Thursday, 2019-06-06

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SundarSpecs to review  by next Wednesday:,,
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SundarYikun, could you join me on IRC?03:08
yikunyep, I'm online03:10
yikunFYI, here is why assert is not used in openstack.03:11
yikunI found this link when I review cinder code(, the team is try to clean all assert in cinder project.03:11
yikunSo, I think we should do right things in first place.03:11
yikunSundar: :), I'm here03:11
SundarHi yikun, thanks for joining :)03:12
SundarWe had a discussion today. For the Nova patches to merge, we need both a functional test in Nova that calls fake CYborg APIs *and* a tempest CI with a fake CYborg driver03:13
SundarXInran and Biwei are looking at the tempest CI in general03:13
SundarBut the fake driver is lot like the generic driver -- I think03:14
SundarSo, we were wondering if you could create a fake driver?03:14
Sundarbrb in 10 min03:18
yikunSure, but I'm not sure this fake driver looks like what? I can take this work, but I need some info from biwei or xinran03:23
SundarThey had questions for me :)03:24
SundarOK, we need to figure out what this looks like03:24
SundarDo you know any of the tempest people?03:26
xinranwangActually, I don't understand why nova need fake driver test, they just wanna make sure that nova can call cyborg correctly and cyborg return the right data. It's all about API layer.03:28
yikunNo, I think maybe we can get some help from yumeng?03:28
xinranwangZhurong from ZTE have experience on tempest plugin.03:29
Sundarxinranwang: Please see comments on line 409 in,unified03:32
Sundaryikun: Yumeng is on vacation till end June, IIRC03:32
Sundarxinranwang: GTK. Can we contact that person or
xinranwangAccording to Sean's comments, my understanding is,  what nova required is still fake cyborg API, but for gate check, cyborg should have a fake driver to pass the tempest test.  And there should be a test in tempest like test_boot_vm_with_accl.03:37
SundarHmm, yes, so we need both, as per the comments.03:40
Sundarxinranwang: ^03:40
xinranwang So no CI env need to be set up. Just code.(nova fixture, fake driver).  Right?03:41
SundarPlus the tempest plugins for basic test cases which will call fake driver03:41
SundarWe don't need the hardware-based CI, if that's what you mean03:42
SundarWe do need a tempest CI env, which we are in the process of creating03:43
xinranwangyes, sure. test_boot_vm_with_accl will be implemented in tempest plugin. I am working on this.03:44
xinranwangBut I will test it  with real env.03:44
xinranwangHmmm, I think no need for tempest CI, we can use Zuul directly to run tempest. Just add a cyborg tempest plugin?  what do you think? yikun03:47
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yikunyes, I think functional test need fake cyborg api, and tempest only need a tempest plugin, but I don't know how this plugin work in a real env.03:58
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Sundaryikun, xinwanwang: # openstack-qa is the IRC channel for tempest etc. We can ask there.04:01
Sundarxinranwang: ^04:02
SundarPlease join that channel. I'll ask the question there, and you all can add/clarify04:05
xinranwangI will go for lunch now. Will be back soon04:06
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