Tuesday, 2018-09-18

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pvchow can i implement cyborg on my openstack deploymennt?06:37
zhipengHi pvc, we use devstack for implementation at the moment07:29
pvci see but can i use it if ever?07:34
zhipengWhat do you mean by that ?07:36
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pvcim so sorry09:01
pvci got dc09:01
zhipengpvc anyways we are working on the documentation for that :)09:16
pvccan i just install it by using pip?09:28
zhipengIt should work09:30
zhipengIf problems comes up, plz feedback at cyborg storyboard ?09:30
pvcnoted on this :)09:35
pvcit will automatically09:35
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pvcgo with my openstack esrvices?09:35
pvcor should i setup something09:35
zhipengThat might not be working well09:36
zhipengYou can try cyborg independently at the moment09:36
pvcwhat docs can i use?09:37
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pallaviharishHi.. Is GPU driver for cyborg is implemented in the rocky release?12:17
zhipengWe hadn't had the chance to make the driver in rocky :( but we are trying to add it as fast as we could12:36
pallaviharish@zhipeng Thanks for replying:) Is cyborg requires the prerequisites mentioned in this link https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Pci_passthrough to detect GPUs12:42
pvchow can i try manually the cyborg?12:49
zhipengNo it doesn't require that at the moment to test out the fpga function12:58
zhipengpvc the proven way is to use devstack with conf files has cyborg fields12:58
zhipengYou should be able to find them in the contributor docs12:59
pvci see thank you :)12:59
pvcbut im using tripleo :(12:59
zhipengAh we don't have support yet12:59
pallaviharishwill cyborg support all GPU devices? are is there any specific GPU device is planned?13:00
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zhipengThe current driver is on nvidia, we are definitely looking forward to all GPU devices :)13:08
pallaviharishThank you:)13:30
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zhipengNo problem :)13:38
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