Wednesday, 2018-04-11

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openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg master: Introduce Cyborg Resource Quota
XinranHi guys, i just upload a bp for quota support, pls feel free to review it. Thanks!06:47
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openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg master: Introduce Cyborg Resource Quota
openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg master: Introduce Cyborg Resource Quota
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openstackgerritShaoHe Feng proposed openstack/python-cyborgclient master: Initialize cyborgclient repository
openstackgerritShaoHe Feng proposed openstack/python-cyborgclient master: Initialize cyborgclient repository
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zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg13:59
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zhipeng#topic Roll Call13:59
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zhipeng#info Howard14:00
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NokMikeR#info Mike14:02
Li_Liu#info Li Liu14:02
kosamara#info kosamara14:02
Melissa_S#info Melissa14:02
circ-user-S6lQW#info Helloway14:02
edleafe#info edleafe14:03
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Helloway#info Helloway14:04
zhipenglet's wait for another 5 mins in case more people will show up :)14:04
zhuli#info zhuli14:04
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zhipenghi xinran_ :)14:06
xinran_ hi  sorry i'am late14:08
zhipengno problem and not late :)14:09
zhipengok let's start14:09
zhipeng#topic confirmation of new core reviewer promotion14:09
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zhipengtoday Yumeng, Shaohe and Sundar will be absent from the meeting14:09
zhipengI proposed to add Li_Liu as a new core team member last week, and received no negative feedback14:10
zhipengso if there will be no further objection then I will acknowledge the promotion14:10
Li_LiuThanks guys :)14:11
zhulisure thing, congrats to Li_Liu, thanks for you hard work14:11
Li_LiuIt's great to work with all of you guys14:12
zhipengokey it's done then :)14:13
zhipengnext topic14:13
zhipeng#topic Critical Rocky Spec Discussion14:13
*** openstack changes topic to "Critical Rocky Spec Discussion (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"14:13
zhipenglast week we mentioned there are still two specs missing, xinran_ just updated one on the quota14:14
zhipengxinran_ could you explain it a little bit for the team ?14:14
xinran_ ok14:16
xinran_it's similar with other projects, every tenant has a limitation when he wants use acceleration resources on the cloud14:18
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xinran_ we should,check if he has already reached this limitation, and then update the quota (+/-)14:19
xinran_of course we should also add rollback function14:20
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zhipengxinran_ I'm not sure if you have checked out the Dublin PTG summary14:21
zhipengone of the conclusions was that we will try to experiment with the limit api developed by Keystone team14:22
zhipengfor unified quota control14:22
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zhipengthe api will be implemented as a oslo library for project to consume, oslo_limit will be release for rocky as well14:23
zhipengxinran_ I found you have new apis proposed, are those inline with the limit api ?14:23
xinran_ah not yet...14:24
zhipengplz take a look at it, I could introduce you to the oslo_limit author14:25
xinran_fine, I will look into it soon14:25
zhipengto speed up things :)14:25
zhipengokey fantastic14:25
zhipeng#action xinran_ to update with new limit api design14:26
zhipengzhuli do you have any update on the os-acc design spec ?14:26
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CocoHi,  zhipeng, I noticed three are two db tables, one is 'accelerator', the other is 'deployable', does this two table have any relativity? Sorry, I missed some of your discussions before.14:28
Li_LiuCoco, I can explain this to you offline14:29
Cocothank you~14:29
zhipengone of the popular question :P14:29
zhipengzhuli are you still around ?14:29
Li_LiuWe can let Howard focus on his agenda14:29
CocoOK, pls continue. Sorry to interrupt.14:30
