Wednesday, 2018-12-12

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Coco_gaoHi all02:02
Coco_gaoGood morning, Yumeng02:04
Yumeng_morning coco, about this story!/story/200424802:07
Yumeng_Could you email this doc to me?
Yumeng_I cannot access to this in my company  :(((((02:10
Yumeng_cool  got!02:15
Yumeng_coco, Among all these tasks in this story!/story/2004248  which task do you think should be the next one to be implemented?02:20
Coco_gaoThis will be implemented together.02:24
Coco_gaoIf you have time, maybe you can join Sundar for the cyborg client.02:25
Coco_gaoThe remaining tasks in the list may owned by zhenghao.02:27
Coco_gaoOr, you can talk with him.02:27
Yumeng_ok, no pb. if he was busy I can help02:33
Coco_gaoBy the way, what's new time for the IRC meeting?02:41
Yumeng_haha  11:0002:47
Yumeng_I also thought it was 10:00.02:49
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Li_LiuHi Sundar03:01
SundarHi Li03:01
Li_LiuLet's wait for others03:01
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Li_Liumaybe wait for another 3 mins03:02
Yumeng_hi Sundar Li :)03:02
Li_LiuHi Yumeng :)03:03
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xinranwangHi all03:04
SundarHi Yumeng_ and all03:04
Li_Liu#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:05
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Li_Liu#topic Roll Call03:05
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Li_Liu#info Li_Liu03:05
Li_LiuLet's get started03:06
xinranwang#info xinranwang03:06
Sundar#info Sundar03:06
Li_LiuI hope the new time slot works better for most of the people03:06
Li_Liu#topic status updates03:07
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Yumeng_# info Yumeng_03:07
Li_LiuSundar, what's new on your side?03:07
SundarThe feature branches for CYborg and its client have been created. Will be submitting code for a prorotype that shows how Nova could call into CYborg03:08
Li_Liuthat's great. So would help push the Nova-Cyborg interaction spec right?03:09
SundarThis is intended to show developers how the interaction in the spec will play out in practice03:09
SundarI hope so :)03:09
Li_LiuOnce created, let's find some time to talk with Nova folks directly03:10
Li_Liulet's push together03:10
Li_Liuxinrangwang, anything you wanna share?03:10
SundarI also need to develop and push the Nova patches that do the actual invocation03:10
Li_Liuxinranwang, is that one ready to be reviewed?03:11
Li_LiuSundar, maybe we can show them how it should work first?03:12
xinranwangLi_Liu:  nope, it depends on the DB schemas the ovo object03:12
xinranwangit's just the initial version03:13
Li_Liuxinranwang, the spec should be ready anytime, does it also depends on Coco/zhenghao's work?03:13
SundarLi_Liu: Yes, the pilot code for Cyborg and its client will be submitted first.03:14
xinranwangyes, because the input param for conductor is ovo object03:16
Li_LiuSundar, I think can be merged03:16
Li_Liuxinranwang, ok\03:17
xinranwangLi_Liu:  Btw, I have submitted our POC code with workflow -103:17
Li_Liuxinranwang, right, understand03:17
Li_Liuthanks a lot for the work03:17
SundarLi_Liu: The db spec has progressed a lot. Only a couple of points left, which you wanted to address offline. I replied by email about half hour ago.03:18
Coco_gaoI received you email03:18
Li_LiuSundar, I saw that one, I think i address them in my patch already03:19
Yumeng_Sundar, for tasks in Client and DB!/story/2004248. which one has a higher priority currently?03:19
Coco_gaoI will update the OVO object patch as well as submmit New DB patch.03:19
Li_LiuCoco_gao, are you gonna work on the DB object based on the new db spec?03:19
xinranwangCoco_gao:  I can take over the diff part in conductor if you don't have enough time :)03:20
SundarThe table currently named ARQ actually has ExtARQ data, since it includes Cyborg-private fields. That's why I said the table is better named as ExtARQ. ExtARQ is a superset of ARQ03:21
Li_Liuthat seems a lot of work, you might wanna offload them03:21
Coco_gaoxinran, I have the diff function in the old ovo patch, so it won't take long if the db object is ready.03:22
Li_LiuSundar, you mean there will not be a ARQ table then. only ExtARQ03:22
SundarLi_Liu: Yes03:22
Coco_gaoLi, I think the ExtARQ combines old ARQ and ExtARQ03:22
Li_Liuok, I will make the change right now03:23
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SundarLi_Liu: Thanks03:23
SundarFor the question of whether attach handles go with deployables or devices, one could argue both ways but I thought it is easier if it goes at the device level. if we want to keep it in the current form, it may require an upgrade later. As long we are all ok with that, I am fine03:24
Coco_gaoLi_Liu, I will implement table device and deployable and attribute. Other DB work might owned by zhenghao or anyone else?03:24
SundarCoco_gao: It may make sense to split the db work, since there are so many. Thanks for suggesting that.03:24
