Wednesday, 2017-08-23

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jkilpatrit lives! but doesn't do anything yet.15:02
crushilAh, cool15:02
crushilStill working on my driver patch. Will try to push in the next week or so15:03
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jkilpatrthat and plumbing is all we need to have cyborg actually do somthing. Then we move into adding an actually functional featureset.15:04
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zhipengjkilpatr you guys were talking about ?15:06
zhipengah just saw the log15:06
zhipengjkilpatr awesome patch15:07
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zhipenglet me start with some info on the ptg first, then we circle back to the patches15:08
zhipeng#topic Denver PTG prep15:08
zhipengguys plz check my previous email, we have a room booked for Wed and Thur morning15:08
crushilThat's awesome15:09
zhipengplz provide your information re ptg on the etherpad15:10
zhipengthe reason for a morning session is that for folks like zhuli to be more easier to join the meeting online15:10
zhipengso the format would be that, we will concentrate on the irc meeting. I will stay in our booked room15:11
zhipengand crushil and jkilpatr if you have other team meeting you guys could run around15:11
zhipengjust keep the irc open :)15:11
zhipengthis way we have the maximum flexbility15:11
jkilpatrNot totally sure about the schedule but I think I'll be good.15:12
zhulizhipeng thanks for that for me15:12
zhipenganother big thing is that I will do a presentation on Cyborg to OpenStack TC15:13
zhipengso you guys are welcomed to chime in :P15:13
crushilOh, that's awesome15:14
jkilpatrnice, anything specific you know they will want to go over?15:14
zhipengnot sure if it is on Monday or Tuesday tho15:14
zhipengthey just want an update15:14
zhipengso it will be a pretty great opportunity for exposure15:14
zhipengbefore we officially apply for official project15:15
crushilI would be timesharing with Ironic at the PTG, but should be available at those times15:15
zhipengcool :)15:15
zhipenganother another big thing :P15:15
zhipengthere folks from RedHat that is organizing interviews for project teams15:16
zhipengi fill out my name at the moment but the interview generally permits 2- 3 people15:16
jkilpatrI'll see if I can make it.15:16
zhipengso if the interview will indeed happen I will grab you guys15:16
zhipengif you could make it15:16
zhipenggr8t :)15:17
zhipengOkey any question on PTG arrangment ?15:17
jkilpatrhow long until we get stickers?15:17
zhipenghaha what do you have in mind ?15:19
zhipengshall we poll for a mascot first ? lol15:19
jkilpatrno idea!15:20
zhipengthen I will come up with something15:22
zhipengshock and awe stickers15:22
zhipeng#topic patch discussion15:24
zhipengokey back to (somewhat) serious topic15:24
zhipeng#link project:openstack/cyborg15:24
zhipengjkilpatr sir could you give us a brief introduction of the deploy patch ?15:25
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jkilpatrsure so it's just an ansible playbook that deploys the various components15:29
jkilpatrto use make a hosts file with categories [controller] and [compute] and it will deploy the api and conductor onto the controller and the agent onto the computes15:29
jkilpatrit also verifies that all the services are started, sets them to start at boot, templates systemd unit files etc15:30
jkilpatrcreates the cyborg user to run it under15:30
jkilpatroh you do have to run the playbook from it's place in the repo since it installs your current version of the repo, which is good for testing but probably bad for prod15:30
zhipengi was wondering about that15:31
crushilBtw I was going to write a devstack plugin soon as soon as I get some time15:31
crushilI have done it for other projects15:32
jkilpatrwell the great thing is that right now zhuli's commit places us on a sqllite database and such so there's no config required.15:32
zhipengi belive from zhuli's comment, it is pretty much pluggable right ?15:33
crushilAnd one of my colleagues wrote a script to bring up kubernetes and openstack. I was going to make some changes to make it work for Cyborg and Ironic15:33
zhipengsqlite is by default15:33
jkilpatryeha but until we start scraping the cnofig devstack/tripleo are the same.15:33
zhipengcrushil hey that's cool15:33
