Thursday, 2017-09-07

zhipengh[m]crushil that is a great news !00:48
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zhouyaguoHi, Can anybody kindly help to merge this? , another oslo.db commit is blocked by this one. Thanks very much.12:56
jkilpatrzhouyaguo, got it. I'll let zhipengh[m] see it before landing though, good catch13:14
jkilpatrzhipengh[m], crushil depending on the outcome of hurricane irma I may get stuck in NC13:14
jkilpatrdepends on if my flight is grounded early tuesday morning.13:14
jkilpatrI'll keep yall informed :(13:15
zhouyaguojkilpatr: Thank you very much.13:19
zhipengh[m]jkilpatr Jesus ~ take care man, always safety first13:22
zhouyaguojkilpatr: Be careful and take care yourself13:22
zhipengh[m]Hi yaguo, first time see you here :)13:23
zhipengh[m]Which company are u from, if I may ask ?13:23
zhouyaguoChina UnionPay, :) , glad to see huawei man.13:23
zhipengh[m]Nice to meet you :)13:24
zhipengh[m]Is your patch specific to Cyborg or is it a community wide fix ?13:24
zhouyaguoyeah. glad to meet you too. :)13:24
zhouyaguoa wide fix. i am working on oslo.db debt cleanup13:25
zhouyaguoi have to make sure no deprecated class is used in cyborg.13:25
zhipengh[m]Ah got it13:25
zhouyaguocyborg seems like quite young.13:25
zhipengh[m]THX !13:26
zhipengh[m]Very young :)13:26
zhouyaguomaybe i can get involved more in the future. :)13:26
zhouyaguoI just gave a speech on huawei connect meeting yesterday. :)13:27
zhipengh[m]Really ? I was at HC as well lol13:27
zhipengh[m]Look forward to have you work on cyborg if you have the volume :)13:28
zhouyaguoMy speech is on the 1st day of meeting. it's about huawei SDN fabric applied in UnionPay. :)13:30
zhipengh[m]awesome man, I was mending the OpenStack and OpenSDS booth lol, no time for session13:31
zhouyaguoSure, i'll dive into it and maybe cyborg is interesting. :D13:32
crushiljkilpatr, I fly in Sunday. So, I guess I might be fine13:33
jkilpatrcrushil, where are you flying from?13:33
jkilpatrcrushil, you'll almost certainly be fine on the other hand you better clean up your fridge etc in case of prolonged power outages while your gone.13:36
zhouyaguozhipengh[m]: yeah, cool, real engineer.13:37
crushiljkilpatr, Gotcha. My wife and dogs are still going to be here which is kinda scary13:37
jkilpatrcrushil, my parents are riding it out in south FL :( the worst we're going to get here is flooding (probably)13:38
crushiljkilpatr, Dang. Sorry about that. What part are they in South Florida?13:39
jkilpatrWest Palm13:39
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