Thursday, 2018-12-06

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nehaalhat_masahito: Hi msahito san09:20
nehaalhat_masahito: I want to know abot the cusyome events that can be passed while lease creation09:30
masahitosorry, what's "cusyome"?09:32
nehaalhat_sry custome*09:32
nehaalhat_we can pass events while lease creation, right?09:33
masahitobefore_end can be passed in the host reservation.09:33
masahito'snapshot' is specified in before_end, blazar creates a snapshot of reserved VMs at the time of before_end_time.09:34
nehaalhat_No...actually I am talking about events parameter that can be passed as request while lease creation as per doc[1]. [1]
nehaalhat_in blazar help lease-create, --event option is there09:36
nehaalhat_is it like custom events?09:37
masahitoI see. It's not a custom parameter. It's for start_date, end_date, before_end.09:38
nehaalhat_what values we can pass for this option09:39
nehaalhat_I was trying like this:
masahitoFrom my understand, the developer implemented the parameters for users to pass details of start/end/before_end_date first. But in the reality, the three events are automatically created now in Blazar side.09:42
masahitoIMO, it's a meaningless parameter now.09:42
nehaalhat_yes as these 3 events are automatically generated at blazar side, I thought this parameter is for it user wants some custom events09:44
masahitolooks like so. but it doesn't work now. Do you need user custom events?09:46
masahitoUnfortunately, Blazar doesn't support user custom events. Could you propose your demands for Blazar's Blueprint or spec?09:49
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asmitamasahito: Hi09:52
nehaalhat_ok..I need to discuss it internally...will get back to you on same09:53
asmitamasahito : Masahito san,Thank you so much for your review on the patch[1] earlier.[1]
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asmitamashito: Kindly please review the patch again.09:56
asmitamashito : Thank you so much for you rtime09:57
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