Friday, 2017-09-29

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zhipengfolks, we are official project now14:39
zhipenghuge thanks to everyone that helped make this happen14:39
zhipengfor a project that has been solely developed within OpenStack, we've made history14:41
crushilzhipeng, Cool. We need to decide on the mascot now14:48
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dimsCongrats Mogan team!15:57
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crushildims, This is the Cyborg team. :)17:13
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zhipengh[m]Haha the msg from the future (still wrong channel) dims :P17:46
zhipengh[m]crushil: plz help double check the spdk driver spec, especially the new interfaces that it will introduce to the generic driver17:47
crushilI am17:50
zhipengh[m]Just realized it doesn't only impact on generic driver, but cyborg API in general. Well guess I will need to double check as well17:51
dimsLOL :)18:51
dims@zhipengh[m] : @crushil : one thing on my list is to help write down steps that we do to make the project official. So you are my guinea pig. I have some notes from before, so we can update the notes as and when we take a step -
dims@zhipengh[m] : @crushil : sounds good?19:13
crushildims, yup19:23
crushilWait, so we are official, right? Your ask is for future projects?19:24
crushildims, Just saw the link. Ignore my question19:26
crushilWill help you fill it out with zhipengh[m] once he comes back on monday as it is already Saturday for him19:26
dimscrushil : y no rush, each step is going to take some time (week or two), some steps may depend on other steps and some may not (can be done in parallel), we can figure that out togther next week19:27
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zhipengh[m]And we work on Saturday this week lol23:06

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