Monday, 2018-10-29

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pvcHello guys02:11
zhipengHi pvc02:28
pvcmay i know how can i intergrade on my openstack02:32
zhipengWe are still develop for an official integration with Nova for Stein release02:53
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pvcso for now i cant use it?04:01
pvceven on my instance?04:01
zhipengYou can use for standalone FPGA programming for example06:01
pvcyes how?08:01
pvcmay i know how zhipeng08:02
zhipengWe will be demo at Berlin summit08:02
zhipengThere will be a write-up for the procedure :)08:03
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pvcnoted on this but i cant go there zhipeng08:03
zhipengNo I mean the team will provide a writeup08:04
pvcit is good on a instance with vgpu?08:04
pvcis there a official integration with nova for rocky release zhipeng?08:19
zhipengpvc unfortunately we don't have that yet08:19
pvcmay i know if you test it already on rocky openstack?08:20
pvcwe saw a demo on cyborg that it can attach it to a nova instanc08:21
zhipengYes it can be done08:23
zhipengWe just need to document it :)08:24
pvcso for now there are no documentation?08:25
pvcor can i use the official cyborg docs?08:26
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pvc_sorry got dc zhipeng08:28
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pvc_we want to use cyborg for our tensorflow-gpu application zhipeng08:40
pvc_may i know who is zhenghao or jinghua08:41
zhipengpvc_ I will help you connect to them, can you send me an email with details ?08:42
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pvc_thank you08:57
pvc_will send an email08:57
zhipengMany thx this is a very interesting usecase08:59
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: bug fix: fix 2 bugs for image client
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