Wednesday, 2017-10-11

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zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg15:01
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zhipeng#topic Roll Call15:01
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zhipeng#info howard15:01
crushil#info crushil15:01
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zhipenganyone else here for our project meeting ?15:02
mpaolino#info Michele Paolino15:02
mpaolinohello Howard!15:02
zhipengoh hi Michele !15:02
zhipenglong time no see15:02
mpaolinoyes, busy times on my side, now I'm back15:03
jkilpatr#info jkilpatr15:03
Li_HI Howard :)15:04
zhipengHi :)15:04
zhipengcould you put your info down using the info command ?15:04
Li_#info Li15:04
Li_#info Li Liu15:05
zhipengthx :)15:05
zhipenghelloway you there ?15:05
zhipenginfo plz15:06
jkilpatrwow busy this week.15:06
helloway#info helloway15:06
zhipeng#topic Official Project Application Status Report15:07
*** openstack changes topic to "Official Project Application Status Report (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"15:07
zhipengso again, thanks to everyone's hard work15:07
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zhipengwe are now an official project15:07
zhipengaltho nobody has contacted me for the mascot yet :P15:08
jkilpatrcheetah with cyborg parts. I won't stop staying it until it happens ;)15:09
zhipenglet's try to make it happen XD15:09
zhipeng#topic New Core Team member confirmation15:09
*** openstack changes topic to "New Core Team member confirmation (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"15:09
crushilI already have an unofficial mascot that I have been using in my slides15:09
zhipengcrushil do send me the slides :P15:10
zhipengso I sent out the nomination email for zhuli as new core reviewer one week ago15:10
zhipengno objection received, so I guess we reach consensus on that15:10
jkilpatrwe're adding zhuli as core right?15:10
zhipengi will labor him more :P15:11
jkilpatrsomeone just put a sticky note that says 'better commit messages' on his monitor and it's all good.15:11
zhipengi will do that15:11
zhipeng#agreed zhuli will be added as a new core reviewer15:12
jkilpatrdo we all need to run that command or just you?15:12
zhipengthat'd just be me15:13
zhipengif it is vote yall need to run that cmd15:13
zhipeng#topic patch discussion:
*** openstack changes topic to "patch discussion: (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"15:13
zhipengso we have two major patches15:14
zhipengand three trolling patches not necessary need discussion15:14
zhipeng(sign of success maybe ?)15:14
crushilBtw zhipeng this is what I have been using15:14
zhipengfirst up, spdk spec15:15
zhipengany more questions or we are good to go ?15:16
jkilpatrlet me give it one last glance.15:16
zhipengthe floor is yours senator15:16
jkilpatrlooks good, but I think we need to focus on drilling down on these specs. we have high level stuff (nova interaction, spdk) but next is spec'ing standard traits/flavors in nova placement.15:17
jkilpatrlike format and such.15:17
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zhipengbut spdk/dpdk is less of a concern on traits, since they are not directly related to the compute resource15:20
jkilpatrnot saying it's a concern for that spec specifically, but in general both of these need follow up specs to flesh out details.15:20
crushilWhat is the timeline for the implementation of the Cyborg Nova interaction spec?15:21
zhipengoh definitely15:21
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zhipengQ-2 if we are fast enough ?15:21
jkilpatrit's just calling existing placement api stuff, hard part is getting the format for the tags we want to use then keeping track of all of them15:22
crushilAnd don't we need to have a patch in Nova as well?15:22
jkilpatrthe live whitelist addition?15:22
zhipengwe agreed in denver that we should experiment with nova extension first15:22
zhipengto get a sense of what we want to add15:23
zhipengattach/detach for hotplug to start with15:23
zhipengthen we could have a formal proposal to the nova team15:23
Li_basically issue virsh attach in libvirt right?15:24
zhipengthis is what we think nova api should be extended and why15:24
