Wednesday, 2017-04-19

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jkilpatr\0 hey everyone.15:00
zhipeng_#startmeeting openstack-cyborg15:01
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zhipeng_hey guys15:01
NokMikeRHi Howard, all.15:02
zhipeng_let's run through the agenda15:03
zhipeng_i don't see rushil here15:04
jkilpatrdid we lose zhipeng_ again?15:07
zhipeng_no i'm here :P15:08
zhipeng_okey let's go through the specs15:08
zhipeng_#topic spec review15:09
jkilpatrI just replied to some comments there, we're getting down to nit picks so I'd say another round of reviews and it should be done.15:10
zhipeng_jkilpatr any further comments on this ?15:10
zhipeng_yes that is my understanding as well15:10
jkilpatrI think Roman is has most points of interest covered there.15:15
zhipeng_I remember last time we discuss about how we populate the state15:18
zhipeng_one of the proposal is to have the agent report back to the API so that there will be no heartbeat required15:18
zhipeng_does Roman's comment negate that ?15:18
jkilpatrThat's the way I'm going in the agent spec now. I don't see how his comment does?15:19
zhipeng_i mean the comments he made on Rushil's patch15:19
jkilpatrI'm looking at it, that nice diagram shows the agent talking to the api, if the agent reports added/removed accelerators and utilization then no heartbeat is needed15:20
jkilpatralthough you could argue that the utilization update is a heartbeat15:20
zhipeng_did Romen comment that the agent should not talks to the API ?15:30
jkilpatrum looking at his diagram clearly shows the agent talking to the api15:31
zhipeng_ah I see15:32
zhipeng_okey I've got no other questions so far15:35
jkilpatrhow is the api review going?15:36
zhipeng_I will need to address Roman's comments as soon as possible lol15:36
zhipeng_too much travels recently15:37
zhipeng_too many15:37
jkilpatrhappens to the best of us.15:37
zhipeng_jkilpatr I just remember one thing need to discuss with you15:37
zhipeng_#topic Boston Summit15:37
zhipeng_jkilpatr we have a talk selected15:38
jkilpatrwait we do?15:38
zhipeng_yep :P15:38
jkilpatrI guess we need to get to work on that15:38
zhipeng_Will you go to Boston ?15:38
zhipeng_Yes that's what I meant15:38
zhipeng_so the co-speakers are you me and Jim Golden from NIST15:39
jkilpatrzhipeng_, mind refreshing me on the talk description15:39
zhipeng_he's from the Scientific WG15:39
zhipeng_so the talk is about the introduction of Cyborg project and how Cyborg could help with SWG's requirement15:39
jkilpatrsounds great, also sounds like we need to get on an email chain and start working on a presentation.15:39
zhipeng_perhaps focusing on GPU mgmt15:39
zhipeng_great !15:40
jkilpatrzhipeng_, I think I'll be able to go let me clear it with my boss and get back to you15:40
zhipeng_jkilpatr look forward to it15:40
zhipeng_and Jim also emailed me the other day that SWG invites us to do a lightening talk15:40
zhipeng_if you could do it that would be fantastic as well15:40
jkilpatrzhipeng_, please email me the details for both ASAP15:40
zhipeng_jkilpatr just send you the lightening talk and BoF talk info15:43
zhipeng_to your redhat email15:43
jkilpatrzhipeng_, I see it thanks15:45
jkilpatrnow for the most important question, how do I get my user picture uploaded.15:46
zhipeng_click avatar multiple times15:46
zhipeng_it always help xD15:47
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zhipeng_jkilpatr send you another one on the general session15:53
zhipeng_moving onto the last topic on DB15:54
zhipeng_#topic DB spec reassignment15:54
zhipeng_so I was informed by the Mellanox team that they could no longer work on the DB side of things15:55
zhipeng_how should we proceed ?15:55
zhipeng_okey maybe we table this for longer thoughts, let me conclude the meeting first, and please feel free to feedback on the DB issue if you are interested16:20
openstackMeeting ended Wed Apr 19 16:39:05 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)16:39
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