Wednesday, 2019-06-26

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Sundarikuo_o: RE., thanks. But please post it under master branch.02:59
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SundarHi y'all03:01
BiweiHi Sundar03:01
ikuo_oOh sorry, Sundar. should I post new patch and delete the old one?03:01
Sundarikuo_o: NP. Yes, please post the patch set under master branch.03:02
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SundarDo we have anybody apart from us 3?03:03
Sundar#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:03
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Sundar#topic Roll call03:04
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Sundar#info Sundar03:04
xinranwang#info xinranwang03:04
Biwei#info Biwei03:04
SundarHi Xinran03:04
ikuo_o#info ikuo_o03:04
xinranwangHi Sundar03:04
Sundar#topic Specs review03:05
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SundarThe main topic for today is to complete the specs review, as we are running out of time03:06
SundarAPparently, there are some questions around our device model and how we represent resources in Placement.03:06
yikun#info yikun03:07
SundarWe could take it up in tomorrow's Zoom call if there is enough interest.03:07
Sundarxinranwang, is that ok?03:07
xinranwangI am ok with that.03:08
SundarHi yikun03:08
SundarCan we review the device profiles spec now?03:08
yikunxinranwang and I are also in kubecon, and I think the device model is also okay to me03:08
Sundaryikun, Thanks03:08
SundarWho else from Cyborg is at Kubecon?03:09
yikunI think only we two?03:09
yikunand zhipeng03:09
yikun: )03:10
SundarI see. Good.03:10
SundarCan we all review the device profiles spec for the next 10 minutes?03:10
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Coco_gao_#info Coco_gao03:14
SundarHi Coco_gao, we are now reviewing the device profiles spec . We have 5 minutes left for that.03:15
SundarHope you are all looking at that spec :). It has got a +2, so I think it is close to the finish.03:19
Sundarxinranwang, Biwei, Coco_gao_, ikuo_o, yikun: Please post your comments on this spec, even if it is a partial review.03:21
Sundar#topic Review spec
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Sundar instance operations with accelerators03:22
SundarDoes anybody have questions on this spec?03:23
Sundar#topic AoB03:26
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SundarApart from xinranwang, does anybody want to go over the device model in tomorrow's Zoom call?03:27
xinranwangSundar: If we put networked FPGA aside, I am ok with your placement report design.03:28
Sundarxinranwang: Cool.03:28
SundarShall we cancel tomorrow's Zoom call then?03:28
xinranwangif no other topics03:28
ikuo_oUnfortunately I cannot attend tomorrow...03:29
ikuo_oAnd this time is my last cyborg meeting. Thank you for welcoming me.03:30
SundarIf there is interest in knowing about developments in Placement for nested RP trees, same_subtree, device colocation, etc., I could invite efried or others03:30
Sundarikuo_o: Understand. Thanks for all your contributions. Happy to see NTT is so active03:31
ikuo_oAfter July, Shogo Saito will succeed my cyborg work, and we will propose new features for next releases.03:31
Sundarikuo_o: "After July"? So, will there be participation in July?03:32
ikuo_oNo, Sundar. From July 1st, Saito will do.03:32
SundarGot it.03:33
SundarThanks, ikuo_o and everybody. Have a good day and a good time at KubeCon, MWC, or wherever you are :)03:33
ikuo_oI'm sorry for not contributing to cyborg so much. I'm preparing handing over my work!03:33
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openstackMinutes (text):
ikuo_oThank you all!03:33
Sundarikuo_o: NP :)  Welcome. Bye.03:33
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openstackgerritIkuo Otani proposed openstack/cyborg master: Python3 migration 1st patch
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openstackgerritBiwei Guo proposed openstack/cyborg-tempest-plugin master: squashing Xinran and Biwei's three commits together Cleaned up code and all tempest tests passing except for Delete Device Profile bug

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