Wednesday, 2017-07-19

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zhipenghey zhuli :)15:02
zhulihey :)15:02
zhipengjust sent out a reminder email15:03
zhipengjust got back from a trip to taipei15:04
zhipengnuh buiz trip15:05
zhipengpromoting cyborg actually :P15:05
crushilstart meeting?15:07
zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg15:07
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zhipeng#topic info sharing15:08
zhipengso as I mentioned15:08
zhipengi went to OpenStack Day Taiwan15:09
zhipengdid a presentation on Cyborg :)15:10
zhipengwe had a decent size of crowd15:10
crushilNice. How was the reception?15:10
zhipengand as the home of HTC and ASUS and Foxxcon15:10
zhipengi got some nice question from hardware folks :)15:10
crushilzhipeng, Btw did some vendors contact you 2 weeks ago about meeting you in person?15:11
zhipengWell let's see if some of those discussions will morph into actual participation :P15:11
zhipengcrushil no I don't think so15:11
zhipengmaybe I missed the email ?15:11
zhipengdo u know what vendor ?15:13
crushilI think Micron15:13
crushilI'll have to check15:13
crushilTheir lead dev was going to be in China few weeks ago and they said they15:14
zhipengokey I've no recollection on Micron15:14
zhipengthat would be a big name for me :P15:14
crushil*they'll get in touch with you15:14
zhipengmay not touch me yet :P15:14
zhipengthey will go to OpenStack Day China ?15:15
crushilI don't think so15:15
crushilLet's talk about this offline15:15
zhipengsure no problem15:15
zhipeng#topic patch discussion15:15
zhipengokey thx for crushil and justin land in the stub patches15:16
zhipengcrushil do you have any comments on the web framework patch draft by zhuli ?15:16
crushilI still need to look at it15:17
zhipengzhuli could you do a short introduction for your patch ?15:17
crushilCan you please look at and give me some review comments?15:17
zhipengoh sure15:18
crushilI will look at zhuli15:20
zhulisure, it is just a basic API framework writing with pecan & wsme15:20
crushilI will look at zhuli's patch and review it15:20
zhipeng#topic AoB15:22
zhipengfree discussion15:22
zhipengcrushil did you submit any CFPs ?15:22
zhipengfor Syd Summit?15:22
jkilpatrsorry guys got caught up15:22
zhipengjkilpatr no worries15:22
zhipengwe have a long weekend ahead of us lol15:23
zhipengif I forget to close the meeting today15:23
crushilzhipeng, Two were with you and I submitted another one with a coworker15:23
jkilpatrAnyways I need to get working on the db stuff once that's done the install/setup playbook after that I'll need to start integrating with drivers15:23
zhipengjkilpatr do we have any existing playbook that we could play with ?15:24
jkilpatrnope, no installer yet.15:24
zhipenggreen field15:25
jkilpatrnot that it's going to be exceptionally complicated, it's going to go onto the controller, grab the messaging url from a config, then grab the database url, then template out the cyborg config with those fields filled then copy cyborg services over, create systemd unit files for them, enable said services, start them, and then do a few curl operations to check if it's up15:26
jkilpatrI guess I'll need to integrate with you before we can do the last bits15:26
zhipenglet's review zhuli's patch as quick as possible and then he could proceed on api implementation :)15:27
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crushilApart from reviews and future implementations, is there anything else we have to discuss?15:33
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zhipengi don't have anything else15:39
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zhipengoh I might need to start a PTL election process15:40
zhulinothing from my side15:40
zhipengpiggyback on official project's election cycle15:40
zhipengand if we want to be an official project by the end of the year15:40
zhipengelections are mandate15:40
zhipengso I will figure it out and send you guys necessary links and info on that15:40
zhipengif needed15:41
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crushil_Will be in the lookout for that15:44
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zhipengokey let's descend into the long slumber now ~~15:46
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