zhipengokey let's move on then14:30
zhipengthe two spec proposal from Li Liu, plz help review those :)14:31
zhipengSundar's spec still need update to reflect the discussion on the etherpad as we agreed last week14:32
Li_Liuappreciate all the comments :)14:32
zhipengokey next topic14:33
zhipeng#topic open patch discussion14:33
*** openstack changes topic to "open patch discussion (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"14:33
zhipengwe have two new repo setup, thanks to Yumeng and Shaohe14:33
zhipengthere are two patches on initialize the two repos14:33
zhipengplz help land these if there are no further problems14:33
zhipengYumeng's ready to go, Shaohe still need the mercy from Zuul14:34
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zhipengLi Liu's patch on the deployable data model finalization is also ready to go14:35
Li_LiuThat's great, coz I am having another patch based on this one.14:36
zhulistill work in progress on the os-acc lib, I had intended to refer the os-brick spec but seems there is not one for that, so I'm still looking inside the openstack/os-brick source code try to find the interaction between cinder and nova, it cloud help to find the functionality cyborg needed, will try to post a spec these days14:36
zhipengzhuli many thanks14:37
zhipengokey next14:38
zhipeng#topic Vancouver Summit Prep14:38
*** openstack changes topic to "Vancouver Summit Prep (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"14:38
zhipenganyone plan to attend the summit ?14:38
CocoCoco from lenovo beijing14:38
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zhipenganyone else ?14:39
NokMikeRsorry transiting space and time, what was the question?14:40
CocoWe have a session with Rushil before, but seems he will not go there.14:40
zhipengCoco yes he'll skip that I guess14:40
zhipengNokMikeR will you be at Vancouver Summit ?14:40
NokMikeRNo I wont be going14:40
Cocozhenghao, is also to be there.14:40
zhipengCoco great :)14:41
zhipengLi_Liu you got the funding yet ?14:41
Li_LiuI am not sure yet, need to check with my boss...14:42
Li_Liuno promises...14:42
zhipengokey we have told Steven Yuan about the cyborg project14:42
zhipengso I think if that came through you could claim the funding there14:43
zhipengbut anyways14:43
zhipengAgain I will probably not be there, so Li Liu might be the only core team member present at the summit14:43
zhipengHe will be representing me doing the Project Update, and also Forum sessions14:44
CocoI knew a girl from ZTE, she sail he would attend the summit too.14:44
zhipengYes Yumeng will be there14:44
zhipengOkey speaking of Forum14:44
zhipengthe deadline of forum topic proposal is Apr 15th14:45
zhipengplz feel free to propose any topic you want to discuss regarding cyborg14:45
zhipengSundar already submitted one on FPGA14:45
DuthIs the abstract of Sundar's paper available for review?14:47
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zhipengDuth do you mean his spec or the forum topic proposal ?14:47
zhipengfor example Sundar's proposal14:49
zhipengremember forum proposal does not require the consensus from the group, so if you got any ideas want to share or discuss, just feel free to directly propose it14:49
zhipengokey moving on14:51
zhipeng#storyboad migration14:51
zhipeng#topic storyboad migration14:52
*** openstack changes topic to "storyboad migration (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"14:52
Cococan we use remotable accelerators in  cyborg.14:52
zhipengplease be aware that we are no longer using launchpad14:52
zhipengCoco we want to be able to do that14:52
zhipengand the os-acc will be part of the solution to make that happen14:52
zhipengback to topic14:53
kosamaraNot using launchpad for anything anymore?14:53
zhipengkosamara yes that is correct14:54
zhipengfrom now on, all the bug report, blueprint and so forth14:54
zhipengplz submit it onto storyboard14:54
zhipeng#topic AoB14:56
*** openstack changes topic to "AoB (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"14:56
zhipengany other business we want to discuss ?14:56
kosamaraI checked the vGPU spec14:56
zhipengkosamara plz continue14:56
kosamaraComparing it with
kosamarait is basically implementing the D2 case in nova.14:57
NokMikeRaob: an update or documentation on the install of cyborg with devstack would be great to see.14:58