Li_LiuCoco_gao, I will talk with zheng hao and xinran for the work load03:24
Yumeng_coco I have can  help03:25
Coco_gaoOK, you can discuss with zhenghao about other DB works.03:25
xinranwangCoco_gao:  ok, this patch is an initial version of conductor update,, plz review it to see if it fits your requirements. It need more functions to be implemented.03:25
Coco_gaoThanks, Yumeng_03:25
Li_LiuSundar, I kinda lean towards let attachHandle reference to Device now03:25
Coco_gao#info Coco_gao03:25
SundarLi_Liu: OK :) It is all a bit hypothetical because the devices in Stein train frame will work fine either way.03:26
SundarBTW, even if we put in device level, we have to figure out how to handle a PCI card wih 2 FPGAs, if that ever becomes a thing03:27
Coco_gaoxinranwang, I will check your patch, thank you.03:28
Li_Liuok, I think it's great we can finalize the spec and can push things further03:28
Li_Liu#topic AoB03:29
*** openstack changes topic to "AoB (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"03:29
Li_LiuOn top of what we have discussed, do you guys have anything to add?03:29
xinranwangSundar:  do you have any concern about the POC code I put in the community?03:30
Coco_gaoSundar, You mean that cyborg client code is ready?03:30
Sundarxinranwang: My main concern is this is an outdated poc, and it may cause confusion.03:31
SundarCoco_gao: I have made some changes to Cyborg client too. I will put that on a feature branch too. But it is still WIP03:31
Coco_gaoor we still need other one to implement that?03:31
xinranwangSundar:  I understand your concern, it should be clarified to nova that these patches is for reference only03:32
SundarBTW, clarification: The prototype is not the final code. There will be many TODOs. Our developers are free to re-implement, or fill the gaps while leveraging the prototype03:32
Coco_gaoYes , I think so.03:33
SundarCoco_gao, Zhenghao and possibly Yumeng_ are working on the db. Xinran is working on the agent/conductor API and the diff. Is that correct?03:34
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Li_LiuSundar I think so03:34
Yumeng_Sundar:  yes, next time please also email me( if there is any update about the specificaiton :)03:35
Coco_gaoOr add yumeng to the reviewer.03:35
SundarYumeng_: Sure :) Thanks for helping!03:35
Li_LiuWe did not have you before? Yumeng_03:35
Li_LiuWe will in the future03:35
Coco_gaoThat's great03:36
Yumeng_not yet before.  great! :)03:36
Li_Liuok, I think we can wrap up for today03:36
SundarWe have tons more things to do. Like new v2 APIs, checking that v1 APIs srtill work, adding tempest tests, ....03:36
Li_Liuoh yes, gonna be a fun 201903:36
SundarCan we identify owners for that? I propose that Xinran and I can work on the APIs?03:37
Sundarxinranwang: I think you have worked with pecan layer before. Are you fine with that?03:37
Coco_gaoOK, we can identify the owner now.03:38
SundarDo we have some developers to check rolling upgrades from Rocky to Stein? The v1 APIs should return null result in Stein, I think03:39
SundarFor e.g. list deployables will return []03:39
SundarSilence ... Shall we take this up next week?03:41
Yumeng_Sundar: did you notice this patch
Coco_gaoI can list deployables in my previous POC.03:42
Li_LiuSundar, I guess we can come up with a complete list first03:42
xinranwangSundar:  Yes, I can work with you on Cyborg-Nova API side03:42
Coco_gaoHave you got authenticated before asking.03:43
SundarYumeng_: We are dropping the accelerators table in Stein. So this API should be modified to return [] all the time in Stein?03:44
Yumeng_I made this change in v1 APIs to avoid returns null for the situation where we actually have accelerators03:44
SundarYumeng_: is anybody using Cyborg today, and therefore relying on tv1 he API?03:45
Sundar*the v1 API03:46
Li_LiuI don't think anyone is using cyborg03:46
SundarLi_Liu: OK, we can form that task list by next meeting03:46
Li_LiuSundar, we can talk on zoom in case you need it03:47
Coco_gaoI can get the deployable list, I also have the test code if you need that.03:48
Yumeng_Sundar,Li liu: ok, maybe next meeting. I will dig more to discuss with you guys.03:48
Coco_gaoAnyway, let's arrange other meething.03:48
Li_Liucan we wrap up? I think it's almost lunch time for china folks :P03:50
Coco_gaoYes, It's time for lunch, bye.03:50
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Yumeng_see you guys03:50
openstackMinutes (text):
Li_Liuhave a good day/night03:50
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openstackgerritLi Liu proposed openstack/cyborg-specs master: Added initial draft for new DB model
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openstackgerritSundar Nadathur proposed openstack/cyborg master: Checked in README for the pilot branch.
openstackgerritSundar Nadathur proposed openstack/cyborg master: Main changes for the db layer.
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