Thursday, 2019-10-31

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Sundar#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:01
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Sundar#topic Who's here03:02
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Sundar#info Sundar03:02
s_shogo#info s_shogo03:02
chenke#info chenke03:02
Yumeng#info Yumeng03:03
SundarHi all03:05
SundarLet's wait for 1 more minute for others.03:05
SundarWe have waited long enough. Let's get started03:07
Sundar#topic PTG planning03:08
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SundarStarted some tentative schedule at
SundarThis is only my suggestion: you all can suggest more times for specific topics. Also, I am not done yet :)03:09
SundarI'll try to complete after this meeting03:09
SundarRe. team dinner, there has been a suggestion to move it to Tuesday (Nov 5) eve. Is everybody ok with that?03:10
chenkeI am ok for Nov.5 Nov.6 Nov.703:10
Yumengok with that. ^ ^03:11
s_shogome too,  no problem > team dinner.03:11
SundarExcellent. Let's move it up then.03:12
SundarThere is some confusion about project onboarding. When I asked about that to OpenInfra Foundation staff, I got an answer about project updates.03:13
SundarBut I believe it is part of the PTG this time. So, we have to schedule it and get people to attend it03:13
SundarSince Wednesday is part of the summit, not sure if we should hold PTG discussions on that day. What do you all think?03:14
chenkeI am not sure if there is time on the day.03:16
Sundartime on Wednesday?03:17
SundarWell, we have a room reserved for Wed too: If we are all busy with the Summit on that day, let's not schedule anything on that day then. Any objections?03:18
s_shogoOK, I got it.03:18
SundarGood. That means all PTG topics and project onboarding will fall on Thu/Fri.03:19
chenkeGot it.03:20
SundarShall we schedule project onboarding for Fri morning? Ideally, we'll get lots of candidates, an d hopefully some of you can present Cyborg and answer questions. I am not good with Mandarin. :)03:20
YumengI can help with that.03:22
SundarGreat. Thanks, @Yumeng03:22
Yumengshall we present project update in a Mandarin version ? or something like that?03:22
SundarI'll put that in . I'll ask OpenInfra Staff  how to advertise that.03:23
SundarMeanwhile, if you can pitch your friends and colleagues to attend that, that would be great. ;)03:23
SundarAbout 2 hours maybe?03:24
chenke2 hours enough.03:24
SundarWe can also mention that in the project update03:25
SundarAll right, anything else on PTG?03:25
Yumengyes, good idea. maybe around 1 hour is enough.  but we can reserve 2 hours, no harm.03:26
SundarCool. Please update and respond the etherpad later03:26
Sundar#topic Tempest parallel tests03:27
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Yumengok. will do after meeting.03:27
SundarI updated tempest tests03:27
SundarIt still works only if the tests are done serially. One reason: the previous code stored the instance object as self.instance in the test case. I fixed that.03:28
SundarThere are 2 more reasons that I mentioned in that patch's commit message.03:28
SundarFake device has only one accelerator resource.03:28
SundarWe may need to modify the fake driver to publish a large number of resources, as they are all virtual/fake anyway03:29
SundarAny ideas?03:29
Yumengdo yo mean we add more resources like more vfs ?03:31
s_shogoEnrichment of the resource in fake driver is good. ( when testing, I sometimes change that manually)03:31
chenkeAre you saying that support more complicated fake-driver scenarios?03:31
SundarIt can support launching multiple VMs in the tempest env, to run different tests in parallel. Otherwise, they all have to run serially03:32
SundarCool. May be somebody can propose a patch to the fake driver for that03:34
SundarI can modify tempest to address the other problem, that all tests use the same device profile name today03:34
Sundar#topic Core reviewers03:35
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SundarWelcome, chenke, as a core reviewer!03:35
chenkeI am very happy to meet you at cyborg.03:36
Yumengcongrats chenke!03:36
YumengSundar: I just talked to zhurong, if we wants to create more than one VMs, he would suggest run serially instead of parallelly. maybe we can add in etherpad and discuss that.03:36
SundarOne person listed as a core reviewer has not been active since Feb 2018 (almost 2 years): Justin Kilpatrick. I wrote an email to him but no response for 1 week. Shall we remove him as core reviewer?03:36
SundarYumeng: I see. Sure, let me add that for PTG. Hope zhurong can attend that part.03:37
YumengI will invite him to make some time for us. ^^03:38
SundarYumeng, s_shogo, chenke: On core reviewer removal?03:38
chenke+1. Sundar03:39
SundarCool, I'll follow up in openstack ML and follow due process.03:39
Sundar#topic Code reviews03:40
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Sundar -- the famous Glance API servers patch :)03:40
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chenkezhurong and Me test this code in myenv.03:41
SundarI don't understand the changes honestly. But, if you all understand it enough to maintain it, I'll go along with that03:41
shaohe_fengHi all03:41
chenkeYour test results show that this is also ok, right´╝č03:42
Sundarchenke: My concern is, without FPGAs, the programming code paths that invoke Glance don't get tested03:42
chenkeHi shaohe.03:42
Yumenghi shaohe_feng03:42
shaohe_fengSorry for late.  seems something wrong with network.03:42
shaohe_fengI change a new proxy, it can works now.03:42
SundarHi shaohe_feng : Would you be able to test in your local env with real FPGAs?03:42
shaohe_fenglet me have a look.03:42
SundarDO others understand the change?03:43
chenkeIf shaohe can help verify it, that would be great.03:43
shaohe_fengthe evn was destroyed by Xinran.03:44
Sundarchenke: yes, my tests with real FPGAs worked. But do we all understand the changes enough to maintain it if issues arise in the future? One part touches pecan WSGI and another part touches keystone03:44
shaohe_fengshe used for other test.03:44
shaohe_fengSundar do you have a FPGA env?03:45
shaohe_fengI can test it on it.03:45
Sundarshaohe_feng: You still have FPGAs, right? Is Xinran using it for the demo? Yes, I do have FPGAs and I tested chenke's patch03:45
shaohe_fengI need to check with xinran03:46
shaohe_fengmaybe we really need to set a FPGA gate03:46
chenkeI understand your fears. Zhurong and I are good friends. He is confident in this code.03:46
shaohe_fengSundar  who can support a server with a FPGA?03:47
SundarOk. Yumeng, s_shogo, shaohe_feng: please review this patch. If you all give +1/+2, i is automatic +2 from me. :)03:47
shaohe_fengchenke can you introduce what's change in the patch?03:47
shaohe_fengmaybe you have introduce in the meeting. But I missed it.03:48
s_shogoOK, I also test this with FPGA.03:48
shaohe_fengchenke thanks03:48
chenkein /etc/cyborg/cyborg.conf api_serveris useless actually.03:49
chenkeThe patch does this thing.03:49
chenkeBut When we remove this line. The past code occured some error.03:50
chenkeSo zhurong help to modify some error that the past code occured.03:51
SundarWell, could you clarify what's happening at ?03:52
chenkeSorry. I am not familiy with this part code now. But zhurong had explain this.03:54
chenkeHe said: The rootcause is less copied request context code when init the project. the main change is add necessary info into the context,03:54
chenkeOr we can wait a little longer.  I will do a detailed investigation of this code.03:56
s_shogoAre there reference code, from other component? ( if there, I would like to check this patch with that.)03:57
chenkeQuoted from other components, not his original.03:57
SundarWill this be needed if we move to openstacksdk?03:57
shaohe_fengwhy we need a X_SERVICE_CATALOG, but old code does not need this?03:58
chenkeold code doesn't go this.03:58
chenkeSundar I am not sure. This patch was suggest by eric.03:59
shaohe_fengwhy we need to get service_catalog now?03:59
chenkeshaohe_feng  The if condition of the old code prevented this code from being executed.04:00
shaohe_fengno if condition in old code.04:01
SundarMy suggestion: configuring the Glance API servers is not good, but introducing mysterious code to get rid of that is not necessarily better, May be we should focus more on moving to openstacksdk? Sorry, chenke, I know you put in a lot of work into this.04:04
chenkeI understand.04:05
chenkewe can workflow -1 for this patch.04:05
chenkeWhen will have free time. We can check it again.04:05
SundarThanks for your understanding04:06
SundarNext patch:
Yumengseems like so many questions. we can dig more to make the whole problem clear. then decide whether workflow -1 or not04:07
SundarThis is failing but the error seems to be trivial: https://  2019-10-29 21:26:30.15571704:07
Yumenglooks like need to  figure out the mysterious part first. I can help.04:08
SundarYumeng: sure04:08
SundarFor the py3 tempest patch, if this issue gets fixed, are we good with moving to Python 3 alone for tempest? Any other factor to consider?04:10
chenke suggest that we wait for other components.04:12
Sundar#topic AoB04:13
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shaohe_fengDoes everyone notice that openstack-tox-py37 test often timeout?04:13
Sundarshaohe_feng: Yes04:13
chenkeXinran's patch04:13
shaohe_fengwhat's the reason?04:13
s_shogoMe too, but no idea for the reason.04:14
shaohe_fengin several patches, I have seen timeout04:14
chenkeFrom the zuul log. I didn't find the reason.04:14
SundarWe can bring this up in openstack ML. If one of you want to write it up, good. Or, you can send me some concrete examples that I can cite, and I'll bring it up04:17
SundarAnything else for today, before we head to the summit?04:18
YumengBTW, to all, if you have time pls help to review ARQ and device_profile api doc :,
SundarYes, thanks Yumeng. Will do.04:19
chenkehope to meet you all in shanghai.04:19
shaohe_fengYumeng good job.04:20
shaohe_fengchenke I will not in shanghai. :')04:20
shaohe_fengwill missing team dinner again.04:20
SundarSee (most of) you next week in Shanghai. Shaohe_feng, we'll meet at the next Summit ;)04:20
Yumengshaohe_feng: it's a pity :(04:20
chenkeIt's a pity.04:20
shaohe_fengNever have chance to attend the team dinner.04:21
SundarYou were there at Berlin, right?04:21
shaohe_fengBut not  team meet in Berlin04:22
shaohe_fengNo PTG in Berlin04:22
shaohe_fengteam dinner is for developers, for PTG04:22
SundarI see. Anyways, safe travels to all. Bye.04:22
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openstackMinutes (text):
shaohe_fengHope there will be a PTG in being04:22
s_shogoBy the way, I would like to join the Wechat cyborg group.04:23
SundarOh sure, s_shogo.04:24
SundarAre you on WeChat already?04:24
s_shogoyes, I have wechat id.04:24
SundarMy WeChat ID is Sundar Nadathur. If you can link to me, I'll add you.04:26
s_shogoOK, I'll do that. Thanks! > Sundar04:27
SundarCool, np04:28
s_shogoHmm, I tried wechat ID search with  "Sundar Nadathur" but that doesn't work. ( are there no space character?)04:34
s_shogoThanks Sundar! I got the notification.04:34
SundarAh good04:35
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openstackgerritShogo Saito proposed openstack/python-cyborgclient master: v2 API Support(using openstack-sdk)
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openstackgerritShogo Saito proposed openstack/python-cyborgclient master: v2 API Support(using openstack-sdk)
openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/cyborg master: Update api-ref: Add accelerator requests(ARQs) section
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openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/cyborg master: Update api-ref: Add accelerator requests(ARQs) section
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zhipengs_shogo can I add you on wechat as well ?09:41
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