zhipengbut i think they were not able to actually fully do the D2 case right ?14:58
zhipengNokMikeR yes that would be part of the doc subteam's priority :)14:58
kosamaraDo you mean something specific out of D2?14:58
zhipengkosamara yes like Alex Xu commented14:59
NokMikeRor a script that magically installs it is equally welcome.14:59
zhipengNokMikeR duly noted :)14:59
kosamaraYes, in their proposal it's a static configuration.15:00
kosamaraEach compute node needs to specify a mapping between gpu/vgpu_profile in a config file.15:00
kosamaraBut I understood this static case to be the difference between D2 and B2 (orchestration).15:01
zhipengyes basically15:02
zhipengkosamara do you think if it is possible to improve the static configuration ?15:04
zhipengi mean in cyborg15:05
kosamaraThe difference that I see between their proposal and Sundar's is that they are based on a static config, while Sundar relies on Placement traits.15:06
zhipengSundar's proposal will need something like preferred trait15:06
kosamaraThat means that Cyborg could implement Sundar's proposal as an alternative to the nova proposal, supporting a slightly different use case.15:07
edleafePreferred traits are a long way off in Placement15:07
zhipengedleafe exactly15:07
kosamaraBut D1/2 doesn't need preferred traits necessarily15:07
zhipengkosamara any chance you could write down some of your thoughts on this matter ?15:08
zhipengI think this could also be good to PoC :P15:08
kosamaraThe flavor could require a particular vgpu profile as a trait, and then, as Sundar's proposal goes, Cyborg removes the incompatible traits from the resource provider that was picked by nova's scheduler.15:09
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kosamaraWell a PoC is a bigger discussion. I'll start actually playing with vGPUs next week. RHEL 7.5 introduces support in kvm.15:10
zhipengsounds great :)15:10
kosamaraInitially I want to try out the nova proposal, and after that I can experiment with something else.15:11
kosamaraDoes that fit with the rocky schedule?15:11
zhipengkosamara I think so15:11
CocoKosamara, we are doing the same thing now...15:12
kosamaraOK. So for a PoC we can talk again in ~10 days. I'll write some of these on Sundar's etherpad. Did you mean to write them somewhere else too?15:12
zhipengkosamara actually would be great to have an independant spec15:13
kosamaraCoco you mean trying vGPU with RHEL 7.515:13
kosamaraI don't have any full-scale alternative proposal, I just compared nova's proposal with Sundar's. What would you expect in an independent spec?15:16
zhipengfor example on the D2 case , or vGPU, what we could offer differently15:16
zhipengit does not need to be a full scale one15:16
zhipengsince we will rely on Jianghua's spec as well15:17
kosamaraI think that Cyborg doesn't need to do 2 things for D2. The alternative to Sundar's is the nova spec (jianghua), which doesn't need cyborg. Cyborg adds the interplay with the extra Placement traits, which is nice for a little extra flex in D2.15:18
zhipengkosamara agree, what I meant is the overall vGPU data model could still follow Jianghua's, cyborg's own extra twist might come from your spec :)15:20
zhipenganyways, if you got the bandwidth :)15:20
zhipengit is not an imposition by any means :)15:21
kosamaraIt's just that I'm a bit confused, not a lack of will :) Once I get to it, I'll drop you an email to discuss.15:21
zhipenghaha sounds good :) After Sundar update the spec I think we could make it more clearer15:22
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zhipengso if there is nothing more to discuss15:23
zhipengwe could conclude the meeting now :)15:23
NokMikeRnothing more here, thanks Howard/all.15:24
kosamaranor here15:24
kosamarasorry, just an update15:24
kosamaraDoes devstack build now?15:24
zhipengyes i think so15:25
zhipengbut it took a lot time I think15:25
kosamaraI'll try again then. Cool!15:25
zhipengonce we have the CLI up it will be definitely more easier to play around instead of curl it lol15:25
zhipengkosamara if you run into any problem, storyboard or just yell it on irc :P15:26
zhipengokey then folks, meeting adjourned15:27
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/cyborg master: uncap eventlet
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