Wednesday, 2019-04-10

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xinranwanghi all03:12
SundarSorry for the delay03:13
Sundarxinranwang, ikuo_o: Whom do we have online so far?03:13
Sundar#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:13
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xinranwangonly us..03:13
Sundar#topic Roll call03:14
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Sundar#info Sundar03:14
xinranwang#info xinranwang03:14
ikuo_o#info ikuo_o03:15
Sundarikuo_o: Welcome03:15
Sundarikuo_o: Could you introduce yourself?03:15
ikuo_ook, I am an engineer from NTT. We are researching on high performance server platform using accelerators like FPGAs.03:16
ikuo_owe tried to use cyborg to control intel FPGA last year, and showed demo at NTT R&D forum last November..03:16
ikuo_owe want to improve cyborg so that it become useful for network carriers.03:16
Sundarikuo_o: Yes, I saw NTT's announcement. Glad to have you with us. Would you be coming to the Summit or PTG in Denver?03:17
ikuo_oYes, I will join the Denver summit and PTG!03:18
SundarPlease add your name to this etherpad03:18
Li_Liu#info Li_LIu03:18
Li_Liu#info Li_Liu03:18
yikun#info yikun03:18
Li_LiuHi Guys03:18
xinranwangwas it whom the poc we sent to :)03:18
ikuo_oyeah, I have already written my name "Ikuo Otani (NTT)".03:19
Li_Liusorry for the late, pulled into an internal meeting03:19
SundarHi Li_Liu and yikun03:19
yikunhello Sundar03:19
Sundar#topic PTG planning03:19
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Sundar <-- Please fill in the attendance and topics here03:19
ikuo_oI will add some topics to the etherpad!03:20
SundarI have reserved Fri (May 3) morning 9-10 for Nova-Cyborg cross project. Itwill include a demo of the Cyborg pilot03:20
ikuo_oabout some problems to deal with FPGA.03:20
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wangzhh#info wangzhh03:20
Sundarikuo_o: Excellent. Could you tell us what problems you encountered?03:20
wangzhhHi all. Sorry for late.03:21
Sundarwangzhh: np03:21
ikuo_oOne is checking FPGA contents for integrity.03:22
yikunSundar: cool, I'm trying to run the pilot in my env, so all code are ready now in feature branch?03:22
ikuo_ohow do we know the FPGA contents is just the original binary?03:22
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Sundarikuo_o: Good question. The answer may vary across vendors. I will try to get Intel's answer by next week03:23
Coco_gaoHi all03:23
ikuo_oThanks, Sundar!03:24
Coco_gao#info Coco_gao03:24
SundarHi Coco03:24
Sundaryikun: I need to update more, as I have hit several subtle issues after I merged master onto pilot branch. There were block shifts os some code so both copies were present in the merged version but with different spellings!03:25
SundarUntil I exercise a specific code path, the issues do not surface03:25
yikunOK, sounds like it is very close to complete. :) thanks for your work.03:27
wangzhhSundar, feel free to ask me if I can help u on the pilot bug.03:27
Sundaryikun: welcome. ikuo_o: Any other issues?03:27
ikuo_oAnd the another problem is resource conflict. How can we know FPGA is open or not from cyborg?03:27
Sundarikuo_o: What do you mean by 'open'? That no VM is using it?03:28
Sundarikuo_o: If so, we are adding an 'in_use' field for deployables03:29
ikuo_oOther processes or drivers are handling FPGA or not. not related to VMs.03:29
Sundarikuo_o: For drivers, 'lspci -k -s <bdf>' will show which driver is in use03:30
Sundarikuo_o: Sure, you can add these issues to the etherpad. I will try to reply there. Thanks for bringing these up!03:30
ikuo_oThanks! so cyborg does not have the checking function, right?03:30
Sundarikuo_o: No, Cyborg today does not check for FPGA integrity03:31
wangzhhIs there any way to check it?03:31
Sundarwangzhh: For Intel devices, I will check and get back03:32
wangzhhSounds great.03:32
ikuo_oI see. thanks!03:32
Sundarwangzhh: Re. the auth issue, I think my version of bash handles quotes a certain way.  I am working around by using Python to call curl. Still faster than python client :)03:32
SundarBack to PTG planning: what do you all think of a team dinner?03:33
ikuo_oI want to join a team dinner, if it will be held.03:34
SundarGreat, ikuo_o. Many of you are awaiting visa or approval. Shall we propose Thu eve?03:35
ikuo_othat's great!03:36
Li_LiuI am fine with any day.  still in the internal meeting... sorry for the delayed response :P03:36
SundarGood. I'll mark it for Thu eve.03:36
yikunsame with Li_Liu, :)03:37
SundarI want to bring up many topics before the PTG, since the PTG is so short. I seem to be swamped with the demo prep and other tasks. :( But 2 main areas: Networked FPGAs (started last week) and Mapping UUIDs to names for regions and functions03:39
Sundarikuo_o: we also hold an engineering meeting on Zoom at
SundarCan somebody share the meeting time in PRC / Japan ?03:40
Sundarikuo_o: Please join us there too. It is on Thu morning for you.03:41
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ikuo_o_sorry for leaving because of network down..03:42
xinranwangjust one question here: can we start the placement report part now? i have such a patch pending for a long time.
Sundarikuo_o: NP. I sais that we also hold an engineering meeting on Zoom at on Thu morning China/Japan time03:42
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Sundarxinranwang: Placement report should come from conductor03:43
wangzhhIt is in PRC.03:44
xinranwangi am trying to implement it based on new design03:44
xinranwangSundar:  yes03:44
xinranwangthat's just an old version03:44
Sundarxinranwang: Sounds good overall. The exact list of traits may change a bit later in the cycle. We can update that later03:45
ikuo_o_Thanks Sundar. I want to join the zoom meeting tomorrow.03:45
SundarWelcome, ikuo_o03:46
SundarThanks for the initiative, xinranwang03:46
xinranwangSundar:  ok, i will take this part then03:46
xinranwangSundar: np03:46
SundarAny other topics for the PTG or anything else?03:46
Sundar#topic AoB03:47
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SundarIf nothing else, let's call it a day. Thank you all. Good day or good night03:48
xinranwangthanks bye03:48
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ikuo_o_Thank you all.03:48
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openstackgerritShaoHe Feng proposed openstack/cyborg master: add knob for OPAE install
openstackgerritShaoHe Feng proposed openstack/cyborg master: add knob for OPAE install
openstackgerritYikun Jiang proposed openstack/cyborg master: Fix auth config in "Install Cyborg from Source"
openstackgerritShaoHe Feng proposed openstack/cyborg master: add knob for OPAE install
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openstackgerritShaoHe Feng proposed openstack/cyborg master: add knob for OPAE install
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