Wednesday, 2017-03-22

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_gryfHi guys, I won't be able to participate in todays meeting12:49
_gryfStarted draft of nova-cyborg relation bp:
zhipengh[m]Great thx @_gryf :)13:16
zhipengh[m]_gryf: the time should work for you later on right ?13:17
_gryfToday I'm on the conference, that's the reason13:24
zhipengh[m]Got it :)13:26
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jkilpatrmorning everyone.14:01
zhipengmorning/evening/afternoon :)14:03
zhipengthe meeting time is one hour later, as roman mentioned last that would be best fit for him14:03
zhipengbut we could always chat :P14:03
jkilpatrah that explains my confusion, let me update my calender14:04
jkilpatrboom problem solved.14:05
zhipengjkilpatr if you got time plz update your BP patch, templatize it :P14:07
jkilpatrzipjust did like 10 min ago14:08
zhipenggreat !14:08
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zhipenglet me try if the magic works now15:01
* NokMikeR braces for impact15:01
zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg15:02
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crushilcool. hi everyone15:02
zhipeng:) after bugging and sending hate mails to the infra team15:02
mpaolinoit seems it works hello!15:02
zhipengwe got a bot lol15:02
NokMikeR#info Michael Rooke, Nokia15:02
zhipeng#info Howard15:02
mpaolino#info Michele Paolino, Virtual Open Systems15:03
jkilpatr#info Justin Kilpatrick, Red Hat15:04
zhipengRoman has a meeting conflict, so I guess we could goahead and start15:05
zhipeng#topic BP discussion15:05
zhipengthe bot just glitched ..15:06
zhipenganyways, #link
zhipengso we have 5 BPs on the fly as we discussed, great progress15:08
zhipengI think jkilpatr crushil _gryf and I have done a few reviews15:09
zhipengI do encourage other folks to review them as well15:09
zhipengcrushil for your BP, I agree with jkilpatr's last comment and do not have any further comments at the moment15:10
zhipengplz update the patch when you got time :)15:10
crushilzhipeng: I will update the patch accordingly and will have a new patchset in the next day or two15:10
zhipengRoman just submitted his BP today, plz also review it15:11
zhipengso any other outstanding questions at the moment ? (we got all the time)15:12
jkilpatrum I need to read the nova interaction page, but anyone care to summarize it?15:12
jkilpatrok this doesn't include what I was looking or skimming it.15:13
jkilpatrso we can set schedule hints for Nova but how do we know when nova uses them is my question15:14
zhipengi think _gryf could summerize later when he's availabe, but I think it was captured on the etherpad Roman provided before15:14
jkilpatrI'll have to look at that.15:14
jkilpatrzhipeng, so nova asks us where to put the instance?15:17
jkilpatrI thought that's exactly what we where not doing. with regards to previous discussion on this matter.15:17
zhipengin general, yes15:17
jkilpatrhmm clearly I'm confused.15:17
zhipenghow so ?15:17
jkilpatrI need to read the last couple of times we talked about this. Anyways so we have to select an appropriate host, just one? Might result in some code duplication from the normal scheduler but not too bad hopefully.15:19
zhipengI think we will be using the placement module for the scheduling, won't be too much of code duplication I guess ?15:21
zhipengwe need to select one host with the best fit accelerators15:21
zhipengdo we have scenarios for more than one host ?15:22
jkilpatrzhipeng, not at the moment. Just trying to think ahead15:23
zhipengunderstood :)15:23
zhipengwell we need to review it thoroughly , so any question is welcomed15:24
zhipenggoldenfri hey dude you there ?15:31
goldenfrihey yea I'm here15:34
zhipengmartial hooked me up with Blair on email about one months ago, but haven't heard from Blair yet15:34
zhipengHas he shared any update on the GPU side yet ?15:35
goldenfriLast I heard they are still working on it15:35
jkilpatrcontext for the rest of us?15:35
zhipengsearching the meeting archive now ...15:36
goldenfriI believe you are talking about GPU specs for the cloud declaration?15:36
zhipengthere is a wiki page15:36
zhipeng#topic requirements from scientific working group15:37
zhipengjkilpatr I think I mentioned in the last meeting that the SWG is now working on GPU requirements15:38
zhipengit would be great to have a summerized input from them15:38
zhipengBlair is the one that is contributing the efforts on GPU15:38
zhipenggoldenfri he's from a univ in Aus right ?15:39
goldenfriyes, IIRC15:39
goldenfriI'll follow up with Martial today to see if there are any recent updates15:40
zhipengI think I will need to ping him again15:40
zhipengokey that'd be great, thx goldenfri15:40
zhipeng#topic Boston Summit Sessions15:41
zhipengso Boston Summit will have Forum sessions15:42
zhipengsuppose to be a substitute for the good old design summit15:42
zhipengI don't think we need a dedicated Cyborg session, we could piggyback on many of the available sessions15:43
zhipengone is, again, from SWG15:43
zhipengor do we need a cross-project session with Nova ?15:44
jkilpatrzhipeng, I think we should have a firm grasp of what we need to do with nova and what we want and who's going to do it before we do a cross team session15:46
zhipengjkilpatr good suggestion15:46
jkilpatrso maybe a couple of weeks from now? when these blueprints are mature?15:46
zhipengI agree15:47
crushilzhipeng: I agree with jkilpatr. We need to have things streamlined on our end before we propose such sessions15:47
zhipengNova will have a placement session anyway, so we could use that occasion even if we don't propose our session15:48
zhipengcrushil agree :)15:48
zhipeng#topic AoB15:48
zhipengany other buisnees before I could set the miserable bot loose ? lol15:49
zhipengokey I guess we could conclude the meeting early today15:52
zhipengthx everyone for participation !15:52
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openstackMinutes (text):
NokMikeRthanks all15:53
zhipenggot the full log, not bad :P15:53
NokMikeR"its alive"15:53
NokMikeRgood its working.15:53
zhipengit is just running in da background :P15:54
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