Wednesday, 2017-04-26

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NokMikeRhi folks15:03
zhipengcrushil how was vacation ?15:03
crushilzhipeng, It was good15:03
crushilzhipeng, Didn't want to come back15:03
zhipengdid you travel to somewhere ?15:03
crushilzhipeng, Orlando. Went to adventure island and Universal Studios15:05
zhipengnice !15:06
zhipengdid you take the Harry Potter tour ?15:06
crushilIt was pretty cool15:09
zhipengokey I guess we could start the meeting now15:10
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zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg15:10
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NokMikeR#info Michael Rooke, Nokia15:11
zhipeng#info Howard Huang, Huawei15:11
zhipeng#topic BP discussion15:13
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_gryfI've tried to answer all the comments on my queue15:25
_gryfif there was anything which is need my attention, just ping me15:26
_gryfstill there is nothing in my bp, except crushil comments15:26
zhipeng_gryf thx man, I think I'm the one that is behind the schedule the most15:27
zhipengI will try to address your comments in the api spec before the end of this week15:27
zhipengto move things along15:27
zhipengdo we have any spec that we think is LGTM ?15:27
zhipengjustin's agent one ?15:28
_gryfmore or less15:28
_gryfprobably we'll update that bp if needed during implementation15:29
zhipeng_gryf good thinking15:29
zhipengI think next week we could look to freeze yours, justin's and crushil's spec15:29
zhipengfrom the bottom of my heart really appreciate you guys's work15:31
zhipengit has been amazing to see your comments15:31
zhipeng#topic DB spec problem15:33
zhipengso let's switch to another problem, as I mentioned in the last meeting, Mellanox team withdrew from the DB spec15:33
zhipengany ideas how should we move on that topic ?15:33
* _gryf have no idea15:34
zhipengmy thinking was to take it over and grab some of the nasca design Mellanox introduced before15:36
zhipengor shall we start from ground on that ?15:36
* _gryf have to look closer at that design15:38
zhipengokey i think I will try to split the nasca part out first, and put it into the sandbox15:40
zhipengfor references of the design15:40
zhipeng#action Howard to split out the nasca code for the sandbox, and left out the DB spec for the moment15:41
zhipeng#topic Boston Summit15:45
zhipengso first item, we have a session selected at the Boston Summit15:45
zhipenggoldenfri jkilpatr and me are the co-presenters and we are working on the slide now15:46
zhipengwill send out to the team for a broader review once we have laid out a concrete ground15:46
zhipenganother thing is that scientific wg has invited us to do lightening talks and short sessions15:47
_gryfdon't forget to drop the link to the recorded presentation :)15:47
zhipeng_gryf no problem :)15:47
zhipengso if any of you guys will be at Boston, I would encourage you guys to present the lightening talks on behalf of the team15:48
zhipengcrushil will you be at Boston15:48
crushilzhipeng, No15:48
_gryfI'm not be there15:48
NokMikeRsame here, not going.15:48
NokMikeRThere in spirit :)15:48
zhipengOkey :)15:49
zhipenganyways would love to have you guys to help introduce our work to the broader community15:49
zhipeng#topic AoB15:50
zhipengfloor are all yours15:50
_gryfas a matter of fact, my division is focusing on different goals, so my involvement in openstack development dropped to 015:51
zhipeng_gryf changed to k8s ?15:53
zhipengoh just remember another topic, k8s is starting to draft CDI15:53
zhipengwhich is strongly related to our work here15:53
zhipengshall we have a voice there ?15:53
_gryfzhipeng, nope, I'll not be contributing to k8s (at least not at my work hours)15:54
zhipeng_gryf understood. You are always welcomed as the brain here if you have time to work on any items :)15:55
_gryfyeah… I'm still on ITC, so you can ping me, so I might be able to help15:56
zhipeng_gryf fantastic :)15:56
ttk2[m]Ok so I looked at the nasca patch for like 30s but I don't think I understand what it's supposed to do exactly? Anyone mind going over it.16:03
zhipengttk2[m] I think they basically developed a prototype that utilize the resource provider for accelerator provisioning16:04
ttk2[m]Ah that sounds cool. I'll have to give it a try.16:05
zhipengyes, so the original plan was to have Mellanox team provide the DB design spec from their nasca proposal16:06
zhipengsince Cyborg has a very similar requirement16:06
zhipengas far as I understand16:06
NokMikeRsorry need to run, till next time.16:08
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zhipengno problem Mike16:09
zhipengwe are just running over the regular time as we always do :P16:09
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_gryfzhipeng, endmeeting?16:15
zhipengi'm not sure if Justin still got anything to share16:15
zhipengokey let me just end it now, in case my network breaks again :P16:16
zhipengthanks team for the discussion16:16
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