Wednesday, 2018-09-05

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nehaalhatHi, For instance or host reservation will it take a snapshot before end lease?09:10
priteauHello nehaalhat09:13
priteauThat's a configurable option. I believe it is only available for host reservation,09:14
priteauYou can set the `before_end` option in the [physical:host] section to be 'snapshot'09:16
nehaalhatis it this option: 'before_end' from oshosts/host_plugin.py09:17
priteauThis spec has more details:
nehaalhatyes in this spec it is mentioned that only notification is supported currently09:18
nehaalhatso migration is not supported right now?09:18
priteauThat's right, migration is not yet supported.09:31
nehaalhatcould you tell where I can see snapshot created?09:38
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priteauIf the snapshot was triggered, you should see it created in Glance images.10:25
priteauCheck logs to see if the before_end_lease event was processed.10:27
nehaalhatpriteau: yes, I got it, thanks10:29
nehaalhatI am able to see it in glance image list10:29
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