Wednesday, 2017-09-20

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zhipengHi Guys, just cut our first stable branch for pike12:04
zhipengcrushil's patch could be cherrypicked to it later from master12:04
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jkilpatr'it does nothing with your api requests in the best way possible'14:46
jkilpatrdevstack still needs some work, but the gate runs14:46
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zhipengjkilpatr wow !!14:50
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rushilStart meeting?15:01
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zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg15:05
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zhipeng#topic Denver PTG quick recap15:07
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zhipengsorry got disconnected15:09
zhipengwe got a really great team gathering at Denver15:10
zhipengwe landed probably 10 patches in four days15:10
zhipengand Justin's gate patch successfully landed today15:11
zhipengI would like to thank team for the great effort :)15:11
crushil_Well, having 3 contributors in the same room in the same timezone definitely helped. :)15:12
zhipengyep :)15:12
zhipengany other questions regarding PTG ?15:13
jkilpatris TC happy now?15:13
zhipengokey let's switch to that topic now15:14
zhipeng#topic official project application status15:14
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zhipengSo given that Sean Dague from IBM help explain to Doug Hellmann voluntarily himself15:16
zhipengi think we are in good shape :)15:16
crushil_zhipeng, This is great news!15:17
zhipengit will take time for sure, but i don't see we have major road blocks15:18
zhipengso I cut our pike stable branch on the latest commit, a minor progress15:19
zhipengand there is still glitch with readthedoc generating our docs15:19
zhipengi will take a look into that this week15:19
zhipengother than that, I will just answer TC questions on that patch15:19
zhipengany questions on this matter ?15:21
crushil_zhipeng, No15:28
crushil_zhipeng, I am still testing my devstack patch on CentOS. I want to test it end-to-end before we merge it. Apologies for the delay15:29
zhipenghey no problem15:29
zhipeng#topic patch discussion
zhipengso other than our priority work for Queens15:31
zhipengplz also help review the SPDK driver spec15:32
zhipengthe author is from my team and she's been working on SPDK15:32
zhipengI think this would be a good tryout at software accelerators support in Queens15:32
zhipengfor the cyborg-nova interaction spec, I will modify it and let's try to merge it before queens-115:33
zhipengehhhh, just saw another weird patch
zhipengpossible trolling ?15:35
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crushil_is there anything else we want to discuss?15:52
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zhipeng#topic AoB15:52
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