Wednesday, 2019-02-13

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Li_LiuHi guys03:09
Li_Liulet's get started03:09
Li_Liu#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:09
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Li_Liu#topic Roll Call03:09
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Sundar#info Sundar03:10
Li_Liu#info Li_Liu03:10
xinranwang#info xinranwang03:10
Yumeng_#info Yumeng03:10
Li_LiuHi guys03:10
SundarHi Li03:10
wangzhh#info wangzh03:10
Li_Liuone suggestion tho, can we move the engineering call to a different time? it's a bit close to the regular IRC03:11
Li_LiuSay, move it to a date between 2 irc meetings03:11
SundarI am fine with other days. I think we did a Doodle poll and chose this03:11
Li_LiuI feel like we just talked no long ago.. and don't have much update since then03:12
SundarMay be we can do Thursday eve US time, Fri morn China time?03:12
Li_LiuThat sound fine to me03:12
SundarI see. I believe the agenda for theis call and the engineering call will be somewhat different03:13
SundarThis call is about status updates, process etc.03:13
SundarWhereas the engineering call goes more into depth03:13
Li_LiuI know, but moving them apart makes more sense03:13
Li_Liuwangzh, do you know if coco is coming?03:14
Li_LiuShe's the super star right now :P03:14
wangzhhNot sure.03:14
xinranwangFriday is fine for me, better before 10:30. :)03:14
Li_Liu#topic status updates03:15
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Li_LiuGood thing is her patch get merged03:15
Li_Liustill waiting for the OVO one03:15
Li_LiuSundar, I saw you still have some comments03:16
SundarI noted that they are not blocking comments. We'll let the patch merge and update the details after that03:16
Yumeng_I have a quick question about db schema, should we also change the type of device to enum instead of string?03:16
Li_LiuSundar, could you give it a +2 then?03:17
SundarLi_Liu: Sure. But it is already merged?03:17
Li_LiuSundar, i mean this one
SundarLi_Liu: Can we just address the comments that I did not mark as ignorable?03:20
SundarFor example, the source file is called instead of attach_handle.py03:20
Li_Liusure, I am just checking to see if the patch is ready to merge after the comments being addressed03:21
Li_Liuthat's cool03:22
SundarYes, I think so. Just address the basics, and I'll give a +203:22
Li_LiuLooking at the stories at!/story/200424903:23
SundarI think we should hold off on 27782.03:24
SundarIf we start adding stuff to placement now and change that after Stein, we have to do a reshaping of the provider tree and what not, which could be a pain for us, Nova or both03:24
SundarIt is better to put that in the feature branch, get Nova to sign off, and then merge it03:25
Li_Liuthat one does not involve placement yet tho03:25
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Li_Liuit's just doing the update from the agent side03:25
Li_LiuHi Yikun03:25
Sundar27782: Conductor should update Placement03:25
yikunsoryy for late03:26
SundarWelcome, yikun. NP.03:26
yikunSundar: :)03:26
Li_LiuSundar, ah. my bad..  looked at a wrong one.03:26
SundarGood to have you join the team :)03:26
SundarLi_Liu: NP. The other 4 in that story are doable.03:27
Li_LiuSundar, can we borrow some code from your pilot branch for this?03:28
Li_LiuI mean for  the update placement piece03:28
Li_Liuor quickly patch it up to work with placement for some simple demo03:29
SundarLi_Liu: for Placement? I don;t have it. :) I am directly writing a fake device by calling placement API from a script, rather than have the conductor take discovered devices and update Placement03:29
Li_LiuI see03:30
SundarYes, once we have the Cyborg master branch code, I will fold that into the feature branch somehow for a full end-to-end flow03:30
Li_Liuok, let's just focus on the rest 4 stories03:30
Li_Liufor now03:30
Li_LiuYumeng was asking "I have a quick question about db schema, should we also change the type of device to enum instead of string?"03:31
Li_LiuSundar, could you comment on that?03:31
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SundarYumeng_, Li_Liu: Sure, makes sense to me.03:32
Li_LiuHi Shaohe03:32
SundarHowever, ...03:32
shaohe_feng_hi Li_Liu03:32
SundarThere could be cards in the neat future that may involve multiple RCs. The device type wil translate into one of those RCs, e.g. CUSTOM_ACCELERATOR_FPGA. Others will be custom RCs03:33
Sundaryikun: I replied to your comments in
Yumeng_Sundar, Li_Liu: Thx. Got it. Then I will do the change later.03:34
Li_Liuin that case, string makes more sense03:34
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yikunSundar: yep, I see, I was just a little wired why we should keep a arq obj in cyborg03:35
Li_LiuHi CoCo03:35
Coco_gaoHi  all03:36
yikunIMO, if it's something like pcireq, it should be an obj in nova.03:36
Coco_gao#info Coco_gao03:36
Sundaryikun: The ARQ is a combination of a Neutron port and vif. It is used for binding and attaching.03:36
SundarIt is defined between Nova and Cybprg03:36
yikunand the other thing, about ARQ or AcceleratorRequst, It's okay to me in db or obj level, but I think we should spell completely in API at least.03:37
Li_LiuFor external APIs, sure03:37
Coco_gaoSpell completely is more common in OpenStack Projects, I agree03:39
Kevin_Zhenglike in most projects, we only use abbreviations for well-kown concepts like IPs, DNS03:39
Kevin_Zhengwe don't use this kind of abbreviations for some thing like this03:40
Li_Liuthanks for the comments03:40
Kevin_Zhenglike we don't call GET /AC in placement, we callGET /allocation_candidates03:40
Coco_gaoThanks for all this advice03:41
SundarSo, we are talking only of URLs, not method names?03:41
Li_LiuCoco, you can address them in a future patch when you have time03:41
Kevin_Zhengand ARQ is a well-known abbreviation for Automatic  Repeat-reQuest03:41
Kevin_Zhengit could be really easy to get confused03:42
Li_Liualright, move on03:42
SundarThat stuff about Automatic Repeat-.... has been brought up before. but it is in embedded systems, etc., not in Openstack . Most people agreed it is not confusing03:43
SundarSo, URLs will spell accelerator_request in full. Based on previous comments, db/object layer need not do that03:43
xinranwangbtw, can you guys have a look at
SundarAPi layer code -- like get_obj_arq?03:44
xinranwanglet's get the object layer code merged as well.03:44
Li_Liuxinranwang, you might wanna rebase it03:45
Li_Liu#topic new member intro03:46
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xinranwangLi_Liu: yes sure03:46
Li_LiuYikun is my colleague in Huawei. He will be joining cyborg.03:46
Li_LiuI just wanna make it more official, yikun03:47
Coco_gaoWelcome, Yikun03:47
Li_LiuDo you wanna introduce yourself a little bit?03:47
yikunthanks, and I will pay more attention on nova-cyborg intergration. :)03:47
Li_Liugreat, that's exactly what we need :P03:48
Yumeng_Yikun: welcome :)03:48
Li_Liu#topic AoB03:48
*** openstack changes topic to "AoB (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"03:48
yikunCoco_gao xinranwang Yumeng_  thanks, :)03:49
Li_Liuif there is no other stuff to discuss, let's call the meeting03:49
Li_Liuhave a good day/night guys03:49
Coco_gaohave a good day03:49
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openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add AttachHandle and ControlpathID objects
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openstackgerritwangzhh proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add ExtArq and ARQ object
openstackgerritwangzhh proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add ExtArq and ARQ object
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