Wednesday, 2017-10-18

-openstackstatus- NOTICE: due to unscheduled restart of zuulv3.o.o you will need to 'recheck' your jobs that were last running. Sorry for the inconvenience.00:31
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jkilpatrmorning 0/15:10
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Guest73850#info Li Liu15:19
jkilpatr#info Justin Kilpatrick15:19
jkilpatrzhipengh[m], are we not meeting this week?15:19
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zhipengh[m]Yes I'm on travel, sent an email to the ml earlier16:55
crushilzhipengh[m], Next time, you don't have to cancel the meeting. jkilpatr or I can run it. :)17:38
zhipengh[m]I suppose that would be better :)17:39
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jkilpatrman how did I miss that? I trash too much mailing list email18:44
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