Wednesday, 2018-08-15

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg-specs master: fix tox python3 overrides
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openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg master: Quota usage support in Cyborg
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Coco_gao#info Coco_gao14:06
efriedDid you want to #startmeeting first?14:06
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Coco_gaosorry,  I am not the one to hold the meeting.14:08
efriedLi_Liu: ?14:10
Li_Liusure, I will do it14:10
Li_Liu#startmeeting openstack-cyborg14:11
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Li_Liu#topic Roll Call14:12
Sundar#info Sundar14:12
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Coco_gao#info Coco_gao14:12
Li_Liu#info Li_Liu14:12
wangzhh#info wangzhh14:12
Li_Liu#Topic Status Update14:12
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xinran#info xinran14:12
Li_LiuI see xinran just updated
Li_LiuPlease help reviewing this14:14
Coco_gaoI will test my object code with agent part tomorrow.14:14
xinranYes I just updated it including to the new api design14:14
Li_LiuThere is no commit on that yet right Coco_gao?14:14
SundarAre we aiming code changes for Stein release, since the Rocky cycle is past code freeze?14:15
Li_Liuthanks a lot xinran14:15
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xinranBut I am not sure how we handle the quota granularity14:15
shaohe_feng_#info shaohe_feng_14:16
shaohe_feng_deployable is OK.14:16
SundarCoco_gao: #link July 27 was feature freeze. We are past the RC1 milestone14:16
shaohe_feng_for granularity at present14:16
SundarHowever we do quotas now, it should be upgradable to the per-RC quota that is coming in Nova.14:17
shaohe_feng_It is OK for placement do quota in openstack14:19
Li_LiuSundar, I will double check on that, but there is another window Aug20-24 for Final RCs14:20
Li_LiuWe hope we can squeeze CoCo's stuff in, as these code are not affecting external customers/users/components anyways14:21
Coco_gaoAnd zhenghao's part is quite related to my part, the agent code need to update either.14:22
Coco_gaoIf we commit before August 20, is that possible to catch up the Final RCs?14:24
Li_Liuok, I can see the only major pieces that are missing are 1. Coco_gao and wangzhh's code 2. merging xinran's code14:24
Li_LiuI think you can, but I need to double check for you14:25
shaohe_feng_Li_Liu: Sundar: how is the new FPGA driver?14:25
SundarWill Coco-gao's code include driver-API interaction via OVOs, and reflect the os-acc-related aspects too?14:26
shaohe_feng_it is OVOs. :)14:26
Li_Liushahe_feng_, are you talking about
Sundarshaohe: The OPAE-based driver needs to be tested well before committing.14:27
shaohe_feng_Li_Liu: yes.14:27
Coco_gaoI and zhenghao will try our best.14:28
Li_Liu I think it still needs to be tested against CI at least14:28
shaohe_feng_Sundar: Is it necessary for we to update the old drivers?14:28
Coco_gaoYeah, I think so14:29
shaohe_feng_Coco_gao: thanks. hard work.14:29
wangzhhCoco_gao: Yes. ლ(╹◡╹ლ)14:29
shaohe_feng_Sundar: the agent depend on the driver.14:29
SundarJust curious: Why do we want to get code into Rocky at this stage? Aren't we better off getting agreement on the overall flow and doing it properly?14:30
Coco_gaoIn the agent , we need the code to be more general rather than FPGA specific.14:30
Coco_gaoSundar, that's an option if there are no hurry.14:30
Coco_gaoI don't know.14:31
shaohe_feng_Sundar: do you have better design for the new refactor?14:32
SundarCoco_gao: agreed that the agent is not FPGA-specific. The drive-agent API should not be device-specific either. Also, there are requests to let the driver tell the agent about custom traits for its device.14:32
Sundarshaohe: I have some ideas on the driver API along the lines above, and addressing the diff update etc. I am writing it as a new spec, to be out this week (for Stein PTG).14:33
SundarHope to get input from all of you!14:33
SundarAlso, is anybody thinking about the test framework that we have today? How do we get Zuul to work with real devices?14:38
Coco_gaoShould Zuul test real devices?14:41
efriedProcedurally, trying to get something of this size into Rocky is a no-go.14:41
efriedI think to test real devices you would need a third party CI. You can't count on the nodes in the pool managed by zuul for tox- and devstack-based tests to have devices.14:43
SundarMay be we should create fake devices in the testing framework for every supported device type. Like shaohe's fake FPGAs.14:44
Li_LiuCan you fake the device information for CI?14:44
shaohe_feng_we had better do some fake14:46
wangzhhLi_liu: Now we fake them for UT.14:46
Coco_gaoYeah, we need to make sure the fake information is same with the what we get from devices.14:46
SundarIf we do create fake devices, they even need to simulate timeouts and unresponsiveness, to test various code paths.14:47
Li_Liuefried, I get your point, we are just keep committing, if we can make to Rocky, that's cool, if we can not, it will just slide into S14:47
shaohe_feng_Sundar: for hardware devices a third party CI is better14:48
Li_Liuunlike other projects, Cyborg is still not in its usable stage yet. Keep having code to make it mature is the key right now14:48
efriedThe project has already forked, so you would have to explicitly backport changes to stable/rocky. That is the thing I'm saying you shouldn't do.14:49
efriedKeep committing to master (which is Stein at this point)14:49
Coco_gaomy consideration is, if there are no urgent, I should work with Sundar first to get the spec will recognized by others.14:49
efried++ to creating fixtures for functional tox-based tests.14:50
shaohe_feng_but 3 part CI need more resource/effort to maintain14:50
Coco_gaoLi_Liu, What should I do next?14:52
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Li_Liu3rd party CI should be maintained by device vendors IMO, openstack CI should just keep the fake devices14:52
Li_LiuCoco_gao, if you guys think the time is too tight until Aug 20. just slide the feature into S.14:53
Li_Liuso that you have the time to refine your documentation and code14:53
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Li_Liuok, it's time to wrap up14:57
Li_Liu#todo merge xinran's patch14:57
Li_Liu#todo Coco_gao and wangzhh keep working on their patch, but does not have to make into R14:58
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Li_Liu#todo OPAE PFGA patch needs to be refined for CI and fake the devices if necessary14:59
Li_LiuSundar, are you going to have a new spec to replace 561849 ?15:00
Li_LiuI will end the meeting for now15:03
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SundarLi_Liu: Yes, it will subsume 561849 rather than replace it15:04
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openstackgerritSundar Nadathur proposed openstack/cyborg master: Cyborg/Nova/Glance interaction in compute node, including os-acc.
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