zhipengLi_ that would be the nova part15:24
crushilIf we are planning to have a patch in Nova, then we should be conservative as the Nova queue is already overloaded with patches and the review time will be months if not weeks15:24
jkilpatrdidn't think of that.15:24
jkilpatrat the same time we don't want to make a nova patch first and then figure out we don't like it's workflow once we write the other code...15:25
zhipengyes exactly15:25
zhipengso what we want to have out of Queens is to function with placement15:25
zhipengand an unofficial hacky extension of nova15:25
zhipengto make it e2e working15:25
crushilAnd have a semblance of a driver so that vendors have something tangible to play with15:26
zhipengthen we could discuss with nova team about the api extension in Rocky15:26
zhipengyes crushil15:26
crushilWe basically want to end the vendor dependence on Nova for accelerators by the end of this release15:26
zhipengprovide a leeway15:27
zhipengso to speak15:27
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zhipengbtw the conversation so far is about this magnificent beast15:27
zhipengi will work with zhuli to add more resource provider related info to the spec15:30
zhipengjkilpatr for the spdk spec if it is ok plz green light it so that helloway could start code implementation15:32
jkilpatrsounds good. I'm not sure we want the placement stuff in the same spec as high level nova cyborg interaction.15:32
zhipengand #action zhuli and howard will provide additional info on resource provider/trait design for the nova interaction spec15:32
jkilpatrok +315:32
zhipengjkilpatr let's try and figure out then15:33
jkilpatr+2 cr +1 wf15:33
zhipengbeast privilege15:33
zhipeng#topic AoB15:35
*** openstack changes topic to "AoB (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"15:35
zhipengokey any other topics/ideas/what have you15:35
jkilpatrnope, I'll start poking at adding devices to the nova whitelist live, see how hacky I can get away with at first.15:36
jkilpatrif you have placement and crushil has the driver I think that's what's left uncovered?15:36
jkilpatruntil it comes time to implement all of the placement calls from the conductor/agent then I can switch to that.15:37
crushilIs the Nova team aware of all the Nova-Cyborg interaction? I see that they have commented on the patch15:38
crushil\me doesn't remember15:39
zhipengyes they are15:39
* crushil haven't had my coffee yet15:39
crushilzhipeng, Cool. I haven't been following the Nova-Cyborg interaction much. Nova team has a lot on their plate. Just making sure they are aware that this is coming their way15:41
zhipengno problem :)15:42
zhipengbtw how's the driver going crushil ?15:42
zhipengwe will start with GPU ?15:42
crushilIt's going. I have been closing on a lot of my downstream work. We are implementing an in house cloud with accelerators embedded in them15:43
crushilWe actually demoed to a customer about SPDK integration POC in our lab. They seemed interested in Cyborg15:43
zhipengah cool15:44
crushilBtw zhipeng do you know whether you'll be at the Sydney summit?15:45
zhipengchances are i will not be there :(15:45
zhipengwe've cut a lot of people for sydney attendance15:45
zhipengbudgeting issue15:45
zhipengi will still try, but not likely15:45
zhipengI will prepare the slide tho, for our lightening talk15:46
crushilI'm not going either15:46
crushil2 of my coworkers are15:46
crushilI'm going to make them cover our lightning talk15:46
jkilpatrSounds like Sydney isn't going to have attendance from the team then :(15:47
zhipengyep :(15:47
jkilpatrtoo bad we can't attend via telepresence robots and be real cyborgs :P15:49
zhipengthat would be the goal for S release15:49
zhipengscare the S out of everybody15:50
crushilI'll make one of my coworkers cover the talk15:52
jkilpatrwhat they make you pay a subscription to use it forever?15:52
jkilpatrgreat now we need FOSS robots.15:53
zhipengok i'm staring the girl in the picture for too long15:54
jkilpatryou're tired, go to sleep. It's what midnight over there?15:54
zhipeng5 min to midnight15:55
zhipengokey folks great meeting today15:56
zhipengi'm gonna close it on time, like any official projects do15:56
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