Wednesday, 2018-09-05

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openstackgerritSundar Nadathur proposed openstack/cyborg master: Cyborg/Nova/Glance interaction in compute node, including os-acc.
openstackgerritSundar Nadathur proposed openstack/cyborg master: Cyborg/Nova/Glance interaction in compute node, including os-acc.
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openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg master: Improve Intel FPGA driver
openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg master: Improve Intel FPGA driver
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zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg14:03
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Li_Liu#info Li_Liu14:03
wangzhh#info wangzhh14:03
zhipeng#info Howard14:03
wangzhhHi Howard, do u get the visa?14:04
dolpher#info dolpher14:04
zhipengwangzhh yes got it lol14:05
zhipeng#topic Stein PTG agenda crafting14:05
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Sundar#info Sundar14:06
zhipengas Li Liu mentioned, it seems that Nova team already planned a cross-project meeting with cyborg14:06
zhipengon Thursday right ?14:06
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Coco_gao#info Coco_gao14:07
Li_LiuThursday "Cross Project Day" 11:10am - lunch: Cyborg/Nova cross project session14:07
Sundarzhipeng: The main cross-project Nova/Cyborg needs to be on Cyborg time. Nova team will have a spill over time in case the discusions don;t complete14:07
Li_LiuIs it in Cyborg's room or Nova's room?14:08
SundarWe need to arrange for a session on Mon/Tue and let Nova team know ahead of time14:08
SundarCyborg's room on Mon/Tue. The Thu slot is in Nova's room but that is a second follow-up14:08
SundarWe do not expect all discussions to complete  in 1 hour session14:09
zhipengokey then what I would propose is that14:09
zhipengwe concentrate on Monday14:09
zhipengand use Tuesday for spillovers14:09
zhipengI need to jump over the public cloud wg session as well, on Tuesday14:10
Sundarzhipeng: Sure. We could arrange for the Nova session on mon afternoon? Hopefully that's enough time for folks to come in to the PTG venue14:10
zhipengThat's good enough for me :)14:11
SundarCool :)14:11
Li_LiuSo the main discussion will be happening on Mon and Tues?14:11
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SundarGood to know you will be there :)14:11
zhipengThe main one will be on Monday14:11
Coco_gaoDo we have an outline about the meeting with nova?14:11
Li_LiuI will take Monday off at least14:12
zhipengSo some update, Li Liu will not make it to Denver unfortunately due to work conflict at company14:12
SundarI broadly wrote it as os-acc. The workflow itself is  still a matter of contention.14:12
zhipengand I got a late hail marry14:12
zhipengso I will stand in for Li14:12
zhipengto organize the meetings14:12
zhipengand dinners :)14:12
zhipengOk let's go to the etherpad14:13
zhipengfirst organize the nova related topics14:13
SundarLi_Liu and all: please give your os-acc feedback in the spec before the PTG, in case you can't make it.14:13
Li_Liusure, will do.. I am kinda tied up recently. Will do some reviews in next couple days14:14
zhipengSundar any idea for the Neutron cross discussion ?14:15
zhipengI really like that topic14:15
Sundarzhipeng: Yes. Neutron has given a slot on Thu.14:15
zhipengshall we also invite Neutron guys over ?14:15
Li_Liucan we propose it in Neutron's etherpad?14:15
zhipengOh good, so we could talk them on Thu right ?14:15
Sundar Thu 3:15-4:15 pm14:16
Sundarzhipeng: Yes14:16
zhipengnice !14:16
SundarThere is also an Ironic/Neutron session on smart NICs. Not sure how far Cyborg will be involved there. But, since I am involved in that project, I'll be there too14:17
zhipengbut we could align internally on Mon or Tuesday14:17
SundarAs always, please give feedback in the etherpad early :)14:18
SundarWe should have another session on broadening Cyborg scope to PCI devices. You might have seen Eric's question on whether we can handle IB for e.g. I think we can, without much architectural effort14:19
Li_LiuYes, that one14:19
Li_Liulooking forward to it14:20
SundarThe actual implementation, of course, can be left to whoever has the knowledge and resources for that :)14:20
SundarAlso, how will Cyborg handle infrastructure offload? Like OVS offload?14:21
SundarPerhaps this is Neutron area, or may be Cyborg needs to be involved. One can argue both ways14:21
zhipengya offload is another interesting area14:21
zhipengovs/dpdk/ebpf offloading14:21
zhipengso what do we like for Monday morning ?14:22
zhipengretrospect of course14:22
zhipengand ?14:22
SundarInternal discussions -- lke db schemas?14:23
Coco_gaoafter this, we can summarize what need to change in DB model and OVOs to make it more general.14:23
zhipengsounds good14:23
SundarRSD (composable arch) can also be Cyborg-internal to start with14:24
Li_LiuIs Brian from Xilinx coming?14:24
zhipengi've no idea14:24
Li_LiuI will follow up with him then, also the update on the Xilinx device drivers14:25
dolpherBrian mentioned he could attend, but not confirmed with him14:25
wangzhhWe also need to disscuss how to handle different Arch. and system in cyborg.14:25
Sundarwangzhh: can you elaborate? ^14:26
wangzhhSuch as x86, power(different) or libvirt, xen(different hypervisor).14:28
wangzhhdifferent Arch...  Sorry.14:28
wangzhhSome operations like attach and detach14:29
Coco_gaoI suggest we discuss the "evolution" after "General Accelerator Management", It don't know whether this will have impact on DB.14:29
