Wednesday, 2019-03-06

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openstackgerritBiwei Guo proposed openstack/cyborg master: Fix failures in v1 accelerator API, except patch.
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Li_LiuHi guys03:01
Li_LiuLet's wait for a few min03:01
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Sundar#info Sundar03:04
Li_Liu#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:04
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Li_Liu#topic Roll Call03:05
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Sundar#info Sundar03:05
Li_Liu#info Li_Liu03:05
xinranwang#info xinranwang03:05
Yumeng_#info Yumeng03:05
Li_Liulet's wait for coco for a bit03:05
Li_Liulet me ping her on wechat03:05
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Coco_gaoHi all03:11
SundarHi Coco_gao03:11
Li_LiuHi Coco03:11
Li_Liulet's get started03:11
Li_Liu#topic Status Update03:11
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Coco_gao#info Coco_gao03:12
SundarHave any of you tried to run ? I am getting an error03:12
Sundarccess wasdenied; cyborg:deployable;create03:12
Li_LiuI tried .. it worked03:13
Li_Liuwell, we will not merge it for now03:13
SundarApart from sourcing openrc as admin, did you do anything else?03:13
SundarLi_Liu: the code looks good. I may be missing some step.03:13
Li_Liulet 's find out what I did03:14
Coco_gaoI finished most of the functions, but not pass the test. So I still need some some to upload the diff code.03:14
Coco_gaosome time03:14
Li_LiuCoco_gao, thanks for the update03:14
Coco_gaomaybe today03:14
Li_Liuxinranwang, how is the conductor part?03:15
Coco_gaoI may not have enough time for the unittest03:15
Li_LiuCoco_gao, that's should be fine03:15
SundarAll: please review
xinranwangAfter discussion, we found Coco and I have some duplicate work on conductor side, so I leave her some interfaces, and coco implement the diff code there03:16
Coco_gaoxinran's code is depended on me, so I will help update her patch. The code is ready, just need some time for co-test.03:16
Coco_gaoHi  Sundar,  thanks for that patch03:18
SundarCoco_gao: We'll fix the pep8 issues. But please see if this is how we want to fix and deprecate v1 API03:19
Coco_gaoOK, after my code being merged.03:19
Coco_gaoWhat's the deadline?03:19
SundarWe are just fixing the return value. We should also fix the documentation. Is anybody handling documentation now?03:19
SundarCoco_gao: official deadline is March 8 for features. Bug fixes can go in after that too.03:21
Yumeng_Sundar, I can do the doc update.03:21
SundarYumeng_: Thanks a lot03:21
xinranwangLi_Liu:  Also, I have improve the fpga driver to match the newest DB design,  I think we'd better have at least one driver works in this release.03:21
xinranwanghere is the patch
Coco_gaoSundar,  after March 8, I can join for the doc.03:21
Sundarxinranwang: Rodrigo has a patch almost ready for OPAE-based driver03:22
Coco_gaoxinranwang, Thank you.03:22
xinranwangSundar:  yes, but better to have one workable driver in this release.03:22
Li_LiuI am pulled into another meeting... might be delayed in response03:23
Li_Liuxinranwang, thanks a lot for the effort03:24
zhipengIs zhenghao around ?03:25
xinranwangLi_Liu Coco_gao  np, pls review it when you got time03:25
zhipengCould we make the GPU driver as well ?03:25
Coco_gaoI will contact zhenghao for that.03:25
zhipengThat'll be a dash for the weekend deadline03:26
Coco_gaoI think that part won't change much, he had a old patch.03:27
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Coco_gaowe need you.03:30
wangzhhHi Coco.03:30
Coco_gaoUpdate the GPU driver03:30
Coco_gaoFPGA driver is ready03:31
wangzhhNo problem. But I don't have gpu device now. So Maybe I can just unit test.03:31
zhipengwangzhh yep that should be fine03:33
wangzhhAnyway, I'll improve the gpu driver these days.03:33
zhipengPlz do that before the S release cut03:33
Li_Liuwangzhh, do you need help on that?03:34
zhipengThis weekend I think03:34
zhipengLi should know the exact date03:34
Li_LiuMar 04 - Mar 08R-5 Stein-3 milestone Feature freeze03:35
Li_LiuMar 18 - Mar 22R-3 RC1 target week Hard StringFreeze03:35
wangzhhThis work can't be split. And I think I can finish it in time.03:36
zhipengThen we still have time to squeeze more stuff in lol03:36
Coco_gaoWe still have time fix bug?03:37
Li_LiuMy understanding is, we can at least merge the features first this week03:37
wangzhhAnd Li, what's the priority of deprecate api and new gpu driver ?03:37
