Wednesday, 2018-02-07

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SundarNHi, the wekely meeting is about to start, right?14:55
zhipengright :)14:56
zhipengin about 4 mins :)14:56
SundarNThanks :)14:56
zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg15:00
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zhipeng#topic Roll Call15:00
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zhipeng#info Howard Huang15:00
zhuli#info zhuli15:01
SundarN#info SundarN15:01
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crushil_#info Rushil15:02
Dutch#info Dutch15:02
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VipparthyGood Morning and Good evening folks15:05
zhipenggood day :)15:05
zhipeng#topic wrap up queens15:07
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zhipengthanks for the team's hard work15:07
zhipengwe've nearly got all our planned features in cyborg for queens15:07
zhipengso we have left three patches on doc fix and ut15:07
zhipengfor the doc fix, i think it is ready15:09
zhipengzhuli and crushil_ could you take a quick look, if it is ok, let's land it now15:10
zhipenganother is Li Liu's ut patch for cyborg db15:10
zhipengwhich I already gave a +215:10
zhuliok, check it now15:10
zhipengzhuli crushil_ verdict ?15:18
zhipenglet's land the two now if there is no problem15:18
zhipengsince I will submit the patch to release team about the commit-id we are gonna cut release upon15:19
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zhipengping zhuli crushil_15:25
zhuliI'm ok with that15:25
crushil_I'm in another meeting. Sorry if my responses are delayed15:26
zhipengthen plz go ahead and land them :P15:26
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zhipengdon't forget to workflow + 1 crushil_15:28
zhipengi could only do the remaining task after the patch got merged15:29
zhipengokey moving on next topic15:29
zhuliI have already gave it +215:29
zhipengzhuli thx, just notice that :)15:30
zhipengwill need crushil_ provides the workflow + 1 and another review + 215:30
zhipeng#topic Dublin PTG Planning15:30
*** openstack changes topic to "Dublin PTG Planning (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"15:30
zhipengI would like to propose the meeting arrangment15:31
SundarNSure, please go ahead15:31
SundarNI would like to add further FPGA discussion to the agenda. I have a document that I hope to share with you soon15:32
zhipengsince I will have to host both Public Cloud WG and Cyborg meetings, I would like to suggest we divide up the day into two sections15:33
zhipengFrom the official schedule, Cyborg will have sessions on Mon and Tue15:33
zhipengSo for the morning time on Mon and Tue15:33
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zhipengmeaning 9:00 am to noon15:34
zhipengwe will have the office hour15:34
shaohezhipeng:  hello15:34
shaohesorry for late15:34
zhipengwhich will be hosted by our core reviewers zhuli and crushil_15:34
zhipengfor anything code related, bug report, devstack standing up, stuff like15:35
zhipengfor the afternoon time on Mon and Tue15:35
zhipengmeaning 1:00pm to 6:00pm, we will run through the topics listed on etherpad15:35
zhipengI will be personally present and we will have ZOOM recordings15:36
zhipengto facilitate remote participation15:36
zhipengsorry from 2:00pm to 6:00pm15:36
zhipengeach topic will have a 40 time slot, if one topic ends shorter we follow by the next one15:37
zhipengif one gets longer we will prolong15:37
zhipengsince Mon have Board meeting and people still coming in15:38
zhipengI would suggest the Nova-Cyborg discussion happening on Tuesday afternoon15:38
zhipengI will double check with the nova cores15:38
SundarNSounds good to me15:39
zhipengeveryone understands my proposal ?15:40
zhipengoffice hour in the morning, session discussion in the afternoon15:40
zhipengon Mon and Tue15:40
SundarNWill that be enough time in the afternoon for all the topics?15:40
zhipengSundarN yes since some of them will be quick :)15:41
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Li_Liu#info Li Liu15:41
zhipengif there are no questions or strong objections15:42
zhipenglet's settle on that schedule15:42
zhipengI will send an email to the mainling list, just for the record15:42
zhipengnow the second item, team dinner15:42
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zhipengTuesday night sounds reasonable ?15:43
SundarNOther teams are also planning dinner, but they haven't selected days yet :)15:43
zhipengyep, we are early so we select early :P15:44
zhipengIf Tuesday is good then please clear your calendar for the night15:44
SundarNok, I'm fine with that15:44
zhipengsounds like a great plan for Dublin :)15:45
SundarNYes, looking fwd to meeting you there :)15:46
zhipengsame here :)15:47
zhipeng#topic AoB15:47
*** openstack changes topic to "AoB (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"15:47
zhipengany other business15:47
zhipengDutch will be in Dublin ?15:50
zhipengVipparthy ?15:50
DutchI think so, waiting on final confirmation.15:51
zhipenglooks like we are gonna have a big team gathering than the previous one :P15:52
Li_LiuI am still waiting for my VISA... no promises...15:53
Vipparthyam not sure, but will certainly check15:57
zhipenghope all of you could got the VISA on time15:57
zhipengokey thx everyone for the meeting !15:59
zhipengsince Queens finished and we will have Chinese new year next week, I will cancel the meeting next week16:00
zhipengbut if you have any questions just shout out on this channel16:00
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persiaGood day.  The PTL nomination period is ending in a little over 4 hours, and there has still not been a nomination for a Cyborg PTL.  I fear I arrive during the wrong timezone, but if anyone is awake and able to nominate someone as PTL, that would be appreciated.19:25
persiaMy understanding is that this would be the first Cyborg PTL election, so I'd be happy to help with process if folk have questions.19:26
crushilpersia, zhipengh[m] already put in his nomination for PTL20:25
crushilYou're talking about going through git20:26
persiaI don't see anything at
crushilMakes sense20:26
crushilI can do it for him20:26
persiaYes.  That needs doing, or I need to report to the TC that there is no nomination.20:26
persiaThat would be lovely, if you don't mind.  Thanks a lot.20:26
crushilYa, np20:26
crushilWill let you know when it's done20:26
crushilpersia, Done20:45
persiacrushil: Found it.  Thanks!20:45
dimscrushil : thanks!20:51
dimspersia : thanks!20:51
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