Tuesday, 2019-04-16

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rahul1231655Hi All, I am a new user and trying to run openstack from source09:23
rahul1231655I am using openstack documentation for cyborg. Here is the link https://docs.openstack.org/cyborg/latest/install/from-source.html09:23
rahul1231655But after changing /etc/cyborg/cyborg.conf , i am getting error to access cyborg API09:24
rahul1231655Becuase, its is sending https request to keystone service and keystone service throwing error09:24
rahul1231655Please help me out.09:25
rahul1231655because of the https request, cyborg was checking ca-bundle for authentication.09:25
rahul1231655and i dont know, why HTTPS request is going to keystone, as i mentioned http everywhere in the cyborg conf file09:26
rahul1231655If anyone has a workinbg cyborg.conf. Please foroward me09:26
rahul1231655My mail id is : rahul.dutta@huawei.com09:27
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