Wednesday, 2019-06-12

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: Dropping the py35 testing
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg-specs master: Replace URLs with URLs
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SundarHi wangzhh, Biwei03:01
BiweiHi Sundar03:01
SundarLet's wait a couple of min for folks to join03:01
ikuo_oHi Sundar, Biwei03:01
SundarHi ikuo_o03:01
SundarHi yikun03:01
Li_LiuHi Sundar03:02
SundarHi Li_Liu03:02
wangzhhHi Sundar.03:02
Sundar#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:02
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Sundar#topic Roll call and agenda03:02
xinranwangHi all03:02
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Sundar#info Sundar03:02
wangzhh#info wangzhh03:03
Biwei#info Biwei03:03
ikuo_o#info ikuo_o03:03
yikun#info yikun03:03
xinranwang#info xinranwang03:03
SundarAnything to add to agenda?03:03
Sundar#topic Cyborg CI03:04
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SundarAs we have said, we need two things to merge Nova patches: Nova functional test with fake Cyborg API, and tempest CI with fake driver03:05
SundarTaking the tempest one first, xinranwang and Biwei are working on the general framework and plugins.03:05
SundarFor the fake driver, yikun has kindly agreed. But he needs help. I'll help as much as I know.03:06
SundarIt would be great if others can also help him out.03:06
Sundaryikun, please feel free to ask questions.03:06
SundarANy comments or questions on fake driver and/or tempest?03:07
Li_Liu#info Li_Liu03:07
ikuo_oThanks Yikun.03:07
yikunI still don't know what is the real requirement of fake driver. I assume it's just a driver that will return empty or just pass03:07
xinranwangBiwei and I are working on the tempest test case and general framework.  We will test them in real env, once the fake driver is implemented, yikun can use these testcases.03:07
yikunand also, we should merge these two patch, :)
yikunand then I can append the patch base on these two03:08
xinranwangreal env means an openstack env with fpga03:08
Sundaryikun: The fake driver ill be a derivative of the generic driver, which will return some pre-defined driver OVO for discover()03:08
yikunSundar: ok, will summit a patch this week, and any detail comments can be happened in the patch03:09
SundarIt can return success or NULL for other APIs.03:09
Sundaryikun: Great, thanks. Please ensure the fake driver is added to the tempest repo.03:10
yikunSundar: got it03:10
SundarNow, for the Nova functional test03:10
SundarCan somebody take that up?03:11
SundarIt will just mock the Cyborg APIs called by Nova -- get device profile, post/patch/delete ARQs03:11
yikun“Please ensure the fake driver is added to the tempest repo.” not sure why it is tempest repo?03:12
yikunI thought it should be in cyborg repo03:12
Biweiyikun, there's a cyborg-tempest-plugin repo, living outside of the cyborg repo03:13
SundarThe tempest plugins are going to call that fake driver.03:14
xinranwangSundar:  what should fake driver return exactly, the info returned by this fake driver will be used in nova to boot vm, right ?03:14
Sundarxinranwang: Yes. Its discover() API should return a pre-defined device OVO object03:15
yikunBiwei: OK,
xinranwangSundar:  tempest has api test and scenario test, those 2 types only interact with API layers, I don't think tempest should call driver directly.03:15
SundarIt could define a device with soem fake controlpath-IDs, 1 deployable and an attach handle, all with fake PCI addresses03:15
xinranwangBiwei:  what do you think?03:15
xinranwangSundar:  yes, but what info stored in this OVO,  like pci address03:16
Biweitempest will not call driver directly03:16
SundarCan be totally bogus PCI addresses. The VM may not boot up without the hardware.03:17
SundarTo quote Eric Fried: "It should be sufficient to wait for the instance to go ACTIVE (according to Nova) (which will happen even if the guest OS boot pukes) and scrape its domain XML to assert that the correct PCI devices are present."03:17
yikunBiwei: how to call driver directly, shouldn't it call cyborg api and cyborg api call the fake driver03:18
SundarBiwei Yes. Not sure if the CYborg agent will call driver API in tempest env, as it happens in real env03:19
BiweiSundar in tempest test, we only need to call the cyborg restful APIs.03:20
SundarThe API invocation need not even call the driver -- as long as the driver has reported the device(s).03:20
yikunBiwei: "Sundar in tempest test, we only need to call the cyborg restful APIs."   < Yes, so the fake driver should be in cyborg repo, right?03:21
yikunand tempest should do something config the cyborg to use the fake dirver03:21
SundarBiwei, if there were some way to set up the Cyborg database in tempest env, like I did with in pilot code, we may not even need a fake driver perhaps03:21
SundarHave you seen if tempest can run some script to set up the env?03:22
xinranwangI have some discussion with others like Alex, Shaohe. We are not sure if the status will switch to active in that case. I test in local with fake device, it failed.03:22
