Wednesday, 2019-04-24

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Coco_gaoHi all02:58
Li_LiuHi Coco02:59
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ikuo_ohello, yikun.03:00
SundarHi all03:00
yikunikuo_o: hi03:00
Sundar#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:00
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Coco_gao#info Coco_gao03:00
Li_Liu#info Li_Liu03:01
Sundar#info Sundar03:01
yikun#info yikun03:01
SundarGood to have many of us right at the beginning03:01
SundarAgenda: PTG session time allocation, Summit project update slides03:02
SundarAnything else?03:02
Li_LiuHave we decided the team dinner date yet?03:03
SundarIt is Thu evening. But we haven't decided a place yet. I'll leave that to all of you03:03
yikun2th May, right?03:04
Sundaryikun: Yes03:04
yikunSundar: ok03:04
Coco_gaoOK, maybe we can keep the old place.03:04
Sundar#topic PTG session planning03:04
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SundarWe have 3.5 hours on Thu afternoon (1:30-5) and 2.5 hours on Fri afternoon (1:30-4) because I need to leave by 4 to catch my flight03:05
SundarNot much time! We need to plan the sessions tightly03:05
SundarYou can all continue on Fri eve and on Sat too, when I am gone03:05
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SundarBTW, Fri morn are the cross-projects with Nova and ironic03:06
wangzhh#info wangzhh03:06
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SundarShall we start allocating times to the topics in Looking at:  ?03:07
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Sundars/Looking at//03:07
xinranwangHi all03:08
yikunxinranwang: hi03:08
SundarHi xinranwang, wangzhh and Yumeng03:08
xinranwang#info xinranwang03:08
xinranwanghi Sundar  yikun03:08
YumengHi Sundar, and all03:08
Yumeng# info Yumeng03:08
wangzhhHi Sundar, hi all.03:09
SundarRetrospective: keep it to 10 min?03:09
SundarToo short?03:09
yikunSundar: I think we should classify these topic in etherpad, such as, driver, api, common/design...and then do the allocation tiems03:10
yikun* times03:10
Coco_gao10min if no other people join, because we all familar with the project status.03:11
Coco_gaoSundar, agree with yikun03:11
Sundaryikun: ok. The main topics in my mind are: Train Goals, Networked FPGAs, mapping names to UUIDs, new drivers/devices (incl. Ascend)03:11
Coco_gaoBetter to classify03:11
wangzhhYikun, do you need more time for topic #line 58?03:12
SundarSome of them are cross-cutting across these categories, esp. first 203:12
yikunwangzhh: checking...03:12
yikunwangzhh: bitstream management? So what's the "more time" mean? you mean the more time to discuss in PTG?03:13
wangzhhYep, I saw you leave comment 'expand the bitstream to more generic level'. So...03:14
Sundaryikun, all: In my mind, bitstream mgmt means Cyborg provides APIs to parse metadata for bitstreams, validate and upload in Glance. What else do you have in mind?03:14
SundarI think firmware update etc. are usually done as part of host config, with pupper/ansible/...03:15
yikunwangzhh: ok, make sense, it is just some idea for "Do not provide specific API for specific type driver."03:16
wangzhhGot it.03:16
ikuo_oSundar: I'm thinking bitstream md5 checksum to check integrity.03:16
Coco_gaoI thought there  were a generic Driver in code, but we don't use that or inherit from that.03:16
Sundarikuo_o: That is up to the vendor stack, because they may use different checksums, authentication/decryption schemes, or even do it in hardware in some cases03:17
Coco_gaoAbout the bug, do we need specific time for that?03:18
wangzhhCoco, Yep, but, actually, it is out of date. Should be improved as our new design.03:18
yikunCoco_gao: yes,
Coco_gaoThanks, yikun. The generic driver is too old.03:18
SundarHave you all looked at the driver API in Line 396 ? The can_handle API can be dropped but can you review the rest?03:18
yikunSo these APIs is belong to the
SundarAnyways, I'll take a first stab like this: 30 min each for Train Goals, Networked FPGAs, mapping names to UUIDs, new drivers/devices, NTT's discussion. That is 2.5 hours. Now we can add more time to some of these topics and fit more on Friday03:20
Coco_gaoSundar, OK03:20
yikunSundar: sounds good03:21
SundarMay be new devices needs more time03:21
ikuo_oThanks, Sundar!03:22
Sundarikuo_o: Welcome :)03:22
Coco_gaoI need some time in Friday to dicuss the dirty data caused by conductor diff.03:23
SundarCoco_gao: Good. Conductor diff: 15-30 min?03:23
Coco_gaoThat's good03:23
SundarPCI slot change on reboot -- why is it any different than Nova's PCI subsystem?03:23
