Tuesday, 2017-06-20

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zhipeng#link https://twitter.com/nopainkiller/status/87694160684632064202:17
zhipengfyi I just did a OVS Orbit podcast with Ben Plaff at LinuxCon Beijing02:17
zhipengon OVS and Cyborg, the episode will likely be online around early July02:18
zhipengwould be a good publicity for Cyborg :)02:18
zhipengand I also update our master slide deck a bit to reflect a possible relationship between Cyborg and OVS02:18
zhipengas well as Cyborg and Cillium02:18
zhipeng#link https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1xXjqlMaXjXe7mn-iwoETGcTPnTbqCDfpaT6yqlZ8srE/edit?usp=sharing02:21
zhipengand if i remember correctly ..02:21
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zhipenglol ....02:21
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