BiweiI haven't figured that out yet. I have done the steps including creating flavor and update the flavor with device and all working so far03:22
Biweibut not sure how to do the database set up03:23
xinranwangtempest run in an installed openstack env where already have cybrog db, every thing same as a real env03:24
Sundarxinranwang: True, I think it goes to error state. However, if we can do 'virsh dumpxml' equivalent and look for the hostdev device, that should be good enough03:24
xinranwangSundar: yes, I agree, but nova api will return error directly to tempest. where should we got the xml from virt driver.03:26
SundarCan you run a comand like 'virsh dumpxml'?03:26
xinranwangyou mean in tempest?03:27
xinranwangI am not sure if libvirt will really boot it, I wonder that libvirt may do pci03:28
xinranwang I am not sure if libvirt will really boot it, I wonder that libvirt may do pci check first before boot a vm03:29
SundarI have tried to launch a VM inside a development VM. It will error out but the VM exists in error state as shown by 'openstack server list'03:29
SundarThen we can look at Nova logs03:30
SundarYou are right, the instance won't launch -- so can't do 'virsh dumpxml'03:31
openstackgerrittonybrad proposed openstack/cyborg master: Move to
xinranwangI know, the xml file is generate before calling libvirt. Have you run virsh list to see if the instance exists.03:31
SundarThe 'virsh list' won't show the instance -- so we should scrap that idea. I used to look at Nova logs. But I also modify the LOG statement in Nova virt driver to dump the xml all the time03:32
SundarWe should probably ask other projects that use hardware. I'll get back on this.03:33
xinranwangOk, we should find another way.03:34
SundarEven if it fails in a predictable way, we can look for that specific error in n-cpu logs and declare success.03:35
SundarOK, let's table it for now.03:35
Sundar#topic Python 3 migration03:35
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xinranwangYes, of course. I agree with you. That was what I did when I don't have devices lol03:35
Sundarikuo_o and all: are there any questions or comments on Py3 migration?03:36
yikunThe fake driver in my mind it's that: we implement a fake driver in *Cyborg driver*, and tempest set the CONF.agent.enabled_drivers to this fakedriver when test setup.03:36
yikunAnd the tempest can test the case which the fake driver can complete, such as some cyborg API, but for Nova-cyborg intergration test, we should run in real env.03:36
ikuo_oWe just fixed stable/stein cord.03:37
ikuo_oand will throw patches in some days.03:38
Sundarikuo_o: Great. Was that much work?03:38
SundarWill look for the patches.03:39
Sundar#topic Cyborg client migration03:39
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ikuo_oNot so much, but we should fix continuously because new patches will come out.03:39
Sundarikuo_o: Can you please let us know where this stands? Do you need any help?03:40
ikuo_oI will tell you If I post patchs, off cource, I ask you help if needed.03:41
ikuo_osorry, "this" means cyborg client migration?03:41
ikuo_oWe are discussing how to break down tasks.03:42
SundarOK. Good.03:42
ikuo_oI think the tasks would be: 1) implement object open via API eg, device_profile, arq03:42
Sundar#topic Cyborg specs and patches03:42
*** openstack changes topic to "Cyborg specs and patches (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"03:42
ikuo_o2) implement operation (CRUD) open via API03:42
ikuo_o3)implement call point from library users03:43
ikuo_o4)all the functional tests (toX)03:43
ikuo_oany advices welcome!03:43
Sundarikuo_o: I would think the first step is to adopt openstack-sdk?03:43
ikuo_oyes, It include adopting openstacksdk.03:44
ikuo_owe are preparing write storyboard, pls wait.03:44
SundarRe. Cyborg patches, I approved the generic driver and got it merged. Thanks, yikun03:44
SundarAlso, approved a bunch of small patches on fixing opendev URL or email addresses03:45
yikunSundar: thanks, but we should first first, :)03:46
SundarI have partial fixes for the pilot code comments. Unfortunately, I could not dedicate a few days to get this done completely.03:46
Sundaryikun: Agreed. Missed that03:47
SundarWill refresh the pilot code this week with whatever I have.03:48
Sundar@all, please do review the specs03:48
SundarCan we aim to get one set of reviews by this week?03:48
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Sundarwangzhh, Li_Liu, yikun, xinranwang, all: Can we aim to get one set of reviews for the specs by this week?03:50
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ikuo_osorry, poor connection03:51
SundarNP, ikuo_o. I was asking if we can get the specs reviewed by this week.03:52
ikuo_ook, I will check logs.03:53
Sundar#topic AoB03:53
*** openstack changes topic to "AoB (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"03:53
SundarI think we can skip the Zoom call tomorrow, and use that time to get the specs reviewed03:53
ikuo_oall right, thank you Sundar.03:54
SundarThanks, ikuo_o and all. Have a good day. Bye.03:55
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Sundaryikun, xinranwang, Biwei: Please see
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