumengamazed by it productivity03:50
SundarCool. Does any patch need specific discussion?03:51
shaohe_fengIs this OK?03:52
SundarDid you test on multiple VMs? with fake driver?03:52
shaohe_fengI have list the configure options in the etherpad03:52
shaohe_fengseems only Sundar and xinranwang give feedback.03:53
shaohe_fengIf no problem about the config options, I will retest it again to let it go on. '03:54
SundarYea, I gave some comments. The agent needs to reach glance, so it would need keystone03:55
SundarWe need to set up an env with multiple physical nodes with FPGAs, to test programming paths03:55
SundarOr can we somehow extend the fake driver to simulate programming?03:56
shaohe_fengyes, we can extend.03:57
SundarLatter will be quite useful for UT/functional tests03:57
shaohe_fengsuch as write a fake program script03:57
SundarShaohe_feng: would you like to take that up? That will give more confidence in the multi-node setup. Which is needed for real-world operations.03:57
SundarYes, the fake device could advertise a region/function ID, and the fake driver coul always return success for programming calls03:58
shaohe_fengwhen agent download a image, we let the fake program script do some simple check and then return error or OK03:58
shaohe_fengmaybe the  fake program script can output some information to tmp/file03:59
shaohe_fengnot sure it can output to the cyborg log03:59
SundarWe don't need a program script per se, right? Just the program() API in the driver04:00
shaohe_fengwhat is per se?04:00
SundarI mean, we don;t really need a separate script.04:00
SundarThe program API can just look at something in the image file and decide to return success or failure04:01
SundarThat way, we can use different images to force failure orsuccess04:01
shaohe_fengmaybe just deploy a fake script by devstack when we use fake driver04:01
shaohe_fengyes. let program API do it is OK.04:02
SundarOK. Let's talk offline if needed. We are past the end time04:03
Sundar#topic AoB04:03
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SundarAnything else, folks?04:03
shaohe_fengwill we setup a multi-node gate?04:03
shaohe_fengany plan for it?04:03
SundarDo we need to?04:03
shaohe_fengnot sure.04:03
SundarYumeng, chenke, all: do other projects have it?04:04
shaohe_fengOK. maybe all in one is enough.04:04
shaohe_fengseem others are going to have lunch :)04:05
SundarAh ok04:05
SundarGoodbye, everybody04:05
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shaohe_fenghave a nice day04:06
SundarYou too, shaohe_feng04:06
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: Set compute API microversion to 'latest' when calling Nova.
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