Sundarwangzhh: Nova folks say that the instane attach and hypervisor-specific but not device-specific) ops should be left to Nova virt (and possibly os-acc but even that is debated)14:30
Coco_gaowhat wangzhh said just now may also have impact on DB14:30
zhipengthe general mgmt will be a long way to go14:30
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zhipengand I want to make sure Eric Fried got time to join :P14:31
SundarBetter to have Disaggregated servers as a separate topic14:31
shaohe_feng__#info shaohe_feng_14:31
zhipengSundar maybe under drivers ?14:31
SundarIt will include representation etc.14:32
wangzhhSundar, It is vendor driver which handle these.14:32
SundarWe can club it in any session :) as long as we know it will be wide-ranging14:32
zhipengah alright :)14:32
SundarRSD is not vendor-specific :) Many OEM vendors support composable arch,14:33
SundarThere is a large RSD+OpenStack effort outside of devices abd Cyborg14:33
SundarWe need to figure out how Cyborg fits in with Nova and others for that14:34
shaohe_feng__Sundar: does ironic support to compose a RSD node, now?14:35
SundarThe composition is separate from whether it is provisioned as a bare metal server. But I think Ironic + RSD is already on the cards14:36
SundarThere is a RSD openstack client to compose nodes:
shaohe_feng__yes, Do we need to integrate this client to ironic first´╝č14:39
SundarWhere do we fit infrastructure offload in these sessions?14:39
shaohe_feng__Sundar: I have submit in another project called mogan to support RSD.  REF
Sundarshaohe_feng: The client does not depend on Ironic, AFAIK. It works with RSD infra (Pod manager) to compose the node14:41
zhipengwould be nice to migrate some of the mogan stuff over14:41
Sundarshaohe: The RSD folks know about this effort, right?14:43
shaohe_feng__yes. but we need a project to support the RSD server14:43
Li_Liucan we leverage Cyborg to support it?14:44
shaohe_feng__Sundar: I have not followed RSD in openstack for a long time.  With discuss with dolpher about the progress.14:44
zhipengokey moving on14:45
zhipengplz take a look at the agenda etherpad14:45
zhipengfeel free to propose your topic14:46
zhipengnext topic, team dinner :)14:46
zhipengTuesday night works for everyone ?14:46
Li_LiuShall we assign time slot on the topics? tho I don't think people will follow anyways :)14:46
zhipengLi_Liu haha we could assign that14:46
SundarTuesday night is a conflict with Intel dinner :)14:47
zhipengMonday night ?14:47
dolpherI'll check if we can have the RSD folk to give a brief introduction on RSD+cyborg plan/design14:47
SundarDolpher: I am the one dricing RSD+Cyborg within ntel :)14:48
Sundarzhipeng: Mon night is fie by me14:48
zhipengeveryone else ?14:49
zhipengMonday night for team dinner ?14:49
dolpherSundar: I mean ask Lin(working on RSD) to give a introduction, it's also fine if you volunteer to do that :)14:50
Li_Liudamn.. you guys have fine :(14:50
dolpherI'm fine with Mon night14:50
Coco_gaoIt's better to have a introduction,~14:51
wangzhhZoom dinner with u. Li_Liu14:51
SundarSorry to revert back to a previous point briefly: #link The user composes a node first and then enrolls it in Ironic using the ironicclient. The two steps are independent14:51
Li_Liulol. that sounds fun14:51
SundarLin is working with me :) Sure.14:51
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dolpherSundar: I know that :)14:52
zhipengdolpher wangzhh Coco-cao14:53
zhipengteam dinner14:53
zhipengis the time ok ?14:53
zhipengMonday it is :)14:55
zhipengwe could go to the Irish pub where the first cyborg team dinner happened :P14:55
zhipengone year ago, with Rushil and Justin14:56
Coco_gaoSounds good.14:56
zhipengokey then14:57
zhipeng#topic AoB14:57
*** openstack changes topic to "AoB (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"14:57
zhipengany other business14:57
zhipengokey see you guys in Denver :)14:59
SundarNo. I'll try to get more specific questions for the Nova session before the PTG14:59
SundarYes, see you there :)14:59
zhipengthx Sundar :)14:59
dolpherlooking forward to the team dinner then :)15:00
SundarBTW, a quick queston before we end15:00
SundarDid anybody hit an issue with devstack where Nova virt expects qemu > 2.5.0 on centos?15:00
SundarThe default qemu pkg in centos is 2.0.0, so n-cpu does not start15:01
SundarIt doesn;t look like centos provides qemu-system-x86_64 binary in a package with version >= 2.5.015:01
dolpherHave you switch to the cloud repo?15:02
SundarDo you mean qemu-kvm-ev or something else?15:03
SundarI am not using the qemu-*-ev repos yet15:03
dolpherThere  should be a repo for openstack, I can't remember the url15:04
SundarThis one: yum install centos-release-openstack-queens ?15:05
shaohe_feng__Sundar: xinran also have some RSD experience, also we have visit some RSD users in China.  You can aslo with xinran works on RSD15:05
Sundarshaohe_feng: Good to know that. Thanks, sure15:05
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openstackMinutes (text):
Coco_gaoSundar, In my devstack env,  the qemu is 2.9.015:07
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dolphercoco_gao: Centos or Ubuntu?15:08
dolphercool, I usually run that on Ubuntu, so don't know much detail about centos15:08
Coco_gaothe repo is @rdo-qemu-ev15:10
shaohe_feng__Coco_gao: which version of your centos?15:10
Coco_gaoI think devstack add the repo automatically.15:11
Coco_gaobye, time to bed.15:12
Coco_gaoSundar, dolpher and shaohe, bye.15:12
shaohe_feng__Coco_gao: Thanks, have a good dream.15:12
SundarThanks, Coco_gao and dolpher. Sorry, had to jump to the next meeting.15:14
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