Coco_gaoI will make sure with shaohe, and see if we need to discuss that.03:25
Sundarwangzhh, Coco_gao: any performance countres planned for GPUs? I am thinking just report driver-reported perf counters from agent to a collectd plugin. From there, it can be consumed by telemetry/ceilometer, prometheus, ....03:25
Coco_gaoRight now , we can skip that03:25
SundarCoco_gao: ok03:26
yikunWho is the owner of L42 idea? I plus some info on it03:27
Sundaryikun: do you mean SmartNIC?03:28
yikun"Performance/health monitoring for GPUs or any other devices?"03:28
wangzhhWhuuu, difficult to monitor it now, because when we passthrough the GPU in the vm. Host will lost control  of this device. I'll consider about that.03:30
Sundaryikun: I responded too. I would like to find an owner.03:30
ikuo_oI'm not the owner but the function seems useful.03:31
wangzhhDoes FPGA or other devices have the same scenario?03:31
Sundarwangzhh: yea, same problem for FPGAs, but we should have the PF in the host from where we can get shell counters.03:31
SundarBesides, we also have dependence on the vendor stack03:31
Sundaryikun: Does Ascend support SR-IOV?03:32
wangzhhSundar, Yep. Depend on vendor stack.03:32
SundarIf Ascend supports SR-IOV, and we can get performance counters from its PF, we have a potential use case. Otherwise, we'll focus on other practical things and then come to this.03:33
yikunSundar: ascend 310 don't support sr-iov yet03:35
SundarThen shall we deprioritize this topic for PTG?03:35
xinranwangascend support entire pci passthrough right03:36
yikunpassthrough is supported.03:36
wangzhhSundar, Depend on the priorities and our time.03:36
yikunSundar: I think we still can add this topic in PTG03:36
SundarOK, I only said de-prioritized. So, if there's time after topics, sure03:37
SundarDriver support for Movidius - who owns this?03:37
xinranwangSundar:  i think is Shaohe03:38
Coco_gaoWe use Movidius in the Edge.03:39
yikunMovidius is a USB device, right?03:39
SundarCoco_gao: Cool. Maybe both you and Shaohe can drive it?03:39
Coco_gaoIt's USB right now, in order to use it, we need to install openvino03:40
SundarI should a topic for post-PTG plans. That's important. Merge pilot with master, add FPGA CI, etc. are important for Nova intgration03:40
Coco_gaoSundar, agree03:41
Coco_gaothe most important thing is nova integration03:41
yikunSundar: thanks for your hard work, and the pilot is the most import one.03:41
yikun* important03:41
SundarXinranwang is looking at tempest plugins for Cyborg CI, right? I can help her. Anybody else wants to help? It will be a set of CI test cases. So, could be lots of work.03:42
xinranwangyes, that's also a part of post ptg plan03:43
wangzhhI can take part of these if it is not emergency.03:44
Sundarwangzhh: It is not an emergency, but until we get the CI going, Nova will probably not merge.03:44
SundarPlease see
xinranwangdoes nova guys require to have CI done before they merge?03:45
YumengI can also join once there is time.03:46
Yumengbtw, my visa is still on administrative processing.  only 4days to go. I'm highly probably not be able to attend the summit and ptg.   the new project update looks great for me!03:46
xinranwangthanks wangzhh  Yumeng03:46
Sundarxinranwang: Please see that link.03:46
SundarYumeng: That's tough. We'll keep you updated03:47
SundarThanks for the slides review03:47
Yumengbut I will join remotely, will we have remote access just like last ptg did?03:48
xinranwangSundar: ok, will look into it. Thanks03:48
SundarYumeng: I'll check and get back03:48
YumengSundar:ok. thanks03:48
xinranwangnice to have remote access, I can join remotely also :)03:49
Sundar@all, shall I take a stab at time assignments based on the above, and you can add your comments if you want changes?03:50
SundarSilence means yes, I think :)03:52
ikuo_oIt's ok.03:52
SundarOK, cool. I'll update and ping you all03:53
Sundar#topic Tomorrow's Zoom meeting03:53
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SundarI will present the PTG demo. This is highly important to get consensus across projects. Please attend and provide your feedback.03:54
ikuo_oI will attend the meeting.03:54
SundarShould we take up anything else tomorrow?03:54
Sundarikuo_o: Thanks03:54
ikuo_oI'm preparing material for PTG, but nothing for tomorrow.03:55
Sundar#topic AoB03:55
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SundarAnything else?03:55
ikuo_oIt's ok, thanks Sundar.03:56
SundarGreat. See you all tomorrow. Have a good day!03:57
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