Wednesday, 2018-10-31

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Coco_gaoanyone else?14:07
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shaohe #startmeeting openstack-cyborg14:07
shaoheSundar: morning14:08
shaohe#topic Roll Call14:08
shaohe#info shaohe14:08
Coco_gao#info Coco_gao14:08
SundarGood day, Shaohe14:08
Sundar#info Sundar14:08
SundarHi Coco14:08
shaohe#startmeeting openstack-cyborg14:09
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wangzhh#info wangzhh14:09
xinran#info xinran14:09
shaoheLi has some personal thing, will not join this meeting today14:10
shaohelet start.14:10
shaoheAgenda for today's meeting.14:11
shaohe1. Status updates on patches:14:11
shaohe2. Berlin Summit Planning14:11
shaohelet's do more reviews on the patch.14:15
shaohefor the pending patch.14:15
Coco_gaoI think we should implement the new DB schema first, then update the patches.14:16
SundarThe db schema has been proposed and, I think, agreed upon in:
shaohewe will refactor DB schema base on Sundar's spec14:17
Coco_gaoYes, I think so14:18
shaoheso there's server DB schema nee to refactor.14:18
shaohewho will help on it?14:18
SundarShaohe: Sure. Do you want me to write a spec? Li Liu offered to help. SO, I cna post the draft and get this input?14:18
shaoheCoco_gao: I know you are working on ti.14:18
Sundar*get his (Li_Liu's) input14:19
Coco_gaoI am not avaiable in the coming half month.14:19
Coco_gaoBecause of the summit presentation.14:19
SundarMay be Li is quite busy14:19
shaoheCoco_gao: got it.14:19
SundarCoco: Does it work if I stat the device profiles db tables and a few others?14:19
shaoheseems most of us are busy these days.14:20
shaoheSundar: How many new specs will come?14:20
wangzhhI can take part of them.14:20
Coco_gaoSunda: I think that's workable.14:21
Coco_gaoSundar, I am sorry14:21
SundarShaohe: :) Just 2. One is the driver-agent spec (not nrew, but updated version), and then db spec.14:21
Coco_gaoI can work with zhenghao after the Summit.14:21
Coco_gaoon the new DB schema.14:22
shaoheSundar: IMHO, you should discuss with other's developers firstly. and find some volunteers on it.14:22
SundarCoco: Are you also involved in the demo?14:22
Coco_gaoSundar: I am preparing the presentation and the demo, but not the demo which will show in the Keynote.14:24
Coco_gaoThe Keynote Demo is shaohe's work, I think14:25
shaoheSundar: IMHO, the developers who will help on DB can works on it's spec.  This spec is details  about code implementation. You can guide them to follow your new top design.14:26
shaoheCoco_gao: Yes.14:26
shaohea good news about the demo14:26
jiapeiwhat good news?14:27
shaohethe demo was passed by foundation14:27
shaohebut will not a live demo14:27
shaohewe do a recorder14:28
SundarSo we are going to wait for the new db spec after the summit, and then start coding?14:28
shaoheGood chance to promote cyborg on the keynote.14:29
Coco_gaoI am afraid so if no other volunteers now.14:30
wangzhhSundar: I can write the spec during the summit.14:30
shaoheSundar: I think most people are busy these days14:30
shaohewangzhh: thanks.14:30
Coco_gaoThat's great, xiaohei14:30
shaohethe demo is about fpga program. the upstream code.14:31
shaohethank everyone's contribution on cyborg project.14:31
shaoheOK. is there any pending patch needed to discuss?14:32
Coco_gaoSundar: Are you busy too these days?14:32
shaoheSundar: How many DB tables need to be refactor?14:33
wangzhhEmmm, I think we need a priority.14:34
SundarDpeloyables table needs a change, new tables need to be introduced14:35
shaoheSundar: If many, break down them. And let's more volunteers working on it.14:35
SundarAfter speaking to Li, w eagreed we should put up a storyboard list where everybody can add or contribute14:35
shaoheSundar: great.14:36
xinranthat's GREATE14:36
Coco_gaoYeah, we'd better also add the priority in the storyboard.14:36
shaohemore volunteers  can speed up the DB refactor14:38
shaoheSundar: the one will write the spec and code by themselves that he/she focus on.14:38
SundarShaohe: I don't think the db code will be the work for one person. Li already said he will help with the spec14:39
Coco_gaowe should ask in the wechat group if other volunteers are there.14:39
SundarThat is last week's meeting14:39
shaoheSundar: I have create a #link
SundarCoco: sure, I'll put up some Storyboard tasks as we discussed, and others can add more, or sign up14:40
SundarLet us use the storyboard14:41
shaoheSundar: you can simply  break down the DB refactor first and let's the volunteers take his's interesting tasks on it.14:42
xinranyes, that's doable14:43
wangzhhSundar: I can do other works if Li insists on working on the spec.14:43
Coco_gaoI think we didn't reach an agreement on xinran's patch:
Sundarwangzhh: Sure, it is between you and Li :)14:45
HongboZhao maybe I can do something for db refactor14:46
xinranSundar has submitted a new patch  about new api design14:46
Sundarwangzhh: Is!/story/2002954 about GPU driver only?14:46
Coco_gaoHongboZhao: that'll be great14:46
shaoheSundar:  I give a example in it.
