Wednesday, 2017-11-22

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zhuliRushil, Justin around?03:04
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jkilpatrzhuli, what's up?14:59
zhipenghey jkilpatr14:59
zhipengwonder if we could push tmr's ZOOM meeting one hour later ?14:59
jkilpatrzhipeng, just so long as it doesn't go more than an hour or so.15:02
zhipengokey no problem15:02
zhipengso it will start 9:00pm your place15:02
zhipengi will send out ZOOM links15:02
zhipenglet's wrap it up in 40mins15:02
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zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg15:06
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zhipengso i don't have perticular things in mind15:07
zhipengsince we will do the ZOOM sprint later15:07
zhipeng9:00pm ET15:07
zhipengany topic you guys want to discuss ?15:07
zhipengI think zhuli and Intel dev are converging on something15:07
crushilzhipeng, I have started working on the generic driver finally15:08
crushilI will try to get something up during the thanksgiving weekend15:08
zhipengcrushil gr8t news !15:08
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crushilLet's meet up at 9pm and as a courtesy zhipeng if you can send the zoom invite on the ML too, that would be great15:11
zhipengno problem :)15:11
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zhipengok let me close the meeting now, see you guys later on ZOOM :)15:21
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vipparthyHi folks15:36
vipparthyis meeting on cyborg in progress or over ?15:37
jkilpatrvipparthy, quick one today, so we're done now. Trying to do a video sprint tonight/early tomorrow though15:42
jkilpatrsee the ML15:42
vipparthycan you please send me Video sprint meeting info15:59
crushilvipparthy, It's on the mailing list16:12
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