Wednesday, 2018-01-31

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Guest64131Hello. I am Rahul, working on Cyborg component. I am actually new to Devstack and cyborg. I have some doubts on executing cyborg. I am aware about devstack and enabling cyborg there by using (enable_service cyborg cyborg-api cyborg-cond cyborg-agent). My doubt is, when my devstack is running in server, do I need to execute additional command to run cyborg there?  Is CLI available for Cyborg?09:29
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RahulHi All. I have some doubts on Cyborg11:36
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Guest520601.I am aware about devstack and enabling cyborg there by using (enable_service cyborg cyborg-api cyborg-cond cyborg-agent). My doubt is, when my devstack is running in server, do I need to execute additional command to run cyborg there?  Is CLI available for Cyborg?11:36
Guest52060I am new in devstack and cyborg.So, need your assistance to run cyborg11:37
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zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg15:04
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zhipeng#topic Roll Call15:04
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NokMikeR#info Mike Rooke, Nokia15:04
zhipeng#info Howard15:04
helloway#info Helloway15:05
Li_Liu#info Li_Liu15:05
zhipeng#topic Queens Final Push15:07
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zhipeng#info Generic driver15:07
zhipengcrushil I think after you address Li Liu's comment15:08
zhipengwe could land that ?15:08
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zhipeng#info Intel FPGA driver15:09
zhipengi think this one is also good to go15:09
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VipparthyGood Morning and Good Evening Folks15:10
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zhipengVipparthy good day :)15:11
zhipengif there are no objections the Intel FPGA patch will land15:11
zhipeng#info SPDK driver15:11
zhipengthis one also have been reviewed many rounds and ready to go15:12
zhipengany objections15:12
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zhipengok this one also lands15:15
zhipengnow the big one left for Queens15:15
zhipeng#info resource tracker15:15
zhipengzhuli are you around ?15:16
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zhuliseems there is no objections, we can land the patches soon.15:17
zhipengregarding resource tracker15:17
zhipengcould introduce a little bit on the current status15:17
zhulithe resource tracker need to call the conductor rpc which is under developping15:17
Li_Liuzhuli do you need any help on that?15:18
zhuliso the currently big thing is the deployable/attribute data modeling and corresponding apis to be called15:19
zhulido you family with the data modeling implementation?15:19
Li_Liuyou mean the objects?15:20
zhuliobjects and db stuff15:20
Li_LiuI have worked on it during Rock project before15:21
zhuliyou mean the nested structure described in your bp15:22
Li_LiuRock did not use the nested structure tho15:23
Li_LiuBut I implemented some other more "regular" objects15:23
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RahulHi All. WIsh you a good day15:25
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zhuliok, I have discussed with one of my college and probably know how to do this, we can finish it together if you are interested with15:26
Li_Liusure, let's discuss it offline then~15:26
zhuliok :)15:27
Guest87593I am Rahul, working for Huawei. FOr my project, i need to work on cyborg. As i am new into this, i need some assistance regarding running cyborg15:27
Guest87593I am aware about devstack and enabling cyborg there by using (enable_service cyborg cyborg-api cyborg-cond cyborg-agent). My doubt is, when my devstack is running in server, do I need to execute additional command to run cyborg there?  Is CLI available for Cyborg?15:28
zhipengHi Rahul. sorry was not able to reply to you on time15:29
zhipengwe are burried with release prep work15:29
zhipengi believe we do have CLI available for Cyborg15:29
zhipengzhuli is that right ?15:30
NokMikeRsuch info on the wiki would be good to add15:30
Guest87593Thanks Zhipeng for the reply. But in documentation i didn't get anything.15:30
zhipengdoc is in a pretty poor shape at the moment :(15:31
Guest87593Please reply me Zhipeng when you have free time. Actually i am kind of stuck in project for this15:31
zhipengi will try to add these for the queens docs15:31
Guest87593Ok .. Is it possible to run cyborg as stand alone?15:32
zhipengGuest87593 no problem15:32
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Guest87593i mean without running devstack15:32
zhipengi don't think so15:32
Guest87593ok .. I am actually finding difficulties to run cyborg after installing devstack (enabling cyborg)15:33
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zhipengGuest87593 we have been updating the devstack script15:33
zhipengso stay tuned :)15:34
Guest87593Ok .. Thanks Zhipeng15:34
zhipengit is actually better to try cyborg after the queens release15:34
Guest87593When i can expect the updated script?15:34
zhipengafter queens release15:35
zhipengyou will have a functional one15:35
Guest87593ok .. Thanks ZHipeng15:35
zhipengso back to topic, Li_Liu and zhuli15:35
zhipengdo you think it is possible to wrap up the resource tracker work before Friday ?15:35
zhulizhipeng, I think we don't have cyborg cli currently, all the requests are sent via curl command15:37
zhipengah ok15:37
zhipengwe don't have the client yet15:37
Li_LiuFriday, you mean your friday or my friday?15:38
Li_Liuthat's like 13 hours difference :)15:38
Li_Liuanyway, I have to discuss it with zhuli in more details to let you know that15:39
zhuliyes, I think we will finish that in time15:39
zhipengyour Friday15:39
zhipengso then I will wait until then15:39
Li_Liu ok15:40
VipparthyZhipeng, Do we have Tester who can help to install latest devstack which includes cyborg and Start testing functionality ?15:41
zhipengwe have one from Intel who could help on that15:41
zhipengbut no promises :) as you know this is an open source community15:42
Vipparthyyep, agree, in case of needed I can help to be part of this15:43
Vipparthyhowever I need to GET all details so I can start, we can talk on emails with you seperatly rather holding rest of discussions here15:44
zhipengyes then plz hold until after the release when we could breathe and have all the feature in place :)15:45
VipparthySure, understood15:46
zhipeng#topic AoB ?15:48
*** openstack changes topic to "AoB ? (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"15:48
zhipengokey if there are not other topics15:51
zhipenglet's conclude the meeting earlier :)15:51
zhipengthx for the team's hard work throughout the week15:51
zhipengwe are almost there15:51
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NokMikeRThanks all, bye15:53
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openstackMinutes (text):
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SundarNHello, we have the weekly call now, right?16:01
zhipengsorry SundarN we just finished :(16:01
SundarNI see. I read that the meetings are at Wednesday at 11:00 am US Eastern Time16:03
SundarNNP, I'll catch up from the minutes16:03
zhipengthx man :)16:03
Vipparthyzhipeng, Can we have chat in different chat window ?16:06
zhipengsure :)16:06
Vipparthyor I can even chat here16:06
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VipparthyOk , please send me chat window request16:07
zhipengyou can leave notes here as well :)16:07
zhipengso that my irc bouncer will log it16:07
VipparthyOk sure16:07
Vipparthywe are suppose to commit code on github today ..right ?16:08
zhipengwe will merge three of the remaining open patches16:09
Vipparthycan you let me know which part of code we are merging ?16:09
Vipparthyis this Nova Placement API's ?16:09
zhipengplz checkout the meeting log, it will be very clear there :)16:10
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SundarNIs it ok if I edit the page to clarify the "11 am Eastern" reference?16:19
SundarNIf nobody objects in next 30 minutes, I'll go ahead. Got bit by that today16:21
zhipengh[m]No problem, that was outdated :)16:23
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