shaoheSundar: this etherpad is used to simply track who take the task. no Task details in it.14:47
xinranCoco_gao:  so i think mine is deprecate14:47
HongboZhaoCoco_gao: we can have a talk in pravite14:48
shaoheSundar:  this is good for our collaboration14:48
SundarXinran: We discussed your spec. After rreading the Nova spec, do you think your spec is aligned with it? Do you agree with the reasons I stated in the spec review?14:48
shaoheSundar: Let's break down one by one.14:48
wangzhhSundar: Yes.14:48
shaoheSundar: deployable  ower is Li, right?14:48
shaoheSundar: and next DB refactor.14:49
SundarShoah: We did an etherpad for the Rocky cycle. It remained not fully populated. We are supposed to use storyboard as the official way. Any reason not to use storyboard?14:49
xinranSundar:  yes of course, I have said mine is deprecate in last meeting.14:49
shaoheSundar: why we not use storyboard?14:49
shaoheSundar: here I help to list every db refactor task.  and find the owner for each task.14:50
SundarShaohe: if we use the storyboard to let people pick up tasks, why do we need an etherpad?14:50
Coco_gaoSundar, shaohe: Different ways to reach the same result. I think we'd better to get used to the storyboard.14:53
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wangzhhAgree. Others would easily pick our tasks by storyboard. I think.14:56
shaoheSome thing wrong with my network.14:56
Coco_gaoWe can reach you now.14:57
shaoheSundar: OK, let list the task firstly do not discuss on etherpad or storyboard, we do not care etherpad or storyboard14:57
shaoheNow we focus on the task breakdown14:57
SundarI need to drop out in few minutes for my next call.14:58
shaohe1. deployable DB, owner Li Liu?14:58
SundarWe reached some agreements in the past meetings. I suggest we stick to them rather than revisit them -- unless there is a reason for that.14:59
Coco_gaoYeah. There are some, we can first create them.14:59
shaoheSundar: please paste the breakdown task list here. then we can skip this topic. thanks15:00
shaoheSundar: where the task list and owner?15:00
shaoheSundar: we just need a list here.  no details about the tasks.15:01
SundarMain tasks (not comprehensive): Refactor Deployables, Add tables for DeviceID, AttachHandle, ARQ, Device Profiles15:01
SundarOwner, as we said already, will be picked up by people. We don't need to assign them.15:02
shaohe#action Sundar will find the task owner for db refactor.15:02
SundarThanks, everybody. I need to drop off now.15:03
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wangzhhBye Sundar. Have a good day.15:04
shaoheOk, #link
shaoheall owner is sundar.15:04
Coco_gaoI will pick up some task in the storyboard after Sundar break it down.15:04
shaohenext topic:15:05
shaoheSummit Planning15:05
Coco_gaoWill xinran go to the summit?15:06
shaoheCoco_gao: Li will prepare the cyborg update ppt doday.15:06
xinranCoco_gao:  no, just shaohe15:06
Coco_gaoOK, I will present that during the Summit15:07
shaoheCoco_gao: good, thanks.15:08
Coco_gaoAnything else to discuss?15:08
Coco_gaoI will drop off and go home now.15:09
shaoheno from me.15:09
shaoheOK, have a good night.15:09
Coco_gaoOK, good bye.15:09
xinranthanks all15:09
xinran bye15:09
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