Wednesday, 2017-11-29

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zhipenghi guys15:06
zhipengsorry running a bit late15:06
zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg15:06
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zhipenganybody else15:09
zhipeng#topic trello board15:13
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jkilpatrI finally moved my calender event to est instead of edt15:14
zhipengso I've setup the trello board as we discussed15:14
zhipengi saw rushil setup one for the generic driver15:14
zhipenghow are we doing here ?15:14
zhuliI will track the DB and trait feature on trello too15:17
zhipengdo we have any Intel folks here ?15:18
zhipengcrushil : I was told there might be Intel and ZTE people could help on the generic driver15:18
zhipengThey will target QAT FPGA cards15:19
crushilzhipeng, That's great15:19
zhipengso I will just let them follow your card15:19
crushilI will push what I have as a WIP15:19
zhipengthat's ok for the collaboration ?15:19
crushilPlease tell them to get in touch with me and we can pair program on it15:21
zhipengno problem15:21
zhipengjkilpatr zhuli to pair with you ?15:21
jkilpatrsounds good to me, I've gotten caught up :(15:21
jkilpatrthey want to ship my logging soltuion as default for osp13 but spec freeze is this week.15:21
crushilI thought you mean Intel and ZTE people to pair program with me15:21
jkilpatrcrushil, he said zhuli and I15:22
zhipengcrushil yes15:22
zhipengzhuli started on the trait extentions on api, conductor, agent and stuff15:22
jkilpatroh cool is there a wip up?15:24
zhuliyes, sounds so many things to do :)15:24
jkilpatrI should go and look at it.15:24
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crushilI will get in sync with you jkilpatr sometime this week about the generic driver15:27
jkilpatrsounds good, another zoom meeting?15:27
jkilpatrno car accidents allowed this time?15:27
crushilzhuli, I also need to understand how the API interaction happens and how we should architect the CLI to interact with the APIs15:27
crushiljkilpatr, Funny thing is I got into a fender bender this morning15:28
jkilpatrwell drat.15:28
jkilpatrthat means we're all cursed to get into car accidents during Cyborg meetings, I'll be extra careful.15:28
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zhipenggot dropped off ....15:29
zhipengand no car accidents :P15:30
zhipengshall we do another ZOOM sprint, say Thursday night maybe eastern time ?15:30
crushilWe can do another zoom meeting15:31
crushilBut it needs to be more about figuring things out15:31
zhulicrushil, yes, need understand deeply too, currently I just prepare to complete the DB and trait api first15:31
zhipengthursday night sounds ok ? that would be friday morning in China15:32
zhipengcrushil definitely, as long as no car crush at my side15:34
zhipengi could book more than enough free zoom meetings for us15:34
crushilWell I had my first fender bender myself15:34
crushilCyborg meetings are jinxed15:34
jkilpatrI can do thurs night15:35
zhipengah i just understood what you mean crushil, not serious I hope ?15:41
crushilNah, nothing serious15:41
zhipengokey gotta break the curse Justin15:45
zhipenglet's close the meeting early today and meet again one day later15:45
zhulisee you guys later15:47
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