Wednesday, 2017-06-28

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ttk2[m]Morning everyone.14:59
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zhipenganyone else is here ?15:05
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zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg15:13
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zhipeng#topic Roll Call15:14
NokMikeR#info Michael Rooke, Nokia15:14
zhipeng#info Howard Huang15:15
NokMikeRMust be summer :)15:16
ttk2[m]#info Justin Kilpatrick, RedHat15:16
ttk2[m]Sorry on a plane today.15:16
zhipengwow, still wifi ?15:16
ttk2[m]Just landed.15:17
zhipengyou work too hard :)15:17
zhipeng#topic development progress15:18
ttk2[m]Anyways I'd like to get that accelerator object stub merged so that I can start setting up the db components of the conductor. Messaging and rpc is working.15:18
ttk2[m]The agent needs the dummy driver merged at least so that I can play around with integrating those two.15:18
ttk2[m]Oh also I figured out the config module it loads transport urls and works in a real cloud env.15:19
zhipengcrushil how's the driver patch going ?15:19
zhipengttk2[m] config module ?15:19
ttk2[m]Oslo config.15:20
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ttk2[m]Essentially I have all the basics worked out except the db so all the various components can talk to each other after that it's just a matter of writing business logic.15:21
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zhipengttk2[m] so looking at the conductor patch15:28
zhipengI think except for a need to modify the patch title, it looks good for me to merge15:29
zhipengalso the api spec could be merged at this point I guess15:30
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ttk2[m]API spec is good. And I'll get the db stuff into the conductor and then mark it as ready.15:34
NokMikeRdoes the api cover listing an application running on the accelerator?15:35
zhipengwe list accelerators, but i doubt we will list applications15:36
zhipengcould you give a use case on that ?15:36
NokMikeRGPU has a running application, you list the GPU to see if its 100% free, then discover its not, hence skip to the next one.15:36
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NokMikeRthats more fine grained than simply discovering / listing the accelerator itself.15:37
ttk2[m]isn't that the same as listing usage?15:37
ttk2[m]I'm planning on usage metric collection but I'm not sure if/how we expose that to the api instead of just the operator/internally15:37
zhipengi think we could definitely have that metric for the scheduler to use, but it might be just used internally15:38
zhipengand it would be difficult to model it in the resource provider, because it is dynamic15:38
NokMikeRso operations like deleting an accelerator only occur when there is no running applications (=anything left) on the accelerator?15:39
zhipengi think it would be up to the users to make that judgement (check if nothing left running)15:40
ttk2[m]that's easy enough to do as we have to control scheduling based on usage anyways15:41
zhipengcyborg will just receive a request to detach the accelerator for whatever purpose15:41
ttk2[m]on the ohter hand it would be a pretty bad user experience if an idling VM kept the accelerator from being changed.15:41
NokMikeRor updated with something else since theres a left over app using resources that should be allocated for the new app etc.15:42
NokMikeRmaybe these are issues outside of cyborg, not sure.15:42
ttk2[m]so managing instances attached to the accelerators is only partly cyborgs job15:51
ttk2[m]I mean we'll list instances that are attached or running on various accelerators, but deciding if the work being done is useful  is out of scope. And in the case of shared accelerators we're going to need to rely on them being able to print out who is doing what since there's probably a scheduler running below us for that.15:52
zhipenga sched running below us ?15:55
ttk2[m]zhipeng: like if we had gpu virtualization and three vm's sharing a gpu15:58
ttk2[m]there's a scheduler at the driver level taking workloads from the 3 virutal gpu's and muxing them into the real hardware. We may be able to see how much the actual hardware is utilized, but unless the driver tells us which vm is using what percentage of the total resources we're in the dark other than "these vm's are hooked up to this physical gpu"15:59
zhipengso many of this kind of scheduling will happen under the hood for cyborg16:06
zhipengunless the driver is able to report to cyborg16:06
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zhipengjust in case ...16:14
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