Li_Liuand fix them for another week?03:37
Coco_gaoThat's good, cause I found some bugs and don't have time to fix right now.03:38
zhipengI would caution deprecate anything before we have microversion in place03:39
zhipengBug fixes are needed !03:39
Coco_gaoHi all, I have to drop off, pls help review my patches this two days for the emergency.03:40
Sundarzhipeng: The accelerators table got removed, so the API for accelerators is effectively deprecated03:40
Coco_gaoI will send my link in the wechat group.03:40
zhipengSundar is it possible to at least return error code for that api call now ?03:42
zhipengI'm a little bit cagy about removing APIs03:43
Sundarzhipeng: with, we treturn None or [].03:43
wangzhhIn fact, we return None or [] now.03:43
SundarWe should also update docs, as wangzhh said03:43
Sundarzhipeng: Totally understand your position. But, even if we put back the accelerator table, it will be useless as it doesn't get populated.03:44
wangzhhAnd I 'd like to add extra log info in these api.03:45
Sundarwangzhh: Could you elaborate? Do you want something in the returned value, or cyborg-api logs?03:46
wangzhhNot return value. It is  cyborg-api logs.03:46
wangzhhAnything else?03:51
SundarWe keep getting questions on docs03:52
Li_LiuI am still in another meeting ><03:52
SundarWe need to update docs for API etc.03:52
Li_LiuSundar, we can do docs after the code freeze03:52
SundarI haven't looked at it. But I think it can be done after March 8?03:52
SundarLi_Liu: ok03:52
yikunsorry, for late, just want to sure should we deprecate cyborg v1 api in Stein release?03:53
Sundaryikun: No, we are not deprecating all v1 API. Only accelerator APIs03:54
yikunSundar: OK, and accelerator will return None/[], right?03:54
Sundaryikun: Yes. Please review
wangzhhSundar,  the deployable api  does not work with new db schema.03:55
yikunSundar: Cool, will do03:55
Sundarwangzhh: Li_Liu's patch fixes that03:55
zhipengLi is in internal meeting now, so he will response slowwww03:56
zhipengOK any other matter we should take care for S ?03:57
wangzhhI saw it. But the defination  of deployable is different, how to let others know?03:57
Sundarwangzhh: Who is using these APIs today?03:57
Sundarwangzhh: I see your point. Not sure how we do that without bumping versions03:58
Sundarzhipeng, all: is anybody using Cyborg APIs today?03:59
wangzhhI just know another lenovo guys use it. And even though nobody use it, but somebody know the  original concept of deployable.04:00
zhipengWe have product development in progress now04:00
wangzhhWe should let them know we had changed this part.04:00
Sundarwangzhh: Are you recommending moving to v2 in Stein? And deprecate v1? Then we  will need v3 in Train04:01
zhipengFWIW giving the time limit I would suggest postpone the version changes to T04:03
wangzhhSure. I mean it's a long term work. We should maintain /v2/accelator, /v2/deployable, not mix v1/xxxx and /v2/xxx04:04
wangzhhin next version04:05
Li_LiuI think we still keep deployable v1 for now, but fix the part according to our new db change04:05
Li_Liuto make it compatible04:06
wangzhhAll right.04:10
SundarAT the PTG, let's talk about forming an API WG and a Documentation WG.04:11
SundarI'll work on getting microversions in04:11
wangzhhDo we have etherpad to record what to disscuss now?04:12
zhipengSo let's try to get the driver code in before s-304:12
zhipengAnd bug fixes and doc fixes before RC104:12
Sundarwangzhh: Yes
wangzhhSundar, Great.04:13
wangzhhGot it.04:14
Sundarzhipeng: +104:14
wangzhhTime for lunch, I'll drop off.04:16
wangzhhBye :)04:16
Li_Liu#topic AoB04:17
*** openstack changes topic to "AoB (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"04:17
Li_Liuout engineering sync is tomorrow right?04:17
Li_Liugreat, will further sync with you guys tomorrow then04:18
Li_Liuthanks guys, have a good day/night04:18
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openstackgerritwangzhh proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add gpu driver
openstackgerritwangzhh proposed openstack/cyborg master: Report data to conductor
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openstackgerritwangzhh proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add gpu driver
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openstackgerritBiwei Guo proposed openstack/cyborg master: Fix failures in v1 accelerator API, except patch.
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