Wednesday, 2018-11-07

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pvcmay i know we can now integrate cyborg on our openstackl03:02
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* jiapei 'wave hello'06:00
* jiapei Good morning Cyborg06:00
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jiapeipvc: hey, who are you? why do you need cyborg? I'm also interested in the integrating06:09
pvcwe need it for our GPU instance07:00
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jiapeipvc: there is a weekly meeting at wednesday, maybe you can get help then08:21
pvcnoted on this thank you08:21
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openstackgerritlvxianguo proposed openstack/python-cyborgclient master: update error url
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Sundar#startmeeting openstack-cyborg14:16
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SundarSorry for the delay.14:16
Sundar#topic Roll call14:16
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Sundar#info Sundar14:17
xinran#info xinran14:18
xinranHi all14:18
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SundarHi Xinran14:19
SundarLooks like just we two and maybe Li so far14:20
Li_LiuHi guyss14:20
Li_LiuLet me ask people in wechat group14:20
SundarHi Li14:20
Li_LiuSundar, Did you have the change to look at the spec I submit last weekend?14:21
wangzhh#info wangzhh14:21
SundarHi wangzhh14:21
wangzhhHi Sundar.14:22
Li_LiuI know i must still miss things, but I just wanna get the thing started first14:22
SundarLi: Yes, I had some comments. I am still writing them. Will post by today.14:22
Li_Liusure, thanks a lot14:22
Li_Liu#info Li_Liu14:22
Li_Liuok, let's get started on the business14:23
Li_LiuI think CoCo is still on her way home. but we can go ahead for the meeting14:23
Li_Liu#topic status updates14:23
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Li_LiuHi CoCo14:24
Li_Liustart with
SundarStoryboard has been updated for db and driver-agent14:24
SundarSome driver-agent tasks probably need tweaks. I'll also file some for the end-to-end workflow.14:24
Li_Liuregarding "Add Allocation/Deallocation API"14:24
Li_Liustill blocked right? xinran14:25
SundarApart from that, folks are free to add tasks, modify them or sign up14:25
Li_LiuThanks  a lot Sundar :)14:25
SundarLi: np :)14:25
Coco_gaoHi all14:25
Coco_gao#info Coco_gao14:26
Li_Liuis xinran in the meeting14:27
Coco_gaoThanks Sundar,I will check the storyboard to sign up tomorrow.14:27
Li_LiuSundar, do you have any input on "Add Allocation/Deallocation API"?14:28
xinranYes I'm here14:29
xinranI think we should abandon Add Allocation/Deallocation API spec, and follow Sundar's new design14:29
Li_LiuThat one I saw you adandon the other day.14:30
Li_Liubut for
Li_Liudo you wanna abandon it as well?14:30
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shaohe_feng#info shaohe14:32
shaohe_fenghi all14:32
wangzhhHi shaohe.14:32
xinranI think it doesn't matter, I can commit new version according to new spec. if you guys think it's better to abandon it and submit another one, that's fine14:33
Coco_gaohi shaohe14:33
Li_Liuxinran, it's totally up to you14:33
Coco_gaoThat is depends on you14:33
shaohe_fengyes, depends on you.14:33
SundarWe should probably align on the db schema first. Li_Liu, do you want to talk about the db spec here ?14:34
Li_Liu"Add gpu driver" xiao hei, your comments on this? still blocking by the new db design right?14:34
Li_LiuSundar, that might involve too much tech details once we start the discussion.14:35
Coco_gaoif you think there are too many diffrience  maybe you can add a new patch14:35
Li_LiuI wanna focus on the status update first, then we can talk about it14:35
wangzhhYes, Li.14:35
Li_Liuok, thanks xiaohei14:35
Li_Liu"Resource report to placement", xinran, you comments on this?14:36
Coco_gaomy patch is the same problem, still need to implement new design14:36
Li_Liuthanks coco, got it14:37
Li_Liualright, I think I got most of the feedback on the patches status14:38
Li_Liu#topic  New DB scheme planning14:38
Li_LiuSundar, you wanna talk about the storyboard items you created?14:39
SundarLi_Liu: Sure. #link!/project/openstack/cyborg14:40
SundarStoryboard has a openstack/cyborg project. We can create stories for specific features or topics, and tasks within those stories.14:40
SundarWe can optionally create worklists and group them into boards. For example, we could create a worklist for Stein. However, i have chosen to keep it simple: Stein is just a tag on every story we want to complete in this release14:42
SundarThe tag is a label. we can add more tags as needed14:42
Li_LiuRegarding the DB work, I think there might be changes on those tasks. Will keep you guys posted14:42
SundarTime to talk about the sb spec?14:43
SundarI think we all agreed that the new db schema will not be PCI-specific.14:44
wangzhhI think so.14:45
SundarGreat. I thought we also agreed that Deployables should be the equivalent of resource providers14:46
Li_Liu"equivalent" might not be precise, I think they are counter-part of each other14:47
Li_Liuone in the context of Cyborg, the other one in the context of Nova14:47
SundarThat's exactly what I meant by 'equivalent'14:47
Coco_gaoLi,is  new db spec availale now?14:47
SundarWe had this doc which we reviewed:
Coco_gaoagree with Li14:49
SundarCan we please align the spec to it? Otherwise, we will have lots more discussion. The current spec shows a diagram tying Deployables to PF, VF .14:49
Li_LiuCoCo, check this out #link
Li_LiuSundar, I think after my spec is finalized, we should get all the pieces aligned14:50
Coco_gaookay thank you。14:50
SundarLi, the spec is not as per our past discussion14:51
SundarWhy are we still referring to Deployables as PF, VF?14:52
Li_LiuI was just giving an example. but we can discuss it seperately. The spec is not final, comments and suggetions are welcome14:54
SundarOK. We can move on to other topics, if any14:57
Li_LiuI think that's all we need to talk about. It seems the road blocker for most the stuff is the DB thing14:57
Li_Liuso guys, please provide review and comments for
Li_LiuLet's land this one asap14:58
xinranok, will review it soon14:58
Li_LiuThank you team. Keep claim and code one  :P15:00
Li_Liuhave a good night15:00
Li_Liushould be "Keep claim and code on"  =_+15:00
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Li_Liudid you guys start the meeting bot?15:01
Coco_gaoI will review it tomorrow15:04
edleafeSundar started the meeting, so he has to end it15:04
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fungias edleafe correctly noted, only a chair can #endmeeting prior to that time16:41
edleafefungi: I learned something today :)16:42
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