zhipeng#info starting piece for deployment of cyborg services and testing15:34
crushilThe link to the tool is here if y'all want to look at it
zhipeng#info crushil mentions that he will help develop a devstack plugin that could make it work for Cyborg and Ironic15:34
crushildevstack plugin already works for Ironic15:35
crushilThis is a tool to automate your kubernetes and openstack installation. Unlike devstack, this is a real installation not an emulated one15:35
zhipengso that will be a containerized cyborg deployment on baremetal via kubernetes ?15:36
crushilThe cyborg will reside in a pod15:37
zhipengcould we then provide service to another pod ? :P15:38
crushiltechnically I have only tested it for AIO, but it should work on multiple baremetal machines15:38
crushilWhat do you mean?15:38
crushilcyborg-api and cyborg-conductor would both reside in separate pods on the same baremetal node in the AIO installation15:39
zhipengcrushil keep us updated15:39
crushilwill do15:40
crushilI'm planning to work on this once my customer engagements are over15:41
zhipengcool man15:41
zhipengI might have another of my team member start developing SPDK driver for Cyborg15:41
zhipengso basically the usecase is something like if user uses Ceph as the Cinder backend but would like to have SPDK for userspace acceleration15:43
zhipengthe user could use Cyborg to automatically setup/config/deploy SPDK15:43
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crushilI have a suggestion15:44
crushilLet's put up a wiki page or etherpad15:44
crushilWhere we put all of our future work items there15:44
zhipengcrushil that would be great15:44
zhipeng#action zhipeng to setup an etherpad for future work item15:45
crushilWe can do it like a sprint and maintain all our work items currency by changing them from To Do to In Progress to Done15:45
zhipengshall we have a trello board for that ?15:45
crushilDone should translate to a patch being upstream15:45
crushilWhatever tool you want to use15:45
zhipengokey any other topics we want to cover for development ?15:46
crushilzhipeng, Are you still going to be at the summit15:47
zhipengyes I suppose to15:48
zhipengIf we could apply for official project before Sydney, then we could do project update at the Forum session I think15:49
zhipeng#topic release/stable branch cut15:50
zhipengso I think we could cut our first non-actually-working code release before PTG ?15:51
zhipengafter crushil's patch merged ?15:51
jkilpatrwe could do a toy release that shows the workflow for ptg sure15:51
crushilYa sure15:51
crushilSo, technically we would have a session?15:51
jkilpatranything we put out for summit will have to have a bunch of warning labels on it15:51
jkilpatrright now I wouldn't bring this thing inside of a mile of a production cloud15:52
zhipengcrushil yes if we were accepted as official in Oct15:52
crushiljkilpatr, ++15:52
zhipengjkilpatr that is for sure15:52
zhipengokey then if I got time I will provide some patch on doc15:53
zhipeng#topic AoB15:54
jkilpatrtry and think if mascots for next week, or maybe it could be the last subject on the agenda at ptg?15:55
zhipenghaha it could well be15:55
zhipengjust put it on the etherpad :P15:55
jkilpatrmaybe a Cheetah with cyborg parts? I don't think that animal is taken by any openstack project15:56
zhipengcybor-cheetah ?15:56
zhipengboston dynamics comes into my mind lol15:57
jkilpatrsure, sounds fun to me. Whats the etherpad link again?15:57
zhipengno problemo15:58
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zhipengjkilpatr FYI
zhipengor this one
zhipengepic ~~16:01
crushilor this one
zhipengI will be back16:01
zhipengto close the meeting ...16:01
zhipengohhh, we have a winner16:03
crushilthat one is pretty cool16:04
crushilor this
crushilIf you're into futurama16:07
crushilwe can block one eye out16:07
jkilpatrdon't think we can use any of these copyrighted ones, we'll have to get one drawn up16:07
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zhipengwe could use it for stickers16:25
zhipengnot for official mascot16:25
crushilSomebody for Ironic designed their own thing16:26
crushilI know some folks who could do the design for us16:26
zhipengfor free right ? lol16:27
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crushilzhipengh[m], Do it on monday or tuesday19:17
crushilOr tuesday. Can't do it on monday19:18
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