Thursday, 2019-01-17

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nehaalhatpriteau: Hi, If I try to access context.current() here[1], it gives RuntimeError: Context isn't available here. [1]:
priteauThis code is an admin client for the placement API. It doesn't use an existing context.10:02
nehaalhatso it requires admin_context here?10:03
priteauWhat are you trying to do exactly?10:10
nehaalhatactually I want context values in placement.py10:11
nehaalhatlike done here:
priteauAs you can see there is code to handle a RuntimeError and still proceed.10:16
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nehaalhatpriteau: ok will check10:42
nehaalhatpriteau: also I want to discuss regarding the blueprint:
nehaalhatpriteau: as v2 is deprecated, kindly confirm is there a need to implement this bp for v2 apis10:43
priteauWe don't implement new code in the v2 API10:45
nehaalhatpriteau: ok10:45
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