Wednesday, 2018-08-29

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nguyenhai_Please review those patch:
nguyenhai_about python3-first goal. Thanks.08:30
openstackgerritcoco-Gao proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add driver-side oslo_versioned objects.
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sum12meeting ?14:05
SundarYes, I am trying to connect to zoom14:05
SundarThe host needs to start it first14:06
efriedSundar: please let me know when you have a moment.14:49
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efriedkosamara: ō/ I think they're having their meeting now (via video conf) but I left a ping for Sundar14:52
kosamaraefried: ok, it would be interesting to see what's the state on these points to avoid duplicating effort14:52
efriedkosamara: Well, I can point you to a massive pile of specs that, as I said, I haven't had time to read all of yet.14:53
efriedkosamara: Perhaps this one will be especially relevant:
openstackgerritwangzhh proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add "Report device data to cyborg"
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Sundarefried: Hi15:29
efriedHi Sundar.  kosamara, heads up15:29
efriedSundar: I left a couple of comments on the discovery spec, wanted to pick your brain for a sec since you probably have the answers right off the top and I'm being notoriously slow at ploughing through all the specs.15:30
efriedkosamara and I are working on overhauling the way nova does pci passthrough, and there's obviously an intersection with cyborg's plans.15:31
SundarYes, I saw your update. Thanks, I'll respond. Please feel free to shoot questions here15:31
efriedWe need to figure out whether what we're doing is actually completely moot.15:31
efriedSundar: at your leisure :)15:32
efriedSundar: For right now, I'm interested in knowing how whitelisting is going to be done.15:32
SundarSure. Sorry, I got a call now, this will go on for 30 min.15:39
SundarPlease give me some time15:39
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efriedSundar: I'll be leaving for a couple of hours soon. I'll try to reconnect with you here this afternoon if you're around; otherwise perhaps we can just have the discussion via the spec review.15:54
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kosamaraSundar: I'll join here again tomorrow. Which timezone are you in? I'm in Europe.16:00
Sundarkosamara: I am in Pacific time zone. Is there something specific you want to talk about? We can agree on a time.16:05
Sundarefried: Sure, I'll catch you this afternoon16:05
kosamaraSundar: not yet, first I need to catch up on and you on ours16:06
kosamaraThe basic question is if we should keep doing that spec for Nova or if we should contribute something related to that to Cyborg.16:06
Sundarkosamara: It was agreed at the rocky PTG that Cyborg is the way forward. I think device discovery should be in Cyborg.16:11
SundarI need to catch up on
Sundarkosamara: Are you Konstantinos Samaras-Tsakiris, the author of the other spec :)16:17
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Sundarefried: Please ping me when you can21:33

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