Thursday, 2019-09-12

openstackgerritShogo Saito proposed openstack/python-cyborgclient master: v2 API Support(using openstack-sdk)
openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/cyborg master: Implement privsep boilerplate in cyborg.
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SundarHi all03:03
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chenkeHi ~03:03
wangzhhHi all.03:03
s_shogoHi all03:04
SundarHi chenke, wangzhh, s_shogo03:04
xinranwangHi all03:04
Sundar#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:04
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wangzhhHi Sundar.03:04
SundarThis is the week of Train-3 milestone.03:05
SundarWe'll look at the status, pending patches and future plans. Does anybody have any opens to be addressed?03:06
Sundar#topic Status so far03:06
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s_shogomaybe, py3 patch.03:06
Yumeng#info Yumeng03:07
SundarGood news: We got nearly all the nova-integ patches merged. Only the Nova notification patch remains.03:07
YumengThanks Sundar for your great efforts03:07
SundarIMHO, that is close too. We have some cleanup to do in the way we connect to other services. But we can fix that after this week too.03:08
SundarYumeng: Thanks. All your contributions helped too.03:08
SundarThe next most important things after Nova notifn would be tempest ( and Python 3.03:09
SundarDO you al agree? Other patches are important too, but they cna be merged after this week too03:09
xinranwanghow about async bind patch?03:10
SundarThat also can come in after this week, IMHO. I don;t think it is ready to merge in next 2 days.03:11
SundarNot so good news: It has been an uphill climb to get reviews from nova developers. The view I am hearing is that Nova patches for Cyborg need more sustained review before they can merge.03:12
SundarSo far, the fact that most patches haven;t merged was a reason why reviewes were not getting done. Also, tempest CI was a prereq. We are very close to getting them all done , I think.03:13
SundarAny thoughts or comments?03:13
SundarIt seems to me that Python 3 patch from Shogo is also close. Has nybody checked it out in their local env?03:14
s_shogoI checked py3 patch with latest version(P9 merged), it works well.03:15
Sundars_shogo: Great. I'll also try it just in case. I'd invite others to check too. Do you think we can merge it by Friday?03:16
s_shogoSundar: I think so, there seems to be no big issue.03:17
SundarGreat. BTW, here are my Cycle highlights for Train. They include Python 3 too.03:19
Sundar#topic Tempest03:19
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SundarWe are supposed to show the tempest CI as a prerequisite, like I said.03:20
SundarYumeng: thanks a lot for all that you and your team have done. Is  critical to merge this week?03:20
SundarDefinitely, we need to merge soon.03:21
Yumengsundar: i will update today. I think we should merge asap03:22
Yumengagreed . also 66723103:22
SundarGreat. Glad to see your progress on privsep - but I think we can even do that in the next couple of weeks.03:22
SundarNo need to burn yourself out :)03:23
YumengEric and sean suggest we we don't need to have a cyborg.privsep.* sub module at all03:23
Yumengjust a top level cyborg/ module that init the context and the privileged function should be in normal modules with privileged appended as a prefix or suffix.03:23
Yumengbut the current fact is nova and cinder still have cyborg.privsep.* sub module03:24
Yumengso do we just follow the current way or change it ? what do you think?03:24
xinranwangYumeng:  should we merge 676665 before 667231?03:24
SundarYes. I have heard it be said even nova's use of rootwrap etc. is not a good template to follow. Sometimes we are expected to do better than than the legacy projects because we are new.03:25
SundarYumeng: IMHO, it is better to take some time and do this right, because it will be tough to revisit this again. So, it may be better to follow the experienced input.03:26
Yumengyes, pleas merge 676665 before 66723103:26
YumengSundar: ok. then I will reconsider it. do as they suggest.03:28
SundarThanks a lot, Yumeng.03:28
SundarYumeng: Re. 676665, There is a -1 on that. What does it take to get it resolved?03:28
YumengI will do that03:28
SundarExcellent. Thanks :)03:29
SundarWhat should we do about ?03:29
Sundar(That is Python 3. I jumped to a different topic.)03:30
Yumengand to all, please help to review and merge this bug fix
s_shogoThat was included in the py3 patch.
chenkeYe. That was  part of s_shogo's patch.03:31
SundarSo, it should just be abandoned, I suppose.03:31
s_shogoSundar: That's right.03:32
SundarYumeng, wangzhh: Re., Has GPU been tested with the nova-integ patches?03:32
YumengI have tested with part of the nova-integ patches.03:35
wangzhhSorry, I don't have GPU env. But I think this part should be OK. Because there is little change this part.03:35
wangzhhYumeng, Great.03:35
SundarOk. Has anybody launched a VM with real GPU attached? Oherise, how do we know it works?03:35
Yumengwangzhh: yes a tiny fix. pls help to review \0/03:36
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shaohe_fenghi all03:36
chenkehi shaohe.03:37
SundarHi shaohe_feng03:37
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SundarTo summarize the most important patches for this week:03:37
SundarNova notification:
SundarPython 3:
SundarTempest: ,
YumengSundar: emmmm... I tested in a devstack env. not a real GPU env03:37
SundarDo we all agree that these are the important patches to merge this week?03:38
chenkeZhurong has some suggestions on Nova notification, but I suggest we merge this patch first, and then have time to modify it.03:40
Sundarchenke: Totally agreed. Zhurong's point is important and I am working on it.03:40
Sundarchenke: Thanks to you and zhurong for lots of active contribution! It'll be good to merge your patches by next week, IMHO, to help further development.03:40
Sundar#topic AoB03:41
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SundarAnything else, folks?03:41
shaohe_fengwill be test on really evn today03:42
SundarCool, thanks Shaohe.03:42
shaohe_fengstill some bug, I think it can works today.03:42
shaohe_fengit is some  complex.03:43
shaohe_fengbut it implemented as we discussion.03:43
shaohe_fengwelcome RFC.03:43
SundarSure. All, please review and help merge the important patches above. Have a good day!03:44
wangzhhDo we need to merge this patch before nova integrate?
Sundarwangzhh: Nova developers have not asked for that. They tend to take security for granted, so this may yet come up. It is important to merge that too.03:45
shaohe_fengwe need this patch, but maybe nova integrate does not need it .03:46
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wangzhhFIne, so plz also help to review this patch.03:46
SundarSure, will do03:46
shaohe_fengwhen is the dead line of async job?03:47
shaohe_fengit it really not easy to test it on really env.03:47
shaohe_fengtoo many steps03:48
Sundarshaohe_feng: Given that this week is milestone 3, we have to see how things go from here. I agree with you. It is better to take time and ensure it works well.03:48
SundarIt does not have to merge this week, if that makes you feel better :)03:49
shaohe_fengOK, I will do my best to make it works well today.03:49
SundarGreat. Thanks, shaohe_feng03:49
shaohe_fengfor tomorrow is our Moon festival03:49
SundarI see. Happy Moon festival to all of you!03:50
SundarAll right, see you all next week. Bye :)03:51
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openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/cyborg master: add cyborg-tempest job and remove cyborg-devstack job
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openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/cyborg master: Implement privsep boilerplate in cyborg.
openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/cyborg master: Implement privsep boilerplate in cyborg.
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openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/cyborg master: Implement privsep boilerplate in cyborg.
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: add cyborg-tempest job and remove cyborg-devstack job
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