Wednesday, 2019-03-27

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openstackgerritwangzhh proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add cyborg driver development guide
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openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add deployables to api-ref
openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add deployables to api-ref
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openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add deployables to api-ref
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Li_LiuHi guys'03:02
wangzhhHi, Li.03:02
Yumenghi Li_Liu03:02
SundarHi all03:03
Li_LiuSundar, you wanna run the meeting?03:04
SundarLi_Liu: Sure03:04
Sundar#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:04
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Sundar#topic Roll Call03:04
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Li_Liu#info Li_Liu03:04
wangzhh#info wangzhh03:04
Sundar#info Sundar03:05
Yumeng# info Yumeng03:05
SundarHi all, good to see the patches getting merged03:05
Yumeng#info Yumeng03:05
SundarDO we know if a RC2 is in the offing?03:06
Li_Liulet me check03:06
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Li_LiuThere is a final RC03:07
Li_LiuFinal RCs and intermediary releases03:07
Li_LiuApr 01 - Apr 05R-1 Final RCs and intermediary releases03:07
Li_Liuwhich is in about a week03:07
SundarGreat. It would help to get the doc patches merged soon.03:07
Sundar#topic Status of patches03:07
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SundarYumeng, thanks for the patches03:08
SundarCan we get it reviewed soon, so we'll have some API doc? This questions came up a few times during the Stein cycle03:08
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Sundar_Sorry, lost connection03:13
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Sundar_xinranwang, any update on ?03:13
Sundar_It is not due in Stein, but pretty fundamental03:13
xinranwangi have tested in local env, it works.03:14
xinranwangbut can not pass the zuul test03:14
xinranwangit seems zuul has failed to install opae.fpga package03:15
Li_LiuNo module named pybind1103:15
Li_Liuis it a ubuntu version problem with zuul?03:15
xinranwangI have met same issue in local,  pybind11 is actually installed, but the path is mismatched03:16
xinranwangLi_Liu:  not sure, i am using ubuntu 16.0403:18
wangzhhTry to add it into test-requirements and check it in the tox env.03:18
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SundarSorry, very flaky connection today03:19
xinranwangwangzhh:  thanks, i will try it03:19
Sundarxinranwang: Not sure if you responded, but we can sync up offline03:20
Sundar#topic PTG planning03:20
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SundarLi_Liu: is there anything we need to do now to prep for PTG?03:20
Li_LiuI think yikun proposed something in the NOVA forum03:21
xinranwangSundar:  sure03:21
Li_LiuWe can start gathering our own session topics03:21
Li_Liucould you create a etherpad to track the PTG topics?03:22
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SundarWe already have:
SundarPlease fill it out03:23
yikunLi_Liu: ok, I will prepare to create a etherpad for "Nova-Cyborg Integration Updates and Next Steps" forum03:23
SundarWe also have an entry in and
SundarYikun, we need to coordinate the discussion among these different tracks03:24
SundarNova folks will come to CYborg sessions, we have entries in Nova sessions etc.03:24
Coco_gaoHi all03:27
Coco_gao#info Coco_gao03:27
Li_LiuHi Coco03:27
Coco_gaostill have something to discuss?03:27
Li_LiuJust quick recap for you, please feel free to enter topics in and
Li_Liufor PTG03:28
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Coco_gaoOK, thank you03:28
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yikunSundar: OK, sure. what I mean is that I need create a separate forum etherpad and record it into nova/cyborg etherpad03:30
Li_Liuyikun, isn't will do the job for us?03:31
Li_Liudo you still need to create a separated one?03:31
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Sundar__#topic AoB03:32
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yikunI'm not sure, I remeber forum usually was a separate track03:32
yikunLi_Liu: but I'm ok to put it into ptg-train-xproj-nova-cyborg03:33
Li_Liuup to you, but keep things more consolidated might be better03:33
Li_Liuor at least put reference links in there03:34
yikunLi_Liu: yep, it's good for others to see all discussion in one page03:34
Sundar__Yikun, let's sync up offline03:34
yikunSundar__: sure03:35
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Li_LiuI guess that's it for today03:37
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Li_LiuThanks Sundar03:38
Li_LiuHave a good day/night guys :)03:38
Sundar2Thanks Li_Liu. Apologize for dropping in and out03:39
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Li_Liulol np03:39
wangzhhYou too, Bye.03:39
Sundar2Good day or night, everybody03:39
yikunoh, one more thing, any others are go to the China opensource Hackathon in Shenzhen? in 18~20.April03:46
yikunI think it's a good oppotunity for us to gather and discuss before summit. :)03:47
yikunI saw xinranwang will go